“This 2012 Obama is strident and mean, even deceitful, divisive”

Andrew Malcolm is wondering what happened to the 2008 Obama:

ObamaHas anyone seen Barack Obama recently?

You know, the optimistic hopeful fellow with the charming smile who promised so many positive things four and five years ago, how he was going to change the harsh, partisan tone of our nation’s capital and bring the country together as its first African American president.

Even allowing for political hyperbole, his empty resume and the invisible witnesses from the past, Obama was such a Real Good Talker that even some who didn’t vote for him still had hope that he could change some things for the better in what seemed a sadly-splintered society.

WTH did that Obama go? Have you listened recently to this Chicago Doppelganger who’s replaced him? This 2012 Obama is strident and mean, even deceitful, divisive, telling half-truths after half-truths. He’s using Air Force One as his personal Brinks truck with wings to collect cash all over the country, disguising the trips as official.

He tries to intimidate the Supreme Court, an equal branch of government, when its thinking might stray from his. He distorts history, and if no one calls him, then it’s true. If he’s caught, this Obama says you obviously mis-heard. Because, as everyone knows, he could never mis-speak.

The economy, like everything else adverse, is someone else’s fault. But if only we borrowed and spent a trillion dollars, unemployment would stay beneath 8%, Obama promised. It soared far above. It’s still above. No apology. No acknowledgment. Now, he hails any dip as proof of progress when, in fact, it comes because so many just give up seeking work.

He chastises House Republicans for their draconian budget when his Senate Democrats haven’t written a single one in three years; so, the fiscal drift abides. And wait till he exaggerates the frightening things the GOP wants to do, instead of presenting his own ideas.

Obama claims credit for the bottom half of a pipeline he had nothing to do with, when he killed the top half. He brags that domestic oil drilling is up when the part he’s responsible for is down.

He says no one should ever go to Las Vegas on the taxpayer’s dime. Then his wife, daughters and entourage do just that.

This year’s Obama talks of the importance of windmills, algae and green energy, but he takes a 17-SUV motorcade to a photo op with an electric car. He lambasts oil companies for getting the same legal tax incentives (he calls them “subsidies”) that other companies receive, hoping to aim anger at them so voters won’t notice that gas prices have doubled since his inauguration.

Take this Tuesday. The 2012 Obama flew to Florida for an official presidential speech on the economy, then three fundraisers. That way his campaign only pays a fraction of Air Force One’s $182,000 per flight hour cost. All presidents do that, though none have done near as many.

But read the four speeches. You can’t tell which is official and which is political. They’re all political. He can’t be a real president for one lousy speech? Why the phony presidential fig leaf? To chintz the United States of America out of a few thousand bucks when he plans to raise a billion?

There’s more.

My bottom line?

The 2012 Obama is the real Obama.  The 2008 Obama fooled only the gullible and easily led.

Some of us saw through the charade 4 years ago.

The question of course is, when Obama reverts back to the 2008 Obama (and presumably, he’ll do so soon enough), will America be fooled again?

Fool me once, shame on you…

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  • GarandFan

    I doubt the 2008 Obama will magically reappear.  The only one’s who’d buy that schtick are the Obamabots.  You can expect the campaign to get even more strident, especially when the economy does not improve.  The RNC should continually play the video of The Chosen One saying he wouldn’t deserve a second term if the economy did not improve.  A second video where The One states that the “Stimulus” would keep unemployment under 8% should also be played non-stop. 

    • Don’t forget the videos of 0bama promising to send “price signals” to convince the public to reduce their “energy usage.”

    • klaffner

      Then finish up the ad with Romney talking like a business man who simply says something like: “The President works for you.  His employment contract is up for renewal.  You decide. Is it time for a change or do you risk another four years of our country’s future on Barrack Obama.”   

  • The lack of wisdom shows he ain’t King Solomon.

  • Hank_M

    If Romney is smart, he’ll memorize this article and use it every single day on the campaign.

    • klaffner

      the problem for Romney is that there is so much to choose from.  The good news is that he is doing a fine job so far.  

  • John_LC_Silvoney

    To paraphrase the indefatigable  Coach Dennis Green:

    • UOG

      Well then, “LET’S NOT LET ‘EM GET AWAY.”

  • jim_m

    This 2012 Obama is strident and mean, even deceitful, divisive, telling half-truths after half-truths.

    Is is as he ever was.  This is not new.  He has always practiced an ugly form of politics whose hallmarks are bullying and hate.  He has always sought to divide the public and to ruin his opponents.  He has always hidden behind other who do the dirty tricks and say the ugly words and then he throws them under the bus once they become liabilities.

    The only difference is that even some on the left are seeing the reality of the monster they elected.  Even so, they will vote for him again.

    • Walter_Cronanty

      There can be only two worse Obamas.  The next to worst Obama would be the one who loses in 2012.  As his acolytes riot in the streets after the election, he will display all of the sensitivity and statesmanship, calming the troubled seas as it were, as he did in his immediate reactions to Henry Louis Gates, Jr./Sgt.
      James Crowley and Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman affairs [“The police acted stupidly in arresting that young man.  Why, if I had a son, he’d look like him throwing that molotov cocktail”].  Then, he would make Jimmy Carter look humble and circumspect in his proclamations about his successors.  This, of course, would be off-set by the fact that he would no longer be president.
      The worst would be the Obama who wins in 2012.  Insufferable, arrogant, condescending, racist, Chicago-style pol who will run our economy into third world status, all in the name of making us all equal[ly miserable].   Our nation will suffer irreparable harm.  We are in serious trouble as it is.  Another 4 years would be disastrous.

  • Gmacr1

    He has simply been exposed as the type of politician he’s always been.
    Anyone care to retell just how he became a senator? (Ryan sealed divorce records)
    How about how he got elected to the IL senate? (Disqualified others)

    He’s a scumbag that is completely unscrupulous and will sink to the lowest of lows to attain power.

  • Joe_Miller

    The Republican campaign motto, instead of being “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” ought to be “How much worse off are you than you were four years ago?”

  • retired.military

    I would run an add that says   “Gas $1.82 a gallon when President Obama was elected”.  A clip of him saying “Under my policies the price of energy will nescessarily skyrocket”  and the clips of gas stations showing $4 a gallon gas.    Finish up with the question.  President Obama.  Can you afford 4 more years?

    • jim_m

       How about an ad that showed a video of people trying to escape from East Berlin and the simple message:  Communism.  It didn’t work in the last century either.  Then end with a montage of Lenin, Stalin and obama in near identical cult of personality pics.

      • herddog505

        Not a bad idea, but there’s a growing fraction of our people who have no memory of USSR / WarPac communism, and another fraction (i.e. democrats) who think it wasn’t such a bad thing.  Let’s face it: Fat Mikey makes a movie celebrating the communist Cuban health care system, and lefties point to that as an example of what OUR system ought to be like.

  • ………….and you expected what, from a pathological racist liar?

  • 914

    Well, I;m sure ‘lips on fire’ is better off now then 4 years ago.. Everybody else outside his inner circle, not so much..

  • Brian_R_Allen

    #teaparty #auspol @Foxnews

    In 0=Zero’s case the special effects created the entirely illusionary “charismatic” version which lasted only a while, until the real 0=Zero came bursting through the makeup.

    And while we are talking about the charismatic and (while 0=Zero’s the subject) about, in particular, the pathologically-narcissistic charismatic; how come Germany was so damned lucky where its charismatic narcissist was concerned and the sauers got one that had at least had a job or two, could hang paper — and had actually and on his own merits, made Corporal?

  • Kudos Mr. Malcolm::         Accurate perspective

    Our great leader is spreading hate and discontent from shore to shore

    Should he get a second term he will bring a communist revolution to your neighborhood.


    Right on Mr. Malcolm – WRITE ON!

    Respectfully, Yoda 

    P.S. “May you live in interesting timies.”  Ancient Chinese curse.