Arrogant Democrats Think They Have Role to ‘Protect’ Titanic Wreck Site

The Titanic sunk 100 years ago this year. The great ship went down in international waters as a vessel of British registry. When it went down the United States was barely a presence on the international stage. Yet now, 100 years later, American Democrats imagine they have the duty and power to control what will happen at the final resting place of over 1,500 passengers.

In their arrogance and led by the haughty and self-referential Senator John Kerry (D, Mass.), American Democrats are pushing Congress to pass legislation to make the wreck site of the Titanic off limits to further exploration.

Supporters of the Kerry arrogance claim that the Titanic’s final resting place should be afforded the same legal standing as a cemetery and James P. Delgado, director of maritime heritage at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, says that he believes “there are people inside” the unexplored sections of the ship.

Few experts agree with this assessment, though. The Times notes that Hollywoodite James Cameron, who has been through the wreckage more than just about anyone, says he’s never once seen any evidence of bones or human remains.

But here is Senator Kerry imagining that the U.S. Commerce Dept. should have the power to extend its control over a site that the U.S. has exactly nothing at all to do with. The U.S. has no right at all to interfere with the site.

Regardless, nanny-state Democrats imagine that their power is so great that they can even take control of sites not even properly under American control.

As mentioned, the U.S. wasn’t really even an international player when the ship went down. In 1912 when the Titanic sank, the US had taken only one real step out onto the international stage. That was the short but bloody 1898 Spanish American war and the subsequent disaster in the form of the Philippine Insurrection, an experience that soured the U.S. on colonial-styled adventures.

It simply amazes me that Democrats think they have any say at all over this wreck and that they are willing to allocate our money to protect the site. It is galling in this day of deep federal red ink that such is the case.

Money will certainly have to be allocated for this effort, after all. Monitoring will have to be established, ships ready to be dispatched to protect it must be prepared and maintained, regulators will have to be appointed and paid for their service. Offices and expenses will have to be floated (no pun intended… OK, pun intended). Our nation is drowning in red ink and Democrats want to spend millions to protect a ship over which the U.S. has no claim.

Should the Titanic be protected? Perhaps. I have no strong opinion either way, really. But if it is to be protected let others do it and pay for it. The U.S. should have no role at all in this matter.

Still, this is a fitting metaphor for the Democrat Party. From old tropes like “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic,” to various sinking references, linking the Democrats to the Titanic’s fate is pretty apt.

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  • GarandFan

    I thought Barry was against “American arrogance”.  My guess is that Johnny wants another run in 2016.

  • Guest

    Only 300 or so bodies were recovered out of the 1500 souls on board. It’s a fair guess to say that the ship carries quite a few remains.

    International maritime law would determine whether or not the US can claim any rights to the wreck. Since the wreck contains the remains of US citizens there may be some right to do that.

    • Sky__Captain

      Ok, several items:

      – There are most likely no human remains on board. The ship was largely evacuted belowdecks. Any remaing persons were consumed by marine life long, long ago.

      – What part of “international waters” don’t you understand?

      • jim_m

         He’s a liberal so he thinks that governments are empowered to restrict anyone’s activities anywhere in the world at any time for any reason.

      • Guest

        The part where “International maritime law would determine whether or not the US can claim any rights to the wreck.”

        • jim_m

           And that part is???  I would be surprised that the US could claim rights to a wreck of a UK flagged ship in international waters.

    • retired.military

      Me thinks you should GOFISH here.   You ascertations of rights to a claim are beyond laughable.  Just about every country would have a claim on shipwreckes in international waters or on land with the justification you came up with.

      • LiberalNightmare

         If hes going to keep saying stuff this dumb, hes gonna have to create yet another disqus account

        • jim_m

           I think we used to attract a higher quality of troll before Discus.

          • Concur.

          • Hugh_G

            Dont forget to look in the mirror he who hates all who disagree with him.

          • jim_m

             I don’t hate Bruce or Chico.  I rather pity you.

          • Hugh_G

            You hate anything and anyone who doesn’t agree with your world view. That’s evident.

            You don’t have the capacity to pity anyone who disagrees with you. Contemptuous? Probably. But you sir, are nothing but a pimple on the ass of the extreme right wing.

            I, for one, don’t hate you, but I am clearly contemptuous.

            And by the way since the author’s post has once again been shown to be false and has been exposed for what it is, what do you say about that? Once again you didn’t read the whole story from which his little piece was taken, did you? No? I thought not.

          • jim_m

             I was aware of the Unesco position.  That does not change the fact that the dems are attempting more over reach. Nor does it change the fact that they should be busy with things like saving the economy by reducing what it costs for businesses to expand and employ more workers.

          • Hugh_G

            So you don’t even have the intellectual honesty to admit the story was deliberately misleading – omitting the references to the Republican Senate, Ronald Reagan and George Bush?

            That’s why I am contemptuous and is an example of what you stand for – an inability to see anything outside your little world view.

          • jim_m

             I see where you were coming from with that but I think you overstate the issue.

            The question is whether or not the government has jurisdiction (it does not) and whether it should be wasting its time dealing with this (it should not).

  • jim_m

    The wreck site is well beyond the 200 mile limit.  Even Canada would be stretching to claim sovereignty over the area..  But since Barry sees himself as President of the world I am sure that they will find some BS way to insert themselves in this.  UNESCO is already claiming that merely viewing the wreckage is damaging the site ( as if steel will not ultimately rust into nothing when exposed to salt water.)

  • Well, Baraka is “king of the world,” isn’t he?

  • Brian_The_Adequate

    There is well established international law governing the salvage of material from sunken vessels.  Most such vessels carried at least some people to their death.

    A wonderful 20 minutes of disaster porn that was tragically stretched out into a way too long chick flick, is not an acceptable excuse to make an exception for the Titanic.

  • AndrewX

    Grumpy is quite correct in the mere assumption that, in a tragedy that claimed 1500 lives, it is absurd to believe there were/are not any remains still below decks. Start with the stoker that was reportedly killed by wireless operator Harold Bride when he (the stoker) attempted to take a life jacket from Bride’s colleague Jack Philips in the radio room. Then, we know the lights went out just moments before the ship began to break up. We can assume at least a handful of engineers remained below to maintain operations until the end. Possibly, all such remains are now gone, that question I leave to medical and forensic types, but that hardly seems like it should change the equation.

    I think the gut issue here is the simple fact that politicians will never ever ever ever ever ever EVER give us a rest from “trying to make a better world”, etc. There is nothing, NOTHING that they will consider outside their domain of wonderfulness with which they will beneficently cloak us all. And they will never ever ever ever ever EVER EVV-ERR  stop. Ever.

    The words “Give it a rest, people”, will simply never register on their sonar.

    • retired.military

      C S Lewis said it best.

      “Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the
      good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under
      robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty
      may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who
      torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the
      approval of their own conscience”

      • jim_m

         The left has taken that one step further as they no longer have a conscience having dispensed with any sense of right or wrong.

      •  Indeed he did.

      • Commander_Chico

        Yes, me not being able to salvage and cut up Titanic for scrap is real tyranny.

  • John Kerry must think he’s “King of the World”.

    • Worse, he thinks he once was, and remains, relevant.

    • Worse, he thinks he once was, and remains, relevant.

      • Does he still think that ‘American Gigolo’ was about him? 

        • Yep.  And he no doubt complains that Richard Gere was neither handsome nor masculine enough to portray him…

  • TomInCali

    Yet now, 100 years later, American Democrats imagine they have the duty
    and power to control what will happen at the final resting place of over
    1,500 passengers.

    Wow, you are just really trying to exaggerate any little story you can into some power grab by Democrats, aren’t you? How about trying to pay attention to those pesky things like reality and history, huh? Especially when they’re covered in the very same NYT article that you link to to bash Kerry!

    The first attempt to “control what will happen” to the Titanic was the RMS Titanic Maritime Memorial Act of 1986. This was bill passed by those “arrogant Democrats” known as the “1986 Republican Senate”, and was signed by that “arrogant” S.O.B. Ronald Reagan. Or, as you describe, “nanny-state Democrats Republicans imagine that their power is so great
    that they can even take control of sites not even properly under
    American control.”

    The fight for protection began shortly after the Titanic was found in
    1985 more than two miles down at the bottom of the North Atlantic,
    upright but split in two. The international waters ensured a long
    struggle over legal jurisdiction — even as salvagers made off with
    thousands of artifacts.
    In 1986, Congress passed a protective law
    known as the R.M.S. Titanic Memorial Act, but officials at the ocean
    agency and elsewhere agree that it has no teeth.

    OK, so that was 1986, the year after the wreck was located. What came next?

    In 2004, the United
    States, France, Canada and Britain signed a draft treaty for better
    safeguards. But it has never been approved because it requires
    legislative support — which the Kerry bill would provide.

    So in 2004, under that “arrogant Democrat” known as George W. Bush (supported by two houses of a Republican Congress), the U.S. attempted to create new safeguards for the wreck. But failed.

    And now, at the 100 year mark, the guy who discovered the wreck goes public with a plea to protect the ship:

    New rules must be implemented to stop people from plundering the
    Titanic, according to Dr Robert Ballard, who found the ship nearly 27
    years ago.

    The American oceanographer, who located the wreck in September 1985,
    took part in commemorative events at the new Titanic Belfast visitor
    centre on Saturday and used the occasion to highlight what he believes
    to be evidence of pillaging from the wreck.
    In a public lecture,
    the self-confessed “equal-opportunity explorer” cited the ship’s crow’s
    nest and a light fixture as items that had “gone”.
    “You don’t stick your finger in the Mona Lisa when you go to the Louvre,” he quipped.
    Ballard also displayed photos to the audience showing areas where rust
    on the ship had been disturbed by what he believes to be robotic
    submarines landing on its surface.
    “I have no problem with people visiting the Titanic,” he said, “if we can get some rules to visitations.”

    So now Kerry proposes a bill that tries to use the human remains angle to establish protection, and this is what’s getting your pants all bunched up?

    Well, you have nothing to worry about anymore.

    Titanic’s wreckage in the North Atlantic, which is in international
    waters and hence outside the jurisdiction of any state, is now protected
    under a Unesco convention as a site of cultural heritage, a status
    bestowed upon wrecks that have been submerged for 100 years. The
    convention aims to stop the illegal pillage of sites.

    It’s nice to see that lies, hypocrisy, and fake outrage are still reigning strong on the right. But really, when putting forth your screeds, you shouldn’t cite articles that contain the very same information that shoots down your own argument.

    • Commander_Chico

      Good research. 

      This has been another edition of Warner Todd Huston BS Blue Plate Special, with extra Partisan flavor.

      Either Titanic is legally protected, or it will eventually be cut up for key chains.   

      Like Warner says, I don’t really have a strong feeling about it, but I understand the reasons why Titanic should be preserved in situ.  

      It’s a universal human story which has passed into legend.  The legend and the images of the wreck on the bottom of the deep can be the subject of countless Discovery Channel specials in the years to come.

    • MunDane68

       The term “international waters” means nothing if you want to do a Good Thing, right?

    • Gmacr1

      So Kerry is late to the party, shocker…
      Looks like he’s still trying to crash a party that’s been over for 26 years with a new law by your account. Just goes to show what an ignorant arrogant dumbass he really is.

    • Hugh_G

      That is so delicious!! Eh

      What was it one of these windbags said about a better class of trolls.

      I’ve noticed that the regulars here regularly don’t read an entire article, some little excerp of which is posted so the mob can excrete its usual crap.

    • Hugh_G

      That is so delicious!! EhWhat was it one of these windbags said about a better class of trolls.I’ve noticed that the regulars here regularly don’t read an entire article, some little excerp of which is posted so the mob can excrete its usual crap.

      • jim_m

         You see.  A better class of troll would recognize when they are making a double posting.  😉

    • LiberalNightmare

      Nice to see the democrats blaming bush again. That never gets old.

      • TomInCali

        What “blame”? I credit Bush for this. It’s only you who view this as a negative simply because a Democrat made the latest push for it. What never gets old is seeing those on the right oppose what they supported and support what they opposed based not on the merits of the position, but solely on who is advocating it.

  • 914

    The blue-blood  Dumbocraps  may as well also declare the US economy off limits.. Since they along with lips afire have sent it straight to the bottom.

  • herddog505

    So, shall we station a carrier battle group in the area to protect the wreck?  Order any patrolling SSN’s to torpedo suspected salvage vessels without warning?

    Has Congress nothing better to do with its time?  Or should we be grateful that they AREN’T doing more “important” things that they would undoubtedly screw up to the detriment of us all?

    • jim_m


      Can our government please focus on doing something to help American industry get back on its feet?  It seems that they have endless amounts of time to spend talking about the Titanic, head injuries in the NFL and other BS. 

      And if they have nothing useful to do with themselves then they should just go home and stop making things worse.

      • Hugh_G

        I don’t have an issue at all with the notion of the government focusing on helping American industry get back on its feet. Might I then assume you were behind the efforts to save the auto industry?

        • jim_m

           Nope.  Because it is not apparent that the auto industry has been saved.  None of the significant structural problems were really solved.  I have maintained that it would have been better to let GM go under and to distribute the resources to other companies and industries.  Then we could have redeployed those resources without the anchor of bloated union contracts etc.

          As it was the auto bailout was mostly a payoff to the unions.

          • Hugh_G

            Just as I thought of course. Hypocrisy at its best. It was really all about the unions wasn’t it? They don’t fit your world view.

            Your solution by the way sounds a little like socialism? Redistribution of resources. That’s pretty laughable.

            Geez man you are so predictable, hypocritical and inconsistent. 

          • jim_m

             No it was not about the unions only.  It was about circumventing bankruptcy laws to benefit political donors.

            It was about cutting corners to protect political interests rather than actually solving he problem in the auto industry.  GM still has thousands of dollars in legacy costs for each car it builds.  That’s money that competitors don’t have to spend. 

            Redisttribution of resources by the market is not socialism.  If you are so freaking ignorant that you cannot tell the difference between government piocking winners and losers and determining how money is spent vs the market and free individuals making those decisions then you are not worth talking to.

            Either you are pig ignorant or just being an a hole.

          • Hugh_G

            That may be the most absurd conspiracy theory I’ve heard in ages..political donors? Save the auto industry for political donors? You really believe that? It was about rewarding the unions? You really believe that?

            How, Mr. Attorney, were the bankruptcy laws circumvented? By the Bankruptcy Judge being in cahoots with those evil unions and the evil president? Honest to God I can’t believe some of the crazy shit you toss out.

            I can be an an ahole but I’m definitely not ignorant. You’re so much of a true believer in your world view you can’t even tell when your leg is being pulled.

          • jim_m


            UAW.  18th largest political donor over the last decade.  98% goes to the dems.

            So you are an ignorant a-hole after all.

          • jim_m

             If you don’t know how the bankruptcy laws were circumvented then I suggest you consider how it was that the UAW was advanced over the creditors and the stockholders in order to get their multimillion dollar payday.

            AS I said,  You are an ignorant a-hole and you prove it with every post you make.

          • Hugh_G

            That’s all you got?

            Show me some facts, some proof. Not what you want to believe.

          • I think its YOU that needs to do that, as you are making the actually more incredible claim>  Please show how the procedure they went through here was in any way ‘normal’.

          • Hugh_G

            You might try giving me something that is NOT an opinion piece from a newspaper.

            Sheeesh. Some guy has an opinion and so it’s true.

    • Commander_Chico

      The Navy operates an Ocean Surveillance System that integrates acoustic, satellite and open source data to watch the oceans.   

      The kind of salvage ship (remember the one in the movie Titanic?) with deep submersibles you would need would be noticed on this system. 

  • Brian_R_Allen

    #teaparty #auspol @FoxNews

    What a fabulous analogy for the “Democratic” potty, to be arranging the deckchairs for the Titanic’s 100-years-dead-already “Democratic” potty voters — as in its post-apocalyptic, 0=Zero Era, it runs rudderless, as if a headless chicken, through a perfect storm – nay, a virtual feeding frenzy – of serial-killer icebergs and has its hull ripped from stem to stern.

    To mix a few metaphors for yah, there!

    The perfect storm being the convergence of the Pelosi house, the Reid senate and the pathological-narcissism-fueled arrogant “administration” with the failure of the fascist Left’s Fifteen-Trillion-Dollar most egregious-ever fraud: Mann-Made “global warming. The consequence of which perfect storm will be a 2012 sweeping of “Democrats” from house, senate and administrative office. The likes of which our beloved fraternal republic has never seen and from which the “Democratic” potty will either be reborn in a form closer to that it fit before the 1950s’ long-haired, maggot-infested, pot-smoking hippy Stalinist-Hitlerists took it over — or will slide off into history’s dustbin!

    • Hugh_G

      Off your meds today?

  • The NYT story states, “Sunday is the centenary of the sinking, and — not coincidentally — Senator John Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat, has introduced a bill that would give the Commerce Department new supervisory powers to protect the Titanic wreck site from salvagers and intrusive research.”
    As others have already noted, the Titanic is a British ship resting in international waters. So, I do not see how the such a Kerry-sponsored bill could survive a court challenge should it pass Congress and be signed into law.
    Also, I do not see in the NYT story evidence that all Democrats are pushing for the passage of Kerry’s bill. The author’s claim that “American Democrats imagine they have the duty and power to control what will happen at the final resting place of over 1,500 passengers” is extrapolation, unless the author provides evidence that the majority of Democrats support Kerry’s bill.

  • As I’ve said before – those clowns inside the Beltway have WAY too much time on their hands.  That one would even come up with something like this is a good indication that, as the old saying goes – “Idle hands are the Devil’s plaything”.

  • Hank_M

    Looks like Kerry is trying to add to his substantial and stellar legislative record.
    Either that, or his military records are on the Titanic along with Obama’s college transcripts.

    He may be a democrat, but by god Kerry is one terrific Senator, especially if your ideal is one who governs least governs best.

    And is it true that his wife has never worked a day in her life?

  • Jim ONeill


  • SpideyTerry

    The irony is, so many Democrats are focused on a century old disaster that can’t hurt anyone else while ignoring that disaster infesting the Oval Office. The Titanic is actually a great comparison with the Obama Administration – seems unassuming at first glance, is badly managed and is a complete wreck.