Trayvon Martin’s family needs to “just stop talking”

And get “off the stage right now”.

So says Dr. Boyce Watkins, Professor at Syracuse University and founder of Your Black World Coalition.

An excerpt of his recent piece:

Boyce-watkinsI haven’t spoken with Rev. Al Sharpton in a few months.  But if we were still speaking and he were to ask me what to do with the mother of Trayvon Martin, my answer would be very simple:

Get her off the stage right now.

Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, appeared on “The Today Show” this week and actually said that she thinks that George Zimmerman, 28, shot her son by accident.

There is nothing about the word “accident” that implies intent, which is why it’s called an “accident.”  Although Sybrina’s attorneys have worked hard to clean up after her mistake, the truth is that she can’t argue that Zimmerman “accidentally” thought that Trayvon looked suspicious or that he “accidentally” chased him down.  The only part of this interaction where the word “accident” readily applies is in the actual shooting itself.  If I were George Zimmerman’s brother, I would send Syrbrina’s attorney a thank-you card.

God bless Sybrina for being honest (if that is what she meant to say), but there are some things better left unsaid.  For the mother of the victim to make a statement in national media that directly contradicts the efforts of the prosecution is nothing short of disastrous.

“George Zimmerman stalked my son and murdered him in cold blood,” Sybrina later said to MSNBC in another interview, retracting her earlier statement.

My question at this point is this:  Why was there another interview in the first place?  I am not a lawyer myself, but I presume that there’s a reason that attorneys tell their clients to be quiet.  All of the cleansing in the world will never take away the fact that Sybrina’s comments have had a remarkably negative impact on the ability of the special prosecutor to do her work.

Sybrina’s words have opened the door for millions of people to understand when George Zimmerman is let off the hook with either an acquittal or a plea bargain for a lesser charge.  This remark also undermines her credibility as she seeks to have Zimmerman convicted of second degree murder.  Why would I tell someone to punish you for deliberately doing something that I believe to be accidental?

Trayvon’s parents have done their work and they’ve done it well.  They’ve achieved the first steps toward justice for their son, and now it’s time for them to try to rebuild their lives in private.  Rev. Sharpton has done a wonderful job of highlighting the racial dimensions of this highly unfortunate incident.  At this point, the conversation about black men in the justice system must grow beyond Trayvon Martin, and the prosecution should be allowed to do its work.  The family, as well all associated racial advocates, need to strategize in private, listen to the evidence and just stop talking.

And I’m thinking Dr. Watkins, that this strategizing could begin with you and other race-baiting, race-pimping snake oil salesmen whose very livelihood depends on fomenting a false narrative.

I find it ironic that this guy is criticizing Trayvon Martin’s mother for speaking the truth.

Seems to substantiate points made just a few days ago here.

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  • jim_m

    That’s right.  Shut up and let your betters decide what is best for you.. Let someone else decide what justice is for you.  Let someone else decide what outcomes satisfy you.

    When will the left actually start letting black people think for themselves?  Why does that have to be restricted to only approved voices of the left?

  • Some of them are waking up, and smelling the rats.
    Also, follow the money under the table that will be tax free for the Trayvon
    family to keep it stirred.

  • JohnJGuy

    …In other words your son is dead, keep quiet and know your place!

    • Brian_R_Allen

      …. In other words your son is dead, keep quiet and know your place …. 

      Sure, Given we are a Nation of Laws — and not of lynch mobs. 

      • JohnJGuy


        The Martin Family have the support of Florida State Attorney, hence the charges against George ‘Patrol Man’ Zimmerman.

        Zimmerman currently enjoying a nice warm cell…

      • Guest


        The Martin Family have the support of Florida State Attorney, hence the charges against George ‘Patrol Man’ Zimmerman.

        Zimmerman currently enjoying a nice warm cell…

  • Fulton isn’t a witness to the shooting of her son. What she says is nothing but speculation on her part, and thus, what she says isn’t evidence.

    The primary complaint of Watkins is that Fulton’s comments make it difficult for Zimmerman to be convicted in the media.

    • herddog505

      I think that really hits the nail on the head.  The left has been trying to lynch Zimmerman since this story first broke, and that’s hard to do when the mother of the victim uses the term “accident” to describe the shooting.

    • jim_m

       What’s appalling is that the left sees nothing wrong with telling the parents of a slain man that they have no right to voice their opinion on the matter.  The left seeks to subjugate the rights of the family to their own agenda.  Remember this the next time some dirtbag leftists trots out the “Have you no decency” BS, because they really have none.

  • Par4Course

    Ms Fulton appeared on O’Reily’s show last week and seemed like a decent person.  From what I heard, she was not condemning George Z. as a murderer or saying that the shooting was accidental, just that she wanted the facts to come out.  She was not saying the justice system is rigged in favor of whites (or white-hispanics); she said she had faith in the system.  NO WONDER the race pimps want her to STOP TALKING.  For someone who has lost her son, she sounded pretty calm and reasonable, the opposite of folks like J. Jackson and A. Sharpton, who look at this incident as containing the ingredients for a racial IED.

  • grammy97

    Ms Fulton and Mr. Martin are suffering from grief and exhaustion.   Even on the best of days, people who are not burdened by such trauma can inadvertently choose the wrong word.   The blogger and Dr. Watkins are both nitpicking.   These parents have been a class act from day one:  they wanted an arrest so there could be a trial.   The arrest has finally happened.   And the nitpickers will continue to  squirt these verbal flames until God Himself silences their foolishness.

    • LiberalNightmare

       God himself is going to silence their foolishness? Aren’t you afraid he gonna come after you next?

  • Hank_M

    pssst, Mr. Watkins…. you’re suppose to be going after white republican women.
    Didn’t you get the memo? You know, the war-on-women and all that.

  • TaterSalad

     Telling it like it really is.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are no where to be found.

    • retired.military

      If all you going to do is repeat the same tripe please go somewhere else to do it.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    …. Ms Fulton’s comments have had a remarkably negative impact on the ability of the special prosecutor to do her work …. 

    But not near as remarkably a negative impact as have the electioneering “special prosecutor’s”  own activities had on her ability to do her work. 

    Assuming that “work” is to see Justice done — and not just to appease and/or to kowtow to an electorate.  

  • Wild_Willie

    The mother is a class act. Don’t know much about the step father. I think she spoke from the heart but didn’t follow the race baiting script so was admonished. If this even comes to trial, the defense will of course use her words. ww

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  • KJM

    Thank you finally someone with some brains whats up with all the protests why should you miss work to protest for a little punk kid who you never knew you have no relation to and you know NOTHING about his history criminal or biological,The stand your ground law should be enforced and protects citizens against assaults like what happens here i have to say if it was me and i was assaulted like Zimmerman there would not be a second thought in my mind to pull the trigger he was within the law to defend himself life,limb and property, if it where a white kid do you think we would riot? if no i honestly don’t think so. like usual the race card is pulled again and again.Move on America Im tired of seeing this everytime i turn on the news the jury has spoken the law is the law and its over.