Article On John Edwards Never Once Mentions ‘Democrat,’ But attacks Republicans Five Times

Curiously, the same Atlantic article that rightfully points out that the Old Media was “late to report” on Democrat candidate for President John Edwards’ extramarital affairs an corruption makes its own strange omission from the storyline by somehow forgetting to mention even one time that Edwards was, indeed, a Democrat. Yet five times the piece mentions “Republicans” in order to lead the reader to question motives and cast aspersions on the Grand Old Party.

This one can be chalked up to one of our favorite games, the “name that party” game, where one can read an entire story about a troubled or criminal politician without once being told that the subject is a Democrat.

In his piece headlined, “Why the John Edwards Trial is a Bigger Deal Than You Think,” for The Atlantic, blogger Hampton Dellinger goes into detail about Edwards’ prosecution and tries to tell us what it is all so unusual about the situation.

But it is strange that Edwards is never fully identified as a former candidate for the Democrat nomination for President. On the other hand, Dellinger spares no effort to name Republicans in order, perhaps, to provide mitigation for Edwards.

While Dellinger never uses the word “Democrat,” he goes for the throat of any Republican he can connect to the Edwards case, even if tangentially.

First off, Dellinger smacks around Sheldon Adelson and Foster Friess for spending “tens of millions” in the 2012 Republican presidential primary due to the left’s most hated Supreme Court decision, Citizens United. Then he spends a dense paragraph scoffing at “Republican U.S. Attorney General” George Holding who Dellinger says is trying to make a personal political career out of his involvement with the Edwards case.

I suppose one might imagine that everyone knows who John Edwards is, but making such an assumption violates good writing for one thing, especially when a large portion of the article is used to cast aspersions on the opposing party.

Further, with all the swipes at Republicans and the subsequent lack of the word Democrat appearing anywhere at all, one might think that in the little bio of Dellinger posted on the page The Atlantic might have felt obliged to let its readers know that Hampton Dellinger is himself a former Democrat candidate, he a failed candidate for North Carolina Lt. Governor. Were readers to be made aware of this they might understand why Republicans come under special scrutiny in a story about a Democrat’s indictment and trial.

As Doug Ross quips, “There really are two Americas: the Democrat-media elites who think they are our betters, and the rest of us.”

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  • jim_m

    Funny.  THe left gets so up in arms about Citizen’s United, ut don’t ever ask them to cut out the political donations of he one corporate entity that they always exempt form the law:  Unions.

    I also find it striking that they militate against “tens of millions” being spent by republicans but never think twice about the $1Billiob plus that obama spent in 2008.   It’s only illegal when the other side does it.

  • Distract, deflect, deny, deceive, and destroy, Democrat dogma.

  • Guest

    I know who John Edwards is. He was the Democratic Vice-President candidate on 2004 and sought the Presidential nomination in 2008. He’s famous, every American knows who Edwards is.

    I’d never heard of the Republicans mentioned. It needed to be explained who they were -f or me at least.

    Hey, I bet a lot of news stories don’t identify Sarah Palin’s party either. Everybody knows she was the GOP 2008 VP candidate.

    You may have read an article intended for adults that wasn’t dumbed down. But it’s good you raised the question. You can learn that way.

  • ackwired

    “First off, Dellinger smacks around Sheldon Adelson and Foster Friess for spending “tens of millions” in the 2012 Republican presidential primary due to the left’s most hated Supreme Court decision, Citizens United”

    There are plenty of Republicans who are also concerned about the Citizens United situation and the resulting increase in Crony Capitalism.  This decision expanded a corrupt system, and that system is a major threat to our liberties and to our capitalist economic system.

    • Ackwired,

      “Crony Capitalism” is when the government gives my money (taxpayer) to a “favored company.”  Examples of this are Solyndra,GM, and Chrysler.  The right to use my money for political purposes is not “Crony Capitalism.” 

  • Brian_R_Allen

    …. There really are two Americas: the “Democratic”-media elites who think they are our betters — and the rest of us …. 

    Make that:  There really are two Americas: the “Democratic”-media elites who feel they are our betters — and the rest of us.” 

    “Democrats” don’t think. 

  • Hugh_G

    “… violates good writing for one thing….” Which you do on a regular basis by failing to post complete articles from which you take bits and pieces out of context. I’ve specifically called you out on it twice.

    “As the world now knows, Edwards chose to cheat on his cancer-stricken wife during his 2008 presidential run. Two wealthy political supporters then spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Second sentence from the quoted article. Hmmmm, wonder what party Edwards was from in his 2008 presidential run. Those readers of Atlantic will probably have to google his party.
    The Atlantic article, unlike your inference, was an attack on Citizens United.

    • If you find his writing that bad, why do you insist on reading him?

    • warnertoddhuston

      Apparently you are too stupid to click the link to those same articles that I ALWAYS include. You are also too stupid not to be spoon fed, I guess. You are just too stupid all the way ’round.

      • Hugh_G

        Well sir you are a liar. Yes, you linked the Atlantic article. Note I didn’t say that you didn’t link the Atlantic article on this one. Maybe you got the point about the other two and included the link on this one. I’m inclined to think that’s the case.

        Finally and most important I was challenging your hypocrisy when you accuse another writer(s) or magazine of bad or poor writing when you have been deceptive and misleading yourself.

        • warnertoddhuston

          Of course,your assertions are made from a stupid man’s perspective… which should be taken for what its worth. But I do have an idea… if you don’t like what I write you have my permission to take a hike. I mean, it’s obvious that I vex you and I’d hate to be the last straw that pushes your delicate mental balance over the edge. For your own sake and for that of those forced to live around you, I’d go back to the porn sites you usually frequent. 

          • Hugh_G

            Wow. Clearly I struck a nerve of truth, or in your case untruth. You ought to be ashamed of yourself and throw away your keyboard.

            You are entitled to your opinions but not when you deliberately distort what you write. If you worked for a newspaper you’d have been fired long ago.

            I’m many things, some of them negative, but stupid I’m not. And dishonest when I write I am not.

          • warnertoddhuston

            LOL, I actually DO work for a newspaper and haven’t been fired, you moron. So much like a liberal loon to make statements with no knowledge to back them up. 

            But it does make me laugh whenever some jerk attacks me repeatedly and when I finely deign to reply they think they “struck a nerve of truth.” What arrogance.

            I stand by my assessment of your low intelligence. And every time you reply you really make yourself an example of that old adage (I’ll paraphrase): Don’t sit there quietly and let people imagine you are a moron. Speak up and prove it to them.

          • Hugh_G

            Doing what? Running the presses or selling advertising?

            You remain a liar for your denials about deliberate distortion. You can all me anything you like but the truth is you have deliberately distorted at least 2 articles here, one of which looks like it was taken almost in its entirety from Ace Of Spades. I

            You really do protest a bit too much.

      • What took to so long?

        • Hugh_G

          What else would you do but support a fellow writer of similar ilk? I like that. Says a lot about you, together with your silly and juvenile use of my email address. Are you out of your sandbox today?

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