Black School Kids Take Bat to Piñata Shaped Like White Woman, Media Yawns

Todd Starnes reports that the University of Memphis recently hastened to express its deep regret that it sponsored an event for grade school kids featuring the opportunity to have a grad ol’ time using a stick to smack around a piñata shaped like a white woman. No “racial or gender animosity was intended,” the University plaintively said.

In this day and age when the TV News goes crazy over every example of racism, real or perceived — and mostly just perceived — one cannot help but imagine that were this piñata shaped like a black woman, the media would have lost its tiny mind to report on this incident.

Still, local TV got into the act and noted that some locals were looking askance at the whole situation.

“It didn’t look right, just because of the social climate we’re in right now,” university student Veronica Birmingham told WMC. “How could somebody be so insensitive and not realize this might cause an issue?”

Now, this really isn’t racism at all. Not “reverse” not regular. The theme of the party being held by the university for the kids was a Hawaiian Luau. The piñata was supposed to represent a hula girl, not a “white woman.” It wasn’t even supposed to be a strict representation of Pacific Islanders, for that matter.

So, no, this was no incident of “racism.” And that it was a “white woman” piñata, well, that’s why you’ve not likely heard of this incident.

But, imagine if this were a black skinned piñata. Not only would the race baiters be out in full force but so would the women’s libbers (one in the same, of course). There would be boycotts, demands that people be fired, maybe even charges brought against any convenient patsy.

Sadly, truth rarely matters to the far left and this incident is a perfect example of the double standard of the press. If this were a black skinned piñata instead of a pink skinned one, it wouldn’t matter what the truth is or is not. The incident would be national news and would be played as an example of racism against blacks.

(H/T Moonbattery)

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  • GarandFan

    Wonder who the “educator” was that thought that one up.

  • I do believe the persons who sponsored that event should be investigated for fomenting a hate crime.

  • Hank_M

     I’d sure hate to see what they might have planned if “racial or gender animosity” was intended.

    This is so mind boggling stupid, it’s  impressive.

  • 914

    I’m surprised it isn’t a ‘white’ Zimmerman pinata.

  • Hugh_G

    Once again, and as usual, the author doesn’t really tell the whole story. Do we know whether the person or persons responsible for the Piñata were white or black? Were there chants of, say, “kill whitie”? Were there white children who were hitting the Piñata at any point?

    Surely it isn’t anyone’s position that these children were involved in a racist act? Or is it?

    • Brian_The_Adequate

      Ya know actually reading the post before commenting on it might make your comments slightly more intelligent.  Just an observation.

      • jim_m

         Not very likely.

    • jim_m

       So Hugh, you are denying that had it been white students beating a black pinata that there would not be some national outcry?  It’s your side that has made race the issue.  It goes both ways.  Play by your own rules, otherwise you just look like a bunch of lying hypocrites.

      Oh wait… Never mind.

      • Jwb10001

        Their chickens are coming home to roost.

      • Hugh_G

        I’m not denying or affirming anything. I said, that as usual, the author cherry picked a few facts and you reacted the way you always do.

        • jim_m

           Um.   You might have noticed, but I have not reacted directly to the author’s post.  I reacted to your “hey, look!  A squirrel!” comment.

          And your response to me is another exercise in avoiding the question.  My conclusion is that you recognize that you use a double standard and you will continue to do so and are a little embarrassed for being caught in he act.

          • Hugh_G

            ” You might have noticed, but I have not reacted directly to the author’s post.”

            You rarely do. You see a key word, smell some red meat, kick into your  the left is all evil and bad mode, act like a whiny victim, toss sweeping generalizations like “the left are racists”, use incredibly ignorant and insulting phrases to African Americans like “plantation mentality” (you think, of course, you’re insulting white liberals which goes to show how  incredibly ignorant you actually are), change the subject a few dozen times, and provide links to authoritative sources like Fox News. 

            Whew, and that’s just a few.

          • jim_m

             I don’t generally use the phrase “Plantation mentality”.   I do point out the long track record of racism on the left because it is relevant.  I don’t know (or care) about the race of those I address as it really isn’t relevant.  I am sure that you find race extremely relevant to everything and that is exactly the point.

            And I often respond directly to the author’s post so you are quite wrong on that.

    • Sure they were. As racist an act as reading a book about how the University of Notre Dame fought off the Klan (guy got fired for that). As racist an act as saying the word “niggardly”. As racist an act as advertising a “picnic”. 

  • herddog505

    Given the obsession by some in our society over “violent images”, I have to wonder who the hell thought that it would be a good idea to have children hitting a pinata that looks like ANY person, white, black, male, female, etc.

    I must say, too, that I never associated pinatas with Hawaiian luaus.  Live and learn, I suppose…

    • That uppity piñata had it coming. She was keeping the other piñatas down.

    Funny, that…

    Of course, if you’re looking for black… 

    Or mixed… 

    Or customized… 

    Ya know, I’m just not feelin’ the ol’ outrage on this one… I think my circuit breaker’s tripping faster these days, and eventually it isn’t even going to stay on.

    • jim_m

       I tried explaining the fable of the boy who cried wolf to them and they just got offended. 

      • Of course.

        I think they understand it – and see how it’s applicable.  But they NEVER pull the fire alarm without good reason… at least as far as they’re concerned.  And every time they cry “Wolf!” or “Racist!” or “It’s offensive!” is always the FIRST time, as far as they’re concerned.

        So we should always pay as much attention each and every time… as far as they’re concerned.

        Me?  I’m tired of it. It’d be nice to, just once, have the usual folks who proclaim outrage at pretty much anything go “Ah, you know? We… we actually see this was meant as a joke or something. We’ll put away the torches, tar and feathers and pitchforks for now.”

        I don’t expect that to happen, though.

  • EricSteel

    ‘The piñata was supposed to represent a hula girl, not a “white woman.” ‘

    When I zoom into 500% that hula girl has fair complexion, brown hair, a white shirt and green pants.  Not quite the traditional look of a hula girl that I’m familiar with.

    Even if you take the race issue of the thing you still have a bunch of boys being taught that its okay to beat a girl with a stick.

    • jim_m

       With the left now including Hispanics as “White” why not Hawaiians?  And don’t hula girls wear pants?

      I would argue that the left is just fine with women being beaten with a stick.  If a Imam wrote it in a book they wouldn’t say a word against it (as they actaully have demonstrated).  If the victim were Sarah Palin they would have no problem with it.  If the victim were a young GOP staffer in New Orleans they would have no problem with beating her and breaking her leg as they did last year (heck, they gloated over that).

      For the left there are no crimes if committed against the proper ideological groups.

      • Hugh_G

        Just you Jim, just you.

        • EricSteel

          Unfortunately Hugh, you are wrong. There is a double standard in how the certain things are treated by the Left. Do you really think that if this story showed a bunch of white kids hitting a black doll then the amount of media attention would be exactly the same?

          • jim_m

            Hugh cannot admit that.  To do so he would have to admit that his whole world view is a sham.

          • Hugh_G

            I don’t know what would have happened on your set of facts because there are few facts. We don’t know all the facts of the brouhaha  that has some of you all twisted . Both situations would depend on all the facts. That’s just freaking common sense.

          • jim_m

             Yes, I’m sure you would find a way to weasel out if you just had some more “facts”.

          • Hugh_G

            You’ve certainly never let the facts get in the way of your drivel, for obvious reasons.

          • EricSteel

            Hugh, I have a saying, “the Left never metanarrative it didn’t like”. Look at that picture and imagine it had the races reversed, with a bunch of white boys hitting a doll of a black girl. Do you think the story would focus on the facts or the narrative of racism? Do you really think Al Sharpton would be concerned about the facts?

  • Brucehenry

    I think this is yet another edition of the Huston Report: “NEWS THAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF…”

    • Sky__Captain


      Or is that a bit too long of a headline?

      • Yet he continues to read and comment on Mr. Huston’s posts…

        • Hugh_G

          Because its fun to see how incredibly disingenuous the guy is and how he gets some of you to react like your dogs going for the red meat. I read him because he’s really bad but he sells his snake oil to some of you.

          By the way, I disagree with 98% of your last  post but it was well done and thoughtful, not that I imagine you care what I think.

          • Stop

            Hugh_G finally got something right!

            …not that I imagine you care what I think.

            Sometimes it’s a pleasure to point out when one of our trolls is right!

  • If Obama’s hypothetical son had friends, they’d be just like these kids.

  • Vagabond661

    omg, i think that pinata is Susan Saradon!

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