Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds Scores Again on the Prophecy Front

I previously mentioned Glenn’s penchant for prophetic vision with regard to the Carter / Obama comparison.  While that comparison is still holding (to say the least), he’s scored yet another with the able assistance of the SCoaMF:


SNAKES: An InstaPundit prediction is fulfilled by David Frum.

By Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds | Instapundit [PJ Media]

Referencing Obama’s juvenile snake-eating, I commented: “New Media Matters spin: See, he’s practically undergone Navy SEAL training!”And sure enough, Frum writes:

Likewise, you wouldn’t think there’d be much scope to doubt the Americanism of one who bets his presidency on a mission to kill Osama bin Laden face to face rather than by the less risky means of a drone strike. Anyway, a lot of 100% Americans have eaten exotic foods. Teddy Roosevelt favorably compared the flesh of young bears to the taste of pork.

My friend in the Special Forces boasts proudly:

“‘Snake Eaters’ is a military slang term for Army Special Force (aka “Green Berets”), and YES we DO eat snakes. This is part of our survival training, although I have slayed and eaten snake in the field to supplement the rations, and because basically, snake tastes good.

“I have encountered snakes (and eaten them) throughout my career. I have eaten cobra in Thailand (and drank the blood mixed with Mekhong whiskey), Eastern Diamondback in Mississippi and copperhead North Carolina. For what it’s worth, I prefer rattlesnake; tastes like chicken.”

Well, like the dark meat in my experience. But I prefer dark meat. (And yes, I’ve eaten rattlesnake many times). But I’m claiming this prediction as fulfilled. Sure, it’s Frum instead of Media Matters, but, really, that’s pretty close these days.

Also, despite Frum’s claim, the passage wasn’t found by the Romney Campaign, but by the Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher.


I’ve known more than a few SEALs over the years, and a few Rangers and Special Forces types as well.  I assure you, none of them would be easily mistaken for the SCoaMF.

Pull the other one, Frum,  it has dog meat on it.


If we are what we eat, 0bama is starting to look a lot like a shoe.

UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit Readers.  It was a link we couldn’t refuse!

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  • Obama is a “loafer” I think …

    • Wild_Willie

      Obama is a fool and now that it is only Romney campaigning, it is time to drench the television air waves of the many lies and unconstitutional stands Obama has said and did. It is past time. Hang on Obama, it is only starting. ww

      • While I mostly agree with you, WW, it would have been much more amusing (and effective) if you could have played off the “If we are what we eat, 0bama is starting to look a lot like a shoe.” as HarlemGhost did.  They can’t stand being mocked…

  • Gmacr1

    After Frum and associates tried to paint Romney as being ‘inhumane’ for putting his pooping pooch on the roof during a family trip I ask, “Which dog had more fun?” The one one Romney’s car roof or the one in Obama’s stomach.

    It really must suck to be a Democratic ‘strategist’ in the WH inner circle of hell now.
    Every thing they try is blowing back in their faces, deservedly so.

    • ackwired

      Actually Intrade has it at about 60/40 in favor of Obama in spite of the brilliant work the R’s have done with the dog meat story.

      • jim_m

         Intrade isn’t famous for accuracy 7 months out.

        • ackwired

          But it is the most objective poll in that it is where people are willing to put their money.

          • jim_m

             No it isn’t an objective poll.  It is a system for predicting outcome and discounting failure, but I wouldn’t expect a lefty to understand what is essentially a futures market.

            Since it is predicting a future outcome its accuracy grows as the maturity date approaches.  Intrade is not accurate this far out, never has been and is not designed to be.

  • john cunningham

    This comment by Frum is exactly the kind of Obama-felching that one expects from him.

  • teapartydoc

    Frum giving cover to Obama is one lickspittle looking out for another.