Why is the Georgia Democrat Party Employing a Convicted Criminal?

For some unknown reason, the state Democrat Party of Georgia’s Political Director, one Ali Rashad Richey, is a man with a long arrest record and no one seems the last bit worried about it in the Peach State — neither politicians nor the media. This man’s arrests are for such offenses as burglary, assault, battery, driving offenses, and violation of probation. In fact he’s been arrested at least 12 times in the last decade.

Are Georgia Democrats so used to convicted criminals in their midst that no one cares about this?

Who is Ali Rashad Richey? For one thing he is listed as a political director for the State Democrat Party on a Linkedin profile. He is also listed on the State Democrat Party disclosure report as having been paid $4,000 in 2010 for “political work.” There he is listed as living at 1834 Carla Drive, in Morrow, Georgia. Richey received at least two other checks for $4,000 each in January and February. His pay day amounts at the least to over $30,000 from the State Democrats thus far and it seems he’s still on the payroll.

This seems to be the same Ali Rashad Richey, hereafter known as Booking No. 0615617, that has a long arrest record.

These questions were first raised by Georgia blogger Andre Walker at his blog Georgia Politics Unfiltered. Soon thereafter, Michael Bates did some background research and then Deb of Nicedeb began doing some more blogging about Mr. 0615617’s recent past. They found that Mr. 0615617 even has a mugshot posted online for everyone to see!

Apparently this Richey, also living at the same Morrow, Georgia address as that listed on the Democrat Party disclosures, has been arrested at least 12 times for all sorts of offenses such as those noted above. His last arrest was as recent as 2010.

Interestingly, Mr. 0615617 is noted as having a “masters degree in theology,” and styles himself a minister of sorts having been “ordained” by the mail order outfit United Christian Ministries International.

So, what is the deal, Georgia Democrats? Are you going to disavow this violent criminal and fire him, or don’t you mind such folks being a paid staffer for you? And how about you, Democrat voters of the Peach State? Do you like the idea of the funds you donate to your party going to an out-and-out criminal with a violent past?

Jess askin.’

Mr. 0615617 with high rolling Obama political consultant and former Obama White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Jim Messina

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  • “Are Georgia Democrats so used to convicted criminals in their midst that no one cares about this?”
    Uh, (sheepishly…) sorry ’bout that.  The Democratic Party here is so far gone that there was serious debate over whether to run a challenger to Cynthia McKinney.

    It’s really a decent state – good folks, pretty decent weather in the winters, but our politicians… sigh.  

    They’re the finest money can buy but they won’t stay bought, darn it!

    • Gmacr1

      Snickers, I lived in Doraville for several years and remember the politics well…
      I also remember 12″ of snow in March one year ;p

  • The answer to the question in the post title is simple: They’re employing a convicted criminal because he represents a core Democrat constituency.

    Actually, more than one, but the criminal conviction is more in line with the party’s guiding principles than anything else.

  • GarandFan

     Mr. 0615617 should feel right at home in the White House.  Really surprised he’s not working at DOJ.

  • 914

    “Why is the Georgia Democrat Party Employing a Convicted Criminal?”

    To grease their crime machine with the most qualified applicants..  Only difference between the 2 is the Democrat party have yet to be convicted…

  • 914

    “Why is the Georgia Democrat Party Employing a Convicted Criminal?”

    So he can get some on the job training and maybe one day become the next Obamasiah!!

  • They need a black bag expert that won’t get caught bugging the Republican headquarters. ala Watergate.

    • Gmacr1

      That bozo looks like he was employed more for his strongarm abilities.

  • jim_m

    Why do the dems employ a convicted criminal?  Why do the dems run an indicted felon in Illinois?  Why is the Chairman of the dems in NC a dirtbag that gave his girlfriend HIV (apparently knowingly)?

    Because this is the kind of person they have in their hiring pool.  It is seemingly the predominant kind of person in their labor pool.

    This is who the dems are.  

  • ackwired

    I realize that you are not doing journalism here.  A journalist would have asked the Georgia Democratic Party for a comment before pubishing.  I’m not saying that you should have done that, but you close your piece by asking them for a comment.  They may not read this blog.  Did you mail them a copy of your article?  I would like to see their comments concerning your article.Does that seem fair to you?

    • jim_m

       As if you would bother to demand that the leftist fools at the Daily Kos seek a comment from a state GOP organization before making a blog post.

      What crap! 

      Click the link dumbass:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhetorical_question

    • Gmacr1

      Defensive you are much?

      • ackwired

        Well, I’m not a Georgia Democrat (not even a Democrat), so it was not defensive.  I’m surpised that nobody else is curious what the Georgia Democrats have to say about this.

        • jim_m

           I think the GA dems are preoccupied with concerns that Pacific islands may capsize. 

        • Gmacr1

          I doubt they would feild a response to the author of this story, much less the LSM as they try to go into CYA mode.

          • ackwired

            I think you are right.  I’ve been nosing around a little trying to find a comment from them.  It looks like they are clamming up and hoping it blows over.

          • In other news, water remains wet…

  • 914

    “Why is the Georgia Democrat Party Employing a Convicted Criminal?”

    Because Zimmerman is still on the loose!!

  • 914

    “Why is the Georgia Democrat Party Employing a Convicted Criminal?”

    Because cash for clunkers was a raging success..

  • Gmacr1

    Georgia Democrats were the ruling power for decades, their desperation to regain power makes them seek the sleeziest ways to regain it.

  • Guest

    They do tend to be more dishonest in their politics in the deep south.

    That’s why the Deep South is such a stronghold for the GOP.

    A new report on the ethics situation in all fifty states has shocking results for Georgia residents.

    We’re 50th out of 50 states. Dead last.

    This is no mistake. After a decade of Republican rule in the State Capitol, ethics laws have been gutted and unelected corporate government has taken hold- a government run by high-powered lobbyists and special interests that do not have Georgia’s best interest at heart.

    The full report can be found here.

    And, in case you were wondering, the state of Georgia is lead by a….

    …wait for it…

    a Republican!

    Delta tax break controversy

    After Governor Deal signed a 30 million dollar tax break for Delta Air Lines, the airline upgraded Deal and his wife to “Diamond” medallion status, which provides them perks such as “free upgrades when seats are available, Sky Club membership, bonus miles, priority check-in and boarding, fee waivers and more”.[29] Deal’s spokesperson said Delta airlines’ gift had no connection with the tax break, describing the gift granted by the airline to Gov. Nathan Deal and his wife as a “contribution to the state of Georgia.”[30]

    He’s a Republican!

    Southern Magnolia Capital controversy

    Dale Russell from WAGA-TV investigated a fund-raising company named Southern Magnolia Capital, since they were paid a sum of $90,000 during Nathan Deal’s gubernatorial campaign. A thorough investigation revealed that the company is linked to Nathan Deal’s daughter-in-law, Denise Deal, raising the question of whether ethics laws were violated.[27] As a response, WAGA was denied access to a public event at Governor Nathan Deal’s office—the signing of a controversial immigration bill.[28]

    He’s a Republican!

    But Georgia didn’t get to be the worst just on the basis of the Republican governor. It takes bad ethics on both sides of the aisle to get the bottom of the ethics list.

    Just don’t expect this Republican governor to do anything about it. He’s as dishnest as the rest of them.

    We get what we deserve when it comes to politicians. Georgia voters put these people into office, and they can take them out.

    • jim_m

       So that dishonesty must be a recent development since GOP ascendancy has only been achieved in the last decade or so. 

      Of course the dems are not dishonest at all, cough (John Corzine), cough (Eliot Spitzer), cough (David Paterson), cough (Rod Blagojevich), cough (Tim “turbo tax” Geithner), cough (Charles “rent control” Rangel), cough cough.

      Sorry.  The hypocrisy must have gotten caught in my throat.  I think historically we will find more dems indicted and prosecuted in the south than we find GOP.  On the other hand I’ll bet we can find more GOP people lynched in the south than we can find dems.

      • Guest

        your opinion, not fact.

        • jim_m

           That’s right .  Spitzer resigned because he was so freaking ethical.  Blago is in prison because he was so ethical.  I am sure that Corzine has a really good reason why over a $ Billion of his customer’s funds mysteriously disappeared and as soon as he figures out what that explanation is we will all hear it.

          Spare me.

        • jim_m

           Folks here is the first leftist I have met here that really does not believe in facts.  Geithner didn’t pay his taxes.  Rangel didn’t pay his and has a shady rent control situation on his property in NYC.  Blago is a convicted felon…  None of these facts are facts to him.  He dismisses them all as mere opinion.

          • Guest

            Everybody knows that stuff….

            What you tend to do is make up stuff and pretend it’s real.

            Like this:

            Sorry.  The hypocrisy must have gotten caught in my throat.  I think historically we will find more dems indicted and prosecuted in the south
            than we find GOP.  On the other hand I’ll bet we can find more GOP people lynched in the south than we can find dems.

            I think historically we will find more dems indicted…

            I’ll bet we can find more GOP people lynched…

            You can tell when Jim is bullshitting you, he starts the sentence with “I think” or “I believe” or “I’ll bet”.

            More often than not, if you fact-check Jim on these things that he “thinks, believes, or bets” you find that he’s totally full of bullshit.

            He’s entitled to his “feelings” but don’t assume for a second they are based in fact. He likes to BS people.

            And how about not hitting “post” until you’re finished. You often post two or three responses. It clutters up the thread.

          • jim_m

             It’s a well known fact that the klan lynched republicans in the south and that it used lynchings to keep blacks from voting republican during reconstruction.  It would be innaccurate to assume that all blacks lynched by the klan were democrats as they categorically were not.  

            The most notorious perpetrator of lynchings was the Ku Klux Klan (KKK),
            which first appeared in Arkansas around 1868. The Klan’s initial
            motives were primarily to disrupt the 1868 elections and thereby prevent
            freed backs from voting for Republican candidates.


            You have edited your first comment several times over an hour after I responded. That is deceptive and not unexpected from someone of limited capacity as yourself.

    • jim_m

      Hey it wouldn’t be the presence of people like Cynthia McKinney and Hank Johnson that make GA dead last in ethics would it?  They sure as heck don’t make it the smartest.

      I’m betting that Grumpy has crossed Guam off his places to visit list just in case it capsizes when he’s there.

      BTW it’s good form to either note your edits once people start responding to your comments (unless it is just a typo correction) or better yet to just respond to yourself in another comment.

      • Guest

         your opinion, not fact.

        • jim_m

           You do realize that the GA state senate was controlled by the Dems from reconstruction to 2004 and the house until 2002? 

          There’s some facts for you. I’ll note that you don’t contend that the people I named above were all without scandal.  You won’t touch those facts.  But then again we know that facts aren’t as important to you as “truth” is, and “truth” is whatever you declare it to be.

    • jim_m

       So now that people are pointing out that the dems are thoroughly corrupt you hedge your statement to say that corruption is on both sides of the aisle. 

      As I said: revising your comments to say something that they originally did not is, well, unethical.  It doesn’t surprise me that as a lefty you think that it is acceptable to change the meaning of your comments after someone posts a response that makes it look bad.

      There are others here (Chico, Bruce, ackwired) who have better standards than you. 

      • Guest

         I don’t change what I write, but I do add links and quotes.

        You and “your feelings” – no facts.

        • jim_m

           Your additions (coming as long as an hour after the original post and after several responses) do change the tenor of your comment significantly. Your original comment was that corruption was due to the GOP and implied that it was solely due to the GOP.

          The final version now reads that corruption comes from both sides of the aisle.  That is a significant change in meaning.

          You are a dishonest debater.  You edit your post to make it look like you said something far different from what it originally said.

          • You are, or course, correct Jim. A review of the original un-edited posts are at odds with what now appears.  Should the senile old fool continue to deny that I’ll gladly repost what he originally wrote and now seeks to modify.

    • jim_m

       You do realize that your original comment ended before the first block quote?  90% of it was added subsequent to criticism of how inane and simple minded it was.

      • SCSIwuzzy

        Would be nice if Disqus had a version track like a wiki 🙂

    • Talking Points Teleprompter strikes again.

  • herddog505

    Wait… there are democrats who AREN’T convicted criminals?

    Oh, never mind: I guess there are those who are merely awaiting indictment.