Video: Bragging Mr. President? Heroes Don’t Spike the Football

This video perfectly illuminates the unseemliness of Obama’s constant gloating and bragging that he, himself killed Osama bin Laden.

This video comes out just in time as members of the SEALs are slamming Obama for bragging so much about bagging binnie.

As the caption notes:

America knows who deserves the credit for killing Osama Bin Laden – United States Navy SEALs and the American intelligence community. Join with Veterans for a Strong America and let President Obama know who really deserves the credit.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I agree with President Clinton when he said that if the whole attack on bin Laden that day had gone horribly wrong, it would have been Obama that got the blame — and rightfully so. I also agree that Obama should get a lion’s share of the credit, just for the reason that as president the buck stops with him. He made the final decision and could easily have said “no go.”

So, we should not discount his part — even if it was a small part — in giving the final nod to complete the work the Bush administration began.

But the fact is that if Obama had followed his own recommendations on foreign policy he’d not have killed bin Laden. Obama was against waterboarding, against Guantanamo Bay, against surveillance of suspected terrorists, against… well, against everything the led to the US being able to find bin Laden. His constant bragging is galling on this count.

Not just Obama, either. Former Democrat Speaker of the House is still claiming that she never knew of the waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques being employed on the very people that helped the CIA find, track, and pinpoint bin Laden. The truth seems to show she is simply not telling us the truth.

And today, Obama secretly flew to Afghanistan to address the nation on the anniversary of the elimination of bin Laden, showing that he has no intention of laying off his spiking of the football.

It’s all very unseemly of a president of the United States. We should expect better.

Video courtesy of Veterans for a Strong Defense.

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  • retired.military

    Expect to hear more about Bin Laden from Obama, his lackeys, the press (but then I repeat myself) and other lefties over the next 6 months more than you have the past 3.5 years.

    • herddog505

      Well, they have to have SOME positive achievement to point to.  Given what most Americans think of ObamaCare, Porkulus, and the deficit in general, he hasn’t exactly got the greatest record to run on.

    • Guest

      After Bush gave up on getting Obama and Romney saying he wouldn’t bother, of course the President is pointing proudly at this achievement.

      Romney “wouldn’t move heaven and earth” to get bin Laden and that he was against going into Pakistan unannounced.

      Obama did what Republicans couldn’t and wouldn’t do, so that’s something to be proud of.

      In 2004 playing politics with the tragedy of 9/11 or even the war in Iraq was the Republicans’ mantra. Remember Guiliana’s speeches? He mentioned 911 every 10 words.

      So now Republicans hate the fact that bin Laden is dead. Why? Because Obama did it.

      • Wild_Willie

        Grumpy, you lefties are a very fickled lot. You are against enhanced interrogation but for assasination. That is what Obama ordered. Yet you lefties embrace it now.

        Thank God GW Bush set up the processes to make this happen.

        And paraphrasing is juvenile Grumpy. But again, that was redundant. ww

        • jim_m

           It’s not about what is done it is about who does it.  It is about having control and wielding power.  It doesn’t matter what is done as long as the left holds the power. If the right holds the power then everything is wrong and illegal. 

          When one views it from that perspective they are very consistent.  In fact, it is the only way they are consistent in their views.

        • Guest

          It’s known that torture produces bad info. The prinsoner ends up telling his captors whatever they want to hear.

          Fine if you’re a Republican looking for an excuse to kill some non-christians. Not good for a civilized people through.

          • jim_m

             Actually , it is more correct to say that torture produces info of indeterminate quality.  If the prisoner knows nothing they may very well make up anything to stop the interrogation.  On the other hand if they do know something they may divulge it.  The difficulty is in knowing which is the case.

            If you are a leftist then it is always the case that when a conservative administration OK’s the use of torture, the information gathered is always “bad info”. 

            The question also arises, “What constitutes torture?”  For the left it is anything beyond saying “pretty please”.  Other methods which may scare the prisoner without leaving long term harm and without causing actual physical harm may be acceptable to people who live in this universe.  When one considers what our military are subjected to what we do to others is pretty damn tame.

          • retired.military

            You are an idiot (still).  Oh yea. I left out the ballless part. So you are a ballless idiot (still). Advanced interrogation techniques when applied by people who know what they are doing provides valid intel.

          • Then stop torturing us.

  • GarandFan

    ” Now, don’t get me wrong. I agree with President Clinton when he said
    that if the whole attack on bin Laden that day had gone horribly wrong,
    it would have been Obama that got the blame”

    No, the Navy Admiral in charge of the op would have gotten the blame.  Barry would have seen to that.

    Barry doesn’t take blame for anything.

    Don’t worry though, we’ll hear plenty about Barry’s “gutsy” decision over the next several weeks and months.  Too bad he can’t run on his record of accomplishments at home.

    • Hugh_G

      I second the gutsy part. Dead or alive, remember? Who said that?

      • GarandFan

         “Gutsy”?  Really?  And what would the public had said,had they found out about this and Barry said “no”, based on the excellent advice of Joey Biden – because it wasn’t 100% sure?

        Been there, done that.  NOTHING is “100% sure!”.

    • Gutsy taking 13 hours to make a decision any competent chief executive would have arrived at in 13 seconds. 

      How about incompetent SCoaMF.

  • Hugh_G

    About as unseemly as fake piloting a jet onto an aircraft carrier to march around with his package hanging out and then declaring that the mission was accomplished. Only hundreds of thousands maimed, wounded, killed after the “mission accomplished.”

    Give me a freaking break.

    • MichaelLaprarie

       Really?  Bush bragged about “mission accomplished.”  Okay, show us the transcript.

      • Hugh_G

        Even you can read a sign. And yeah yeah somebody else did it. Tell that to your fellow believers.

        If the man with the little package didn’t see it while strutting around the deck he is as bind as he was dumb. If he did see it and his package was a little larger he should have told them to rip it down at least until he was finished with his daddy war. Then he could have proudly declared that despite the billions, despite his ruined economy, despite the hundreds of thousands of killed and maimed “mission accomplished.”

        • jim_m

           The sign was referring to the fact that the Carrier had successfully completed its deployment.  The left deliberately misinterpreted this to mean that the war was over.  Just more spiteful BS from the left.

          • One must wonder if the troll with whom you are engaged can engage in a debate without shifting the goalposts.

          • Evil Otto

            No, Rodney, there’s no need to wonder. He can’t.

          • jb

             Oh come on man. Not only is that a lame excuse, that was dispoven AT THE TIME. The White House contacted a private banner and had them produce it specifically to appear behind Bush for his speech. AND the White House didn’t come up with the “banner was made for the troops” until 6 months later – after Iraq was revealed to be a soldier-killing mess we should have never gotten involved in.



            If facts matter.

        • retired.military

          Hundreds of thousands.  Really.  Last I checked number of killed was about 5k and maimed (I assume you mean seriously injured) was in the 25k range.   Nowhere near your exaggerated numbers.  But again.  Liberals do talking points and not facts.

          • Hugh_G

            So to you the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghan innocent civilians killed don’t mean a thing? Nice.

          • jim_m

             You don’t think that the lives of US soldiers mean anything unless they die when there is a GOP President.  You don’t care that more are dieing now than before obama.

          • Hugh_G

            I don’t think any American soldiers should have been killed by Bush’s daddy war in Iraq.

             And I don’t believe you can point to anything I’ve written to support your typical delusional statement.

          • jim_m

             You are correct.  The fact that you write nothing complaining about continued and escalating military deaths is revealing of how little you actually care about these deaths and how much it was simply an issue of who was President.

          • retired.military

            I was merely specifying American casualties Hugh.  As for other casualties you cheerfully count in the ones killed by the Taliban and AQ.    Also you cheerfully neglect the 25 million killed by Saddam during his reign nor do you mention the ones killed in the past 3 years with Obama at the helm.

          • They don’t fit into his narrative.

          • Don’t mean squat to me.

          • jim_m

             Don’t forget hat more soldiers have lost their lives in 3.5 years under obama than in 8 with Bush.  But the MSM doesn’t give a damn about how many soldiers die now.  Their deaths can’t be spun to fit the narrative any more.

          • Hugh_G

            And clearly you don’t give a shit about innocent civilianmen, women and children unless, of course, they happen to be Americans, preferably right wing Americans of course.

          • jim_m

            Perhaps you can go back to the last helicopter thread where we discuss the deaths of millions at the hands of the left wing.  Yes, civilian deaths are unfortunate.

            The difference between the left and the right is that the right regrets civilian casualties as a result of military operations.  The left goes and fills mass graves with civilians in order to achieve change they can believe in.

          • jb

             Perhaps you can go back and look at the facts I posted which disproved your and others assertions in that post. If you care about facts.

          • Gmacr1

            And I’ll tell you that your claim is baseless without factual documentation.

            IE, you’re a liar.

            BTW… Civilians killed by AQ suicide bombers were not killed by US forces.

          • Hugh_G

            No, they were killed by Bush and his daddy war.

          • o_0?

          • Sky__Captain

            The BDS is strong in this one.

          • Derangement.

            Full Stop.

            No further qualifiers needed.

          • Gmacr1

            Ya, the Bush’s have blood on their hands the same way Obama lead the Seal team into Osama’s hide.

    • retired.military

      Bush didnt do the Mission accomplished banner.  The sailors on the ship did.   Again, liberals dont follow simple facts.  They throw out talking points from democraticunderground.

      • jim_m

         Facts aren’t important to the left.

        • jb

          Says the man who won’t look at or answer facts.

      • Hugh_G

        Just a coincidence he stood right in front of it. At least he had the decency to stop strutting around  to show off his little package.

        • jim_m

          What is the fascination that you have with male genitalia? You might consider counseling.

          • Hugh_G

            Lol. I don’t but Bush did. It was really disgusting.

          • iwogisdead

            Let’s see–first, Biden talks about Obumble’s “big stick” and now lefties are bitching about Bush’s “package.” There must have been a memo. Maybe there’s a new Obumble campaign ad coming out.

          • jim_m


          • “Wait until Biggus Dickus hears about this!”

          • Gmacr1

            Remember, the leftards use the phrase ‘Teabagger’…

          • Guest

            After a group of Tea Party protesters founded a website and called themselves “teabaggers”…

          • jim_m

             Sorry, that epithet was brought up by the lefty media.

          • TomInCali

            Sorry, but even the National Review agrees that the Tea Party came up with it themselves.

            The first big day for this movement was Tax Day, April 15. And
            organizers had a gimmick. They asked people to send a tea bag to the
            Oval Office. One of the exhortations was “Tea Bag the Fools in D.C.” A
            protester was spotted with a sign saying, “Tea Bag the Liberal Dems
            Before They Tea Bag You.” So, conservatives started it: started with
            this terminology.


            Or, if you prefer, it was coined by a Freeper two months earlier.


            So own it, and stop projecting and/or lying.

          • iwogisdead

            Do you read your own links? The article says that, after the tea party members promoted sending tea bags to Obumble as a tax protest, Anderson Cooper, Maddow, Ana Cox, and Shuster were the ones who came up with “teabaggers.”

          • Yeah. 

            That would be the lie of omission that get’s it’s author studiously ignored from this point forward.

          • jim_m

             Too bad.  And he was one of the few lefty trolls that ever bothered to post a link to support his BS.

        • retired.military

          You seem awfully interested in Bush’s package Hugh. 

          As for doing a speech in front of it I sincerely doubt he picked the venue for the speech.  Even on miliary bases when teh President visits the mechanics are thought out WELL in advance of when the President gets here.  The President is told where the mikes are.  he doesnt direct where to put them. 

          This is true for Obama as well as Bush.   I work on Ft Hood.  I have been to two presidential speeches here.  The amount of preparation is enormous for the President to show up give a 10-20 minute speech and then leave.   THe same is true of when the Sec DEF visits as well.   

      • TomInCali

        Forget the banner (which the Bush White House already admitted was their doing: “He said the White House had nothing to do with the banner; a spokesman
        later said the ship’s crew asked for the sign and the White House staff
        had it made by a private vendor.”)

        How about Bush flying onto the carrier in a fighter jet, and getting out in a flight suit? Does anyone think that was spiking the football? Acting like he personally flew the mission?

        • Then President George W. Bush had been a qualified pilot of military jet aircraft (one of the more notoriously difficult century series fighters) and actually got some stick time on the flight.  What are 0bama’s qualifications in that area?  Oh, that’s right, he’s one of only two President’s since FDR who never served in the Armed Forces (the other being Bubba).

          • Guest

            Way to move the goalposts Mr. Graves.

            The question you are avoiding is “How about Bush flying onto the carrier in a fighter jet, and getting out
            in a flight suit? Does anyone think that was spiking the football?
            Acting like he personally flew the mission?”

          • retired.military

            Nobody said he actually flew a mission (during the war) you idiot.  It is normal for when VIPs fly on fighter jets to get a flight suit and there are reasons for it.   Geez.  Who opened the zoo doors and let the enuch monkeys out.

          • TomInCali

            Not that that has anything to do with what I said, but… so you’re saying that he used the occasion of acknowledging the accomplishments and sacrifice of our military to indulge in his personal, frivolous, and wasteful desire for never-expressed-before-or-since stick time? Is that supposed to be better?

          • SCSIwuzzy

            And you know he has never expressed a desire for stick time how?  Are you the mouse in his pocket?
            Bush 43 is not the most public of Presidents, with a deep seated (and justified) mistrust of the media.  How anyone outside his circle knows anything about his desires would surprise.

          • TomInCali

            You’re kidding, right? Your response is that we don’t know if he ever privately thought about it before? Would it change things if he had?

            Even if I give you a pass on intentionally misinterpreting and ignoring the point of my post, he chose that moment to don the suit and fly in like a warrior. You’re right, I don’t know if he sits at home day and night playing with his die-cast planes and making “vroom!” noises.

          • SCSIwuzzy

            Expressing a thought negates its status of being private.  Just ask the mouse.

            Anyway, not ignoring your point, merely mocking your selective outrage.  What next, should we bring up Dukakis and his tank photo op?

            The photo op in the flight suit was a bit silly, IMO.  Wearing it, while piloting that plane, was appropriate but I always thought he should have changed into a suit or BDU before taking the podium.

          • iwogisdead

            Well, he was wearing a suit when he gave the speech.


            But, this is typical “look over there” crap. Bush flying 30 miles out to the ship to honor the crew was pretty showy, but nothing like Obumble making a 20,000 mile round trip for a 10-minute speech a year after the fact is just plain goofy. But everything to do with Obumble is goofy.

          • SCSIwuzzy

            You are right.  8 years and the drumbeat have fogged my memory.

          • retired.military

            So when Obama salutes is he showing his package as hugh states?  Oh wait.  He is CDR in Chief.  He does what CDR in Chiefs do.  Bush did what someone flying in a fucking fighter jet did.  You guys are so fascinated with Bush and what he did 6 or so years ago..   Amazing.   Well if Romney ever wears a flight suit than you can remind us about how Obama personally killed Obama.   BTW what about Dukakis and his tank helmet.   How about Kerry in his Space suit.     No hidden meanings there no sirree.

          • Hank_M

             Looks like you hit a nerve there Rodney.

            Our liberal friends, unable to defend the absurdity of Obama, are reduced once again to babbling….”but Bush, he did it too”.

            Hell of a defense….”but Bush….”

            And it doesn’t matter. Bush is, you know, gone.

            And Obama is left eating his own words about spiking the football. And nothing that happened in the past changes that.

        • retired.military

          WTF do you wear in a fighter jet.  A flight suit.  Jeez.  What an idiot.  Listen to Bill Engvall when he went up with the thunderbirds.  Was he wearing Jeans?  NO.  he was wearing a  FUCKING FLIGHT SUIT. 

          There are reasons for it too.  Flight suits are made of Nomex which is flame retardent.  Also it is better to not have loose clothing in a tight compartment which has a lot of instrumentation and controls for flying a fighter jet.

          Oh and before you go “well what are the odds a jet is giong to catch fire?”

          Google Ft Hood helicopter crash general dead.

          A few years ago we lost a 1 Star general who was in a helicopter which hit a guidewire when they were flying at night. Shit happens. Only thing you can do is prepare for it.

          • Hell, even the Mythbusters know to dress for the situation.  What’s Adam wearing in this video for a flight in an FA-18?

            Yep, a flight suit.  You’re not going to be wearing a 3-piece suit in the cockpit unless you’re in a flippin’ movie, or you’re a flippin’ moron.

            Think of the cockpit of a Formula 1 car. Now, in addition to yourself you’ve got to shoehorn in… a parachute, a life vest, various things in your pockets (which will be on your thighs and calves, your 4-point harness will effectively cut off any access to normal pockets) and a flight helmet.

            Yeah, slap all that on over a suit. You’ll look classy, no doubt.

        • retired.military

          Per your statement the ship’s crew requested the banner.  How the fuck does that even begin to prove that Bush had anything to do with it.  Do you think someone said “Hey Mr President the ships crew wants a banner should we make one?”  Give me a fucking break.

      • jb
    • Jwb10001

      Ah more of the Obama is just like Bush stuff. When are we going to get that hope and change stuff we were promised?

      • Are you not happy with the new increased chocolate ration, Comrade? Does it taste too fibrous, perhaps? Are you noticing predigested grains and straw mixed in? A certain farmyard aroma, perhaps? Then you need to learn to appreciate how concerned the Party is about your health, and has worked diligently to make the ration as healthy as possible.


        Personally, I’m hoping like hell we’ll have some ability to change course – I think the way we’re going, after another 4 years of the same, would require a hard reboot, which would be a great deal of no fun at all.

        Man, Disqus is aggravating today. “Something went wrong, try again later.” Aargh.

      • jb

         When you are able to look at facts and change your minds?

  • Now we even know who the designated fall guy was to be had the “gutsy call” turned into a disaster:

    A recently disclosed memorandum from then-CIA Director Leon Panetta
    shows that the president’s celebrated derring-do in authorizing the
    operation included a responsibility-escape clause: “The timing,
    operational decision making and control are in Admiral McRaven’s hands.
    The approval is provided on the risk profile presented to the President.
    Any additional risks are to be brought back to the President for his
    consideration. The direction is to go in and get bin Laden and if he is
    not there, to get out.”

    What a fracking schmuck.

  • 914

    “shows that the president’s celebrated derring-do in authorizing the 
    operation included a responsibility-escape clause: “The timing, 
    operational decision making and control are in Admiral McRaven’s hands. 
    The approval is provided on the risk profile presented to the President.
    Any additional risks are to be brought back to the President for his 
    consideration. The direction is to go in and get bin Laden and if he is 
    not there, to get out.”

    In other words, Barry is a fleebagger just like his cowardly comrades..

  • 914

    Ok  Mr. Mulligan, brag all ya want.  Love to see you bragging up those unemployment numbers and gas prices too.  

    Its the economy stoopid!  Just stay over there and leave us the hell alone..

  • herddog505

    Perhaps we should start a petition campaign to get the Congress to award Barry the CMH for his heroism in getting bin Laden.


    How the f*ck is telling the military to get the world’s most wanted criminal a “gutsy” call???  Seems more like a no-brainer to me.  The average policeman makes a more gutsy call when he pulls over a speeder: the cop is actually putting his own life on the line.

  • Gmacr1

    The bottom line is that there is no “I” in “TEAM” and there’s no way the narsassist in chief will ever allow any one else in the limelight.

    • jim_m

       There may be no “I”  in “TEAM” but obama manages to find the “M” and the “E”.

  • Commander_Chico

    War is the health of the state, particularly the executive.  

  • Hank_M

     Who knows?

    Maybe Obama, in reminding everyone how tough he is, is hoping to win another Nobel Peace Prize.

  • How shocking that one of our trolls can quote a self professed Progressive who vehemently opposed Americanism. 

  • While President Sand Trap was dancing in the political end zone in Afghanistan, hoisting OBL’s corpse like a trophy in a Mohammedan funeral procession in Palestine, flag-draped coffins holding the remains of Army SSG Brandon Eggleston and SGT Dick Lee, Jr., and Navy Lt. Christopher Mosko were carried aboard an airplane to be returned to their families.  My son was pall bearer for SSG Eggleston.  There was nothing for C-I-C Triple Bogey, SCoaMF, to celebrate.  SSG Eggleston, 29, leaves a wife and two young children, as did SGT Lee, 31.  Lt. Mosko is survived by his wife, also serving in the Navy.  Shame on Obama, though shameless he be.

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