Batman Says: Occupy Wall Street is a Crime Wave

How do I tell you what you are about to see? Hilarity? Truth? Hitruthaty? Ah, just watch…

Obama Lies About Ohio Bridge Repairs For a Second Time
Is the idiocy of The Life of Julia really going to be bought by America?
  • Gmacr1

    The sentiment, yeah, I get it.

    But seriously, coming from that guy, dressed up as a cartoon/movie character, with a badly forced voice? He’s almost as comical as the Ocutards except that he actually has a valid point, however badly expressed.

    • jim_m

       Yeah, the bad acting made it impossible to watch the whole thing.  Cute concept ruined by the lousy production. 

      • warnertoddhuston

        It’s an F*ing comedy video with a good political message… and you want Citizen Kaine?? This is why I often hate a comments section of a website.

        • jim_m

          MOst of the time I find Crowder very funny.  Just not this time.  I’d settle for “Plan 9 from Outer Space”, but this doesn’t even make it to that level.

  • jim_m

    A better report on how the left embraces thuggery is this video:

    It’s a bit longer but it shows clearly the link between the dems, the unions, communist organizations and radical anarchists.  It makes it clear that their agenda is not about any concern for the welfare of the people it is about money and power and nothing else.

  • retired.military

    OWS are a bunch of criminals  –  Chico approves of this message and their actions.

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  • Guest

    This video is childish and immature. Just like many of the commenters here.

    • Sky__Captain

       Project much?

      That’s a rhetorical question. Of course you do. You’re one of the more childish and immature incarnations of “Bob Armstrong”, and I do hope Olaf pays you a visit soon,

    • SpideyTerry

      Gee, you sound like an impartial fellow – certainly not like a hypocritical partisan hack that can dish it out, but can’t take it.

      By the by, if you’re going to try to be insulting, try to be remotely clever about it. Otherwise you sound like a childish and immature person that can barely string two sentences together and so utterly lacks anything remotely resembling a life that you have to spend time harping on a blog you clearly don’t like.