Is the idiocy of The Life of Julia really going to be bought by America?


Have you seen Obama’s Life of Julia ad? If not, click on the image and watch it.

You have to be an idiot I think to find it credible but, given Obama’s history, perhaps he’s just playing to his base.

Not sure.

Ben Shapiro picks it apart a bit for those who are… well… slow:

When Julia is 3 years old – presumably in the year 2015 – Julia is enrolled in Head Start thanks to “steps President Obama has taken.” When she’s 17, in the year 2029, her high school is part of the Race to the Top program, “implemented by President Obama.” When she’s 18, she and her family qualify for “President Obama’s American Opportunity Tax Credit.” When she’s 25, in the year 2037, she’s able to pay off her federal student loans “since President Obama capped income-based federal student loan payments.” When she’s 42 – this is the year 2044, and President Obama is at this point 83 years old, and well into his ninth term – she gets a small business loan thanks to “President Obama’s tax cuts for small businesses.” The slideshow concludes “President Obama is standing up for women throughout their lives.”

And apparently, for their entire lives.

Now, to be fair, it’s possible that Obama’s campaign is just assuming that none of his policies will ever be changed. Which is silly. Or, more likely, they just overlooked this small problem.

In any case, it’s just another footnote to one of the worst campaign initiatives in recent memory.

It’s only the worst campaign initiative in recent memory if it fails to convince.

But Obama has already shown an ability to fool the gullible and easily led.

What’s to say these same people won’t be fooled again?

If history is any gauge…

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  • 914

    I haven’t ate brunch yet, so I’ll pass on watching this. everything this clown does is nauseating.

  • Jay

    I’m trying to figure out where Ben Shapiro actually picks this apart by showing how this woman’s education and having a decent chance at finding or creating a job is a bad thing compared to Mitt Romney’s Bush Cuts 2.0 that have been devastating to the economy while Mr. Etch a Sketch costs the economy even more by building a larger divide around those that can afford education and those going to public schools.

    • GarandFan

       Well there’s one idiot …………….

      • LiberalNitemare

        It’s nice when they self identify.

      • And his bookend old idiot down below…

      • Conservachef

        You almost cost me a new monitor with that one…

    • $16 trillion debt.
      $2 trillion income.
      $3.5 trillion total spending.
      Projected deficits of $1 tril a year for the next decade.
      Jay, you’re not stupid.  You know the entitlement system isn’t sustainable in its current form.  The concept of cradle-to-grave handholding by a benevolent government is about to collapse big-time, and all the handwaving and misdirection in the world isn’t going to be able to save it.

      Or is it just important to deny, evade and hide the coming collapse until the election?

      • jim_m

         Jay, you’re not stupid.

        How wrong you are in that assumption.  Jay’s denial is based on his belief that there will always be some other group which can be victimized to fund the government support of his lifestyle

        • Jim, I can’t believe that. If my sister-in-law could realize what a drastic mistake Obama was, and she was as rabidly anti-Bush as the unlamented Lee Ward, I have to believe that no matter how hard-core your support for Obama when its your nuts placed on the anvil and you feel the hammer hit, you’re going to realize that it’s a flippin’ disaster, no matter how you’ve been persuaded otherwise.

          It only took my sister-in-law six months.  But then, she was an accountant and understood what happens to a business when the debt gets too high.  She ran the numbers, and that was it for her support. 

          We still don’t talk about politics. She WON’T talk about Obama, and she couldn’t say enough good things about him before the election.

          • jim_m

             I don’t disagree.  My point was that those who support him are calculating that there will always be someone else’s nuts in the vise.   They believe that there are enough rich people because they don’t understand the math and are unwilling to pay attention long enough to understand it.

          • Jay

            Jim, I don’t support Obama.  Why do you keep insisting on that asinine assumption?

          • jim_m

             Because the choices are that you are either incredibly stupid and unable o comprehend that the obama policies are based on an ignorant assumption that taxing the rich can pay for everything.

            Or you are incredibly evil and you really are bent on destroying society for your own person or ideological gain.

            There really isn’t a middle ground.

          • Jay

            How I so love how you continuously only see black and white.  “Either you’re with us or against us.”

            Awesome way to live life.

          • jim_m

            No. I just have a sense of right and wrong.  Perhaps you should get yourself some sort of moral compass and then you would understand.

          • Jay

            I have a moral compass, thank you.  I also have a fair understanding of morality and the concept of justice without having to constantly derail an argument on ideological differences.  But hey, if what you feel is true in that right wing ideology will truly win the day, there’s a giant newsflash for you.  It hurts a lot more than it helps.  Just sayin.

          • jim_m

            You just proved how dishonest you are on another thread by changing the definition of the words you were using to get yourself out of a dead end argument.

            You are not an honest debater.

          • But he is a master…

          • If you have a moral compass, where did you misplace it?  Or is it like the Captain Jack Sparrow one, and your moral compass merely points to whatever you desire?

          • jim_m

             You spend a whole lot of time defending his policies and tearing down anyone who opposes him.  I fail to see the difference in how it is that you don’t support him.

          • Jay

            I do neither.  It is what it is.  A fair assessment of the goods and bads of all of his litigation and wrangling.  Just like I think Bill Clinton was a major success for the economy, he should be criticized for his abysmal civil rights record.  

            Bush Jr. was just atrocious though.

          • a ‘Fair assessment’ that just happens to always push his line?  just by coincidence. But you don’t like him.  Right.  Sure.

          • Economically, Clinton kept his fingers out of the works and let the bubble inflate.

            Hate to think what the current administration would have done differently. 

          • jim_m

             obama would have crushed it under the heels of government regulation, or alternately, he would have paid billions to fly by night companies run by dem donors.  We would all have been using Microsoft Bob
            for the last 20 years.

          • Yeah, probably would have made a federally-mandated speed limit of 28.8k on telecom lines, to avoid wearing them out…

          • You support every one of his policies but not him?

        • Jay

          Wrong Jimbo.  Quit projecting.

        • Now you have him projecting about projection, well played jim_m!

      • Jay

        Compared to what Romney promotes?  Seriously?  Let’s just ignore all of the spending that Romney would require for government and making his own rich friends even more rich?  

        What major difference in Romney’s policies will actually create a much better solution?

        • Jay – what part of “We’re just plain broke, and Obama refuses to realize this” isn’t plain to you?

          If Romney even slows the bleeding a little bit, I’ll consider it a well-spent vote.

          I’m not expecting miracles, I’m HOPING for a CHANGE in how hard the damn driver is shoving his foot down as we speed off the cliff. 

          Romney at least has a clue.  Obama doesn’t, he refuses to get one, and it doesn’t matter to him one bit what sort of wreckage he leaves behind.  He’s done ‘good’ for us, and he’s satisfied with that.

          Are you?

          • Jay

            If Romney even slows the bleeding a little bit, I’ll consider it a well-spent vote.

            Explain very clearly how Romney will “slow the bleeding”.

            I’m not expecting miracles, I’m HOPING for a CHANGE in how hard the damn driver is shoving his foot down as we speed off the cliff.

            Rhetoric that ignores that the Tea Party has done everything it can to increase subsidies to the rich and destroy the nation for a number of reasons.

            Romney at least has a clue.

            Right… “Giving more subsidies for Dummies”… Great plan.

          • Explain very clearly how Obama will save our economy through unsustainable debt, and massive payments to the unions, his ‘bundlers’, and countries like Brazil.  (I still think he’s planning on bailing there when things go bad – a couple billion in seed money could get him a pretty decent compound there.  It’ll be interesting to see if he’ll take Michelle.)

            You know what Romney’s big draw for me is?

            He’s not Obama. I’ve seen what we’ve gotten with 4 years of Obama.  ABO’s fine by me, and I’ll vote for the candidate most likely to win against him.

            (Edited to change ‘government’ in the first line to ‘economy’. I KNOW they’ll save the government, even if they’ve got to grab all our IRAs and 401Ks to do it.)

          • The sign reads: Please Don’t feed the Trolls

          • Jay

            Explain very clearly how Obama will save our economy through unsustainable debt, and massive payments to the unions, his ‘bundlers’, and countries like Brazil.

            Here’s the first problem.  You focus entirely on the President when he’s a Democrat instead of a Republican that is passing these laws.  There are no massive payments to unions that I have off the top of my head.  The debt is coming more for the military industrial complex than anything Obama is truly doing.

            And I have no idea why Brazil is on an economic hitlist when they’ve been doing rather well (besides the oil companies such as ExxonMobil that pay Republicans off).  The last thing I heard about Brazil is that they were trying to nationalize their oil, similar to Iran, hence why they’re considered bad guys right now.

            He’s not Obama.

            Worst excuse ever to not like someone.  Again, that’s rhetoric that doesn’t explain any of the other problems I’ve stated above.

          • It is if you think a president is so monumentally bad that leaving the office VACANT would be an improvement.  When you think electing the illegitimate love-child of Jimmy effing carter and Richard Nixon would be an improvement.  When as a Republican Obama makes me long for the sanity of Bill Clinton and leaves me thinking we would be in better shape if it had been(gag) president Hillary Clinton.

            Yes, Obama is THAT much of an unmitigated disaster.

          • Well and cogently said.

          • Nothing I disagree with here.

            It’s not about disliking Obama, or liking Romney.  It’s looking at the situation and going ‘Of the two, since ‘none of the above’ is an option, which will be better for the country long-term?’

            Since I don’t think Obama would be, my choice is clear.

  • I still think his “Forward” slogan is a larger and more odious pile of Jay dog flop.

    • jim_m

       I don’t know if that really is worse than using a character from George Orwell’s 1984 to illustrate how well the government can take care of you.  On that basis I think that “Julia” is far more chilling.

    • Jay

      There goes Rodney beginning his bulldogging.  Can’t get enough of trying to insist you’re smarter than you’re really are, can you?

  • Guest

    Looks like it’s an effective ad. You can tell by the donkey braying saying it isn’t…

    • 914

      Oh yes,  fairy tales work so well making one feel better paying 5 bucks a gallon for gas ..


      • jim_m

         Fairy tale?  Julia was the girl in 1984 that gets reeducated by torture and a lobotomy.

        Yep, Julia is a perfect name for how the obama admin plans on treating is subjects.

        • Gmacr1

          They really need to learn how to pick fictional names for their propaganda. I guess you really can’t fix stupid.

          • retired.military

            Sure you can.  You make sure they get voted out of office.

          • Margaret Sanger would beg to differ.

    • EricSteel

      Hopefully lots of Donkeys bray against it.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only asses we’ve seem braying have been our usual suspect leftists, braying in support of this steaming pile of Jay dog flop.

        • EricSteel

          Rodney, the Donkey braying refers to the symbols used by the Democrats and Republicans, the Donkey and the Elephant. 

          Which is which?  And then re-read Grumpy/Stepehen/Bob Armstrong/Steve Green etc.’s comment.   

  • Par4Course

    The Julia ad appeals to those who believe that the government is responsible for their lives.  Those who take responsibility for their own lives and believe others should generally do the same will remain unconvinced of the goodness of Our Dear Leader.  

  • Hank_M

     Age 3. Julia begins her indoctrination by liberal teachers.
    Age 17, Julia bombs her SAT test due to the lousy education provided by the NEA & AFT
    Age 18, Julia lists herself as native american to game the AA system, gets into college
    Age 19, Julia gets pregnant again and has her 6th abortion at no cost to her.
    Age 20, Julia gets lost in the city and gets mugged by a flash mob wearing Trayvon T-shirts
    Age 22, Julia gets run over by a Prius hybrid with a coexist bumper sticker on the back
                Never fully recovers due to Obamacare medical rationing of services.
    Age 25, Julia defaults on student loans as unemployment reaches 25%
                Swat teams descend on Julia’s residence, a tent at Occupy Something.
                They shoot her dog.
    Age 31, Julia decides to have a baby but aborts when the sex is found to be male.
    Age 42, Julia starts her own business
    Age 43, Julia goes bankrupt due to excessive regulations, taxes, and a molotov cocktail
                thrown through the window by Occupy America protesters.
    Age 65, Julia tries to enroll in Medicare. Finds out it went bankrupt years ago.
    Age 66, Julia crosses the border to Mexico to find a job.

    • jim_m

      Age 25, Julia defaults on student loans as unemployment reaches 25%
                  Swat teams descend on Julia’s residence, a tent at Occupy Something.
                  They shoot her dog.

      Not only does she live with a disability after the auto accident but the government comes in at age 25 with a SWAT team to steal her food!

  • GarandFan

    Given the currently projected INSOLVENCY  dates for Social Security and Medicare, one has to wonder where Barry is getting all the money to shower on Julia.

    But never fear!  Barry’s working that UNEMPLOYMENT number down.  Another 300,000 have used up their unemployment benefits/quit looking for work.  So they no longer ‘count’.

    Unfortunately, THIS number is not going in the right direction:
    Total NOT in labor force, April 2011: 86,248,000

    Total NOT in labor force, April 2012: 88,879,000

    •  Labor participation rate at a 31 year low.

    • jim_m

       Another 4 years of Barry and he will solve the labor participation rate issue.  Forced labor camps.

  • Brucepall

    An effective response would show Julia’s portion of the National Debt she owes just by the fact that she was American born… and then her “fair share” at age 3, 7, 10, and so fourth over her lifetime.

    Problem with progressivism is no one asked Julia when she was born if she wanted this albatross hung around her neck.  And that’s the problem with progressive liberals isn’t it?

    They always put the burden on the backs of those least able to say “no,”  – like the weak, the infirm… or those not yet born.  But what happens when Julia grows up and becomes aware that her generation pays far more of their first dollar of wages in taxes, contributions, and fees than the elder generation ever did?  She will start asking the hard questions… and examining the answers – its her destiny.

    The Julia’s will then collectively rise up and rock ol’ Grumpy’s world; tearing his generation’s unworkable schemes out by the roots, and replacing them with programs that are relevant and effective for her and her progeny… and it’ll happen no matter how loudly the Grumpy’s lament and wail.  This too is the destiny of Grumpy’s “me, me, me” generation.

    Semper Fidelis-

    • jim_m

       Julia needs to STFU.  That debt is for her own good and she will keep her trap shut or someone will report her to the Homeland Security Agency for reeducation.

      • Brucepall

        The Millennial and Realist Generations already outnumber the Boomer and elder remnants.  We’ve already had 20 years of Boomer Presidents (8 Clinton, 8 Bush Jr, and 4 Obama).  How’s that worked out for our country?  

        Soon, the younger generations will discover their collective power at the voting booth and start flexing their muscles – its already started in the People’s house.  Then it’ll move on to the Senate… and immediately thereafter, the Presidency; it’ll be like a Tsunami, and the country will say good-by and good riddance to the entrenched status quo.

        It is… their destiny.

  • Oysteria

    It lost me at the part where Julia actually gets a job. 

  • MichaelLaprarie

    Best take on this so far, from the Glenn Beck show this AM:

    Age: minus 3 months – thanks to the Obama Administration’s championing of birth control and abortion, Julia’s mother has a partial birth abortion and JULIA NEVER EXISTS.

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  • Commander_Chico

    “Half of what I say is meaningless . . .
    But I say it just to reach you, Juliaaaaa”

    Ben Shapiro is still a simpering chickenhawk, though.

    • 2+2 is still 4, whether it comes from an Einstein or a kid just learning to count.  To insist it isn’t because you don’t like who’s telling it means you’re paying no attention to reality.

    • Usually using the term “Chickenhawk’ means “I don’t like what you say but I don’t have good arguments against it so I’ll call you names instead.”  Because, really, calling someone a ‘chickenhawk’ is completely irrelevant to whether their arguments regarding military intervention are valid.

  • Jay

    You just proved how dishonest you are on another thread by changing the definition of the words you were using to get yourself out of a dead end argument.
    You are not an honest debater

    Jim, for the love of all that’s holy, quit with the damned persecution complex!  There are two definitions and I showed you exactly what I was talking about.  If you want to debate me on those two issues and get into a nuanced argument, then do so!  That’s what a debate is about.  You mire yourself in sophistry as well as continuously push out ad homs which are beyond ridiculous.  I come onto this site for debates.  No, I don’t agree with you 100% of the time.  But at the very least, I do my best to respect you unless you disrespect me first.  You start calling me communist, I call you a fascist.  You call me something other than Jay, I start calling you Jimbo and taunting you.  It’s that quid pro quo thing you learn in school.  You want respect?  Earn it!  And you haven’t earned mine by acting like a sad little child who wants to win an argument.  You haven’t.  You have not explained your position, nor have you shown what is the problem with my argument about the two definitions.  Sometimes, you’re a decent human being.  This isn’t one of those times.  Cut the sophistry and fallacies.  They don’t do much other than make you look like a child.  If you can’t learn how to debate, then stop responding to me.  It’s that simple.  If the only thing you can do is these ridiculous ad homs, then all I have to do is show that your argument has no weight, which I’ve done more than once by backing up my resources.  You would be advised to do the same.  That’s my suggestion to you.  Take it or leave it.

  • What is the most appropriate way to sell the fantasy of Craddle-to-grave Socialism?
    In a cartoon, of course.
    What’s missing from the fairy-tale is where all Julia’s cabbage came from?
    That must be the part where the pixie dust comes in.

  • Considering how many ‘adults’ voted for a vaporware candidate, (allowance weighting for voter fraud included), there is very little fiction that couldn’t be sold on America the Feeble-Minded. 

    If you needed further proof, you only need to check your TeleVision listings for what constitutes entertainment in this country. Hint: There is a very basic reason ‘Julia’ was presented in cartoon form… they considered their target audience.