BS Meter Special: Michelle Says We are ‘Blessed’ To Have Barrack

It is perfectly natural for a wife to be proud of her husband in those situations where such praise is warranted. In Michelle Obama’s case, well, we can certainly agree that his great success is something she can be proud of. But, pride does not excuse idiotic hyperbole and that is what she gave us on May first.

In fact, Michelle indulged not just hyperbole, but outright lies in that she tried to convince her audience that Barrack “knows” what its like to be poor.

Barack knows what it means when a family struggles. He knows what it means when someone doesn’t have the chance to fulfill their potential. And today as a father, he knows what it means to want something better for your kids.

You see, those are the experiences that have made him the man and the President he is today. And we are blessed to have him.

Praise the Lawd, we have her man as our blessing from on high.

But, wait. How is it that “Barack knows” these things? How does he know these things? He doesn’t really because he’s never experienced any of the privations that Michelle alludes to.

Now, I am certain that he can employ common logic and can have sympathy with the poor and downtrodden. But he doesn’t know their travails in the same way that Michelle meant it.

Obama grew up in a family of well-educated people. Even his grandparents had college degrees. His mother did, his father did and from Harvard, yet. Then he was placed in the care of a grandmother in Hawaii that was much better off financially than the average Hawaiian. Then he also was given all the cash he needed to get through college (by beneficiaries that we still don’t know) one of them being Harvard. Then he got married to a woman that ended up making over $300,000 a year, lived in a ritzy part of Chicago and had the free time to run for political office without having to work for a living himself.

The truth is, Barrack Obama has never known poverty, want, need, he’s never had the fear of not knowing where his next meal will come from or what his future held.

Michelle is simply full of crap, here! Obama does not know the things Michelle claimed he knew. He just doesn’t.

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  • GarandFan

    Slight error.  Michelle’s job originally paid $100,000 per year.  Then Senator Obama got her employer (hospital) a $1 million grant, after which her salary tripled.

    • jim_m

      As a former employee of the University of Chicago Medical Center, where Moochelle worked, I can also tell you that her job was a figurehead position and had virtually no responsibilities. She spent most of her time on paid leave helping him run for office.

      • Guest

        How would a janitor know that?

        • jim_m

           You’d be surprised how useful that janitorial job was.  I learned so much about health care I parlayed it into a global marketing job for a Fortune 100 company.

        • Oysteria

          And what’s the matter with janitors, you officious prick? 

          • warnertoddhuston

            Let’s try to keep the obscenities to a minimum, shall we? (Tho I might have said “elitist” instead of “officious.”

          • jim_m

             I always used to tease my father (who had a very lengthy title in his last position before retirement) that the importance of one’s job is inversely proportionate to the length of your title.  Truth is that you can’t run a business without janitorial service or staff.  It isn’t glamorous but it is a baseline job task that no company can do without.

            The left loves to denigrate the people who are the bedrock of our society.

          • Commander_Chico

            My father was a janitor, and a great guy.  This is when janitor jobs were full time with benefits, and weren’t all part time with no bennies.

          • jim_m

             Hospital housekeeping positions are full time and run all three shifts.  You cannot imagine the amount of cleaning and waste removal that needs to be done in a hospital.  And some hospitals (including the one I worked at last year) still pay benefits to part timers as well.

          • Not to mention the jobs they refuse to do themselves.

    • And after 0bama won the election and Moochelle announced her intent to resign, the position was disestablished.

      Ah, the Chicago way…

    • Guest

       More facts: And then she went part-time and her salary was greatly reduced.

      • jim_m

         Getting paid for doing nothing is still an unwarranted salary even when you are only being paid “Part Time”.

      • GarandFan

         Conveniently forgetting any mention of a 3x pay raise after hubby got the million dollar ‘grant’.

        Not only old and senile, also highly “nuanced” and “selective” memory.

        Too bad you can’t remember Barry saying that if he couldn’t get things straightened out in 4 years, he didn’t deserve re-election.

        • jim_m

           He got his story straightened out:  “It’s Bush’s fault”.

  • Guest

    FACTS ARE IMPORTANT – you’re right. Can’t let the BS go unanswered.

    • Digg34

      Why is it you can never stay on topic?

      • jim_m

         Not only that but he expects us to accept at face value BS put out by a campaign apparatus that thinks there are 57 states, can’t keep track of what bridges were built with stimulus funding, that claims to support gay rights while opposing same sex marriage, etc, etc.

        Here’s a hint grumpy:  Want to link to something credible?  Find a credible source, otherwise it is merely campaign propaganda.  Or maybe you could just post the same link again and claim it is a completely different one.  Of course that didn’t work the first time you tried it, but you never know.

    • GarandFan

       Oh LOOK!  A rabbit!

      • Guest

        Oh look, the facts.

        The post said BS Meter special. Apparently the stuff you guys make up about Obama and his wife is more important than the facts?

        • 914

          Oh look! A shiny bubble!

        • GarandFan

          Want to address Michells’ “job” and her “pay raise”?  Or was that “made up”?

        • retired.military

          What are you going to do when Obama loses in Nov and you are fired because they dont need you to post on blogs supporting him anymore?    BTW that bet offer is still open chickenshit.

          • Guest

            I’ll be back helping conservatives get the facts for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run and 2020 re-election.

            And he’s not going to lose

          • jim_m

            Not with it coming out that he knew where Bin Laden was hiding for almost a year before finally giving the OK to act. Plus he had a memo drafted to throw the military under the bus.

            That isn’t the image of a brave and fearless leader.  That is the image of someone who doesn’t have the guts to stand up for what he believes in. Assuming, of course, that he actually believe is America, there is abundant evidence to the contrary and this just backs it up.

          • retired.military

            LOL.  You are SO SURE Would you like to take my bet?   Yeah  thought not chickenshit.,  You would think if you are so sure that taking the bet wouldnt be a problem.   Also Huffingtonpost to make you feel better?  BAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.  

            Whats the matter?  Obama campaign doesnt pay you enough to afford it?  As for Hillary she will only be 69 in 2016.  Not as old as you but hey still VERY doubtful that she will run.   Ever more doubtful that she will get elected after Obama'[s disastrous 4 years.   Oh dont get wrong.  I give Romney better than a 50% chance to lose in 2016 but it wont be to Hillary that is for sure.  

            And you may be posting to help out democrats in 2016 and 2020 but umm you wont be doing it here.  In fact I would be willing to bet other conservative posters $20 you wont last till the Nov election.   Trolls have been disappearing quite rapidly in the past few months.

          • Brucehenry

            Yes, RM, “trolls” — you know, the guys who keep the Wizbang comment section from becoming a place where all one reads is “Me too!” and “Obama sucks!” –HAVE been disappearing lately. Why is that, you reckon?

          • retired.military

            “Why is that, you reckon?”

            Karma maybe

            I dont know Bruce.  If all liberal posters were like you then the comments section wouldnt degenerate into poo flinging or hey look a shiney.   

            Besides Bruce. WIth trolls here I get called racist despite the fact I have a lovely 28 year old biracial step daughter who feels as I do about Obama (and she has been away at school and work since she was 19). A stepson with Pervasive developmental disorder whos iQ in school was measured in the 90 range who has had no trouble keeping his job for the past 10 years and receives no govt aid, and another son who works at McDonalds and doesnt seem to have trouble paying his bills without govt aid. And yet I get told by these trolls that a. They have a right to a job IF THEY decide they want to work which most dont feel like they should have to. b. They have a right to healthcare preferably free. c. They have a right to other people’s money who made it honestly and worked hard to get where they are at. D. That rich people dont deserve what they have and they should be taxed down to where they are equal to other people who didnt work. e. A job at minimum wage is beneath them. F. No way in hell will they take a job with the military.

            Then there is the troll who is so in the abortion tank that he proclaims that he thinks that hey if 12 year old girls want to have their own limbs cut off then she should be able to because after all it is her body and we dont have a right to tell her what to do with it. THis same individual has proclaimed that in some cases it should be okay for a doctor to kill a baby after birth because of birth defects or the parents simply dont want it.

            Oh and then there is the fact that they are SO SURE that Obama is going to win this year that they are too chickeshit to make a simple bet on the internet with someone who can never make them pay up when they lose.

            Shall I gon on about the folks who seem to be on your side of the political aisle?

            I love trolls Bruce. They show me that there but for the Grace of God go I.

            Where do you live again Bruce. If I am ever in that part of the country I want to look you up so we can have a face to face discusson on things. First beer is on me. 🙂

          • Brucehenry

            Raleigh, and I’m in the book. But I gave up drinking several years ago, thanks.

            RM, I read just about everything on Wizbang. I check it out nearly every day. I must have missed it, though, when “trolls” told you they had a right to a job. Which troll was that?  I’ve certainly never heard anybody talk shit about your family — if anyone has, they should be ashamed of themselves.

            Someone on Wizbang told you that he, personally, had a right to free healthcare? Who was that, and when? Are you quoting here, or paraphrasing?

              What genius on Wizbang told you that he, personally, had a right to other peoples’ money? When was that? And who said that rich people should be taxed “down to where they are equal with people who didn’t work?” Really? Missed that thread, too. Also the one where a troll said that minimum wage jobs are beneath him. I’ve heard folks say you can’t support a family on minimum wage — and they’re right — but I’ve yet to see anyone claim they’re too good for it here on Wizbang.

            Now, I do admit to an exception to my reading everything on Wizbang, though, come to think of it. I generally stay away from abortion threads. I figure what’s the use, ya know? People’s minds are way made up on that subject. So I can’t quibble with your assertion that someone told you it’s OK to self-amputate an arm, or whatever.

            As for why trolls are disappearing here, “trolls” are being bullied and harassed to the point where it’s no longer fun to comment here. I myself am banned from one “author’s” threads, as reasonable and civil as I am known to be. Why is that, you ask? Because he can — that’s what internet bullies do. The fact that they’ll ruin the blog means nothing, as long as they get to throw their weight around.

          • retired.military

            See below

          • Guest

            Trolls leave, more come to take their place.

            It’s the circle of life… 

          • retired.military

            Or like the zombie apocalypse Bob Armstrong/Stephen just gets a new handle and posts more BS.

            And if you arent them you are just as chickenshit as they were.

  • iwogisdead

    I’m sure that the 2 or 3 million people who have given up and dropped out of the work force since Obumble took office feel particularly blessed by him.

    • They didn’t drop out of the workforce, they fell out of the contracting workforce; even though they still look for work, they are not counted as their unemployment benefits have run out.  Also not counted are those who were attempting to enter the workforce having never been employed full time before.  U-3 taking into account just the latter is 11.6%.

      • jim_m

         You know, not so long ago Chico was extolling how accurate Zero Hedge was with their analysis.  Now that it doesn’t make obama look so good he ignores any references to their data and cites just the obama approved statistic.

  • Actually, I think she’s right.

    We ARE blessed by having Obama as President.

    We now know what a truly incompetent President looks, sounds, and acts like.  

    We can see that when the media promotes someone they like as being incredibly intelligent, responsible and capable, while deriding politicians they don’t as stupid and incapable – chances are that their perceptions are 180 degrees off of reality.

    We understand so much better now that a flair for dramatic rhetoric and good sound bites don’t have anything to do with sensible and sound policies for the country.  

    We know now just how effective having a Democratic House, Senate, and Presidency is when it comes to the management of this country.  

    We understand that a refusal to even consider managing our nation’s spending doesn’t reduce our deficit – and that financial catastrophe looms no matter how ‘well-intentioned’ something might be.

    We’ve had a firsthand look at how well-meaning people can buy into theories that not only don’t work as advertised, they end up costing way more than anticipated.

    We’re coming to grips with the idea that no matter how much some would like it otherwise, a government program may NOT be the best possible means to solving a particular problem.

    And we get that sometimes – we have to take care of our own lives and our own problems instead of sitting back and waiting for someone eloquent and charismatic to promise to solve them for us.

    We are truly blessed in having Obama – because sometimes, fate gives you a really bad example you can take a warning lesson from.

    • Well said!  Having now seen the fruits of the poster child for everything that’s wrong with Progressivism, credentialism, and AA, all (poster child inlcuded) have lost their luster.

    • Brucehenry

      We DO know what a truly incompetent President looks, sounds, and acts like — he squints, swaggers, and has a fake Texas accent.

      We can see that when the media lauds a candidate as being someone you’d wanna have a beer with, and the other guy as an egghead smartypants, chances are we’re better off with the egghead.

      We understand that dramatic rhetoric like “mushroom clouds” and “spreading democracy in the Middle East” doesn’t lead to sensible and sound policies. It leads to calamitous and expensive wars.

      We have learned that having a Republican House, Senate and Presidency leads to a tripling of the national debt and a worldwide financial meltdown the likes of which have not been seen for 70 years.

      We’ve seen that paying for wars off-budget and borrowing hundreds of billions to expand entitlements for prescription drugs (without allowing the government to negotiate price) can lead to catastrophe even though the acts may be characterized as “well-intentioned.”

      We’ve had a firsthand look at how well-meaning people can buy into theories — like “the ownership society” that fostered the housing bubble — that not only didn’t work as advertised, they ended up crashing the economy.

      And we get that sometimes we all must DO something besides go shopping and letting the military “solve” all our problems for us.

      Look, dude, I’m not claiming Obama is “the One” or that he is even doing his job as I would wish. But to pretend that the guy who got us OUT of the Iraq quagmire, as opposed to the guy who got us IN, is the “truly incompetent”one, is absurd. To say that the guy who was in charge while the economy regained all the private sector jobs lost under the previous guy is the “truly incompetent” one is silly. And to claim that the media unfairly portrayed Obama as intelligent and McCain as stupid and incapable is to forget each candidate’s response to the crisis of 2008. We could all see for ourselves who appeared capable and who did not.

      • Commander_Chico

        Yes, Obama has a ways to go before he becomes the disaster that was GW Bush.  

        Obama is weak and dithering, stipulated.

        Bush was an extremely active fool whose presidency will go down in history as the beginning of the decline and fall of the USA.  He “decided” us into these Southwest Asian debacles and stripped the Bill of Rights to the best of Cheney’s ability.

        • You mean like” Having unemployment drop several percentage points, net adding jobs during his term, not leaving the arab world worse than he found it, not trying to actively take apart the constitution with his healthcare law and unconstitutional power grabs. .a re you talking about the same person here?  on all of the issues you mention, dude, Obama makes Bush look like an absolute piker in the “Damaging the country’ front.

          • Commander_Chico

            unemployment rate Jan 2001:  3.8  (end of Clinton era)
            unemployment rate Jan 2009:  8.6  (end of Bush era)
            unemployment rate Mar 2012:  7.5


            Ryan: “But, but, but . . . . “

          • jim_m

            All those are acheived through manipulation of the size of the labor force.

            Participation rate 2000 ave  67.1%
            Participation rate Jan 2005  65.8%
            Participation rate Jan 2009  65.7%
            Participation rate Apr 2012  63.6%

            Participation rate is lowest in 30+ years.  obama’s BLS projects the participation rate to continue to decline, down to 62.5% in 2020. 

            Is that a prediction of economic success?  NO!!!!!

            obama has reduced the workforce by sustained long-term unemployment to the lowest level in over 30 years and he plans that it will continue to decline by over an additional 1% over the next 8 years.

            obama plans to put another 2,300,000 (THAT”S 2.3 MILLION) people out of work permanently over the next 8 years.

            THAT is what the left is supporting.  THAT is what the left wants.  THAT is what the left is calling success.  Permanent poverty for 2.3 million more people.

          • jim_m


            Labor participation reaches an all time high during the Clinton admin.  It declines after 9/11 but looks to be recovering in 2004, but it falters again after the housing collapse.  But it does not fall off the cliff until AFTER obama takes office.

            Chico wants us to believe that obama is doing  better job than Bush on jobs. It’s a lie.

          • Commander_Chico

            That’s fine, but it doesn’t explain the spread between the Clinton presidency and the end of the disastrous Bush presidency.

          • jim_m

             If you look at the graph the answer is easy to find.  The rate dropped with the 2001 recession.  It bottomed at 65.8 in Jan 2005 and then increased steadily to 66.4% in Jan 2007. 

            Then the housing bubble burst.  March 07 home sales saw the biggest drop since the S&L crisis in 1989.  But Labor participation rates still only declined to 65.7% by the time obama took office.

            Participation rates continued flat until July 2009, when obamacare was introduced into the House and then obama signed off on thousands of pages of new regulations for power plants, factories and refineries to limit carbon emissions.  At that point participation rates fell nearly a full percentage point before the end of the year.  July was also when obama abandoned the protesters in Iran and chose to support the Ahmadinejad regime.

            obama has stacked regulations on industry, and stoke unrest in the middle east.  Companies cannot hire or expand operations because they don’t know what will happen next.

            About the only thing a company can be certain of is that if they fail to donate sufficient amounts of money to obama that they will have some SWAT team breaking down their doors and seizing control of their offices for some bogus and trumped up reason like they did to Gibson Guitar.

          • jim_m

             Oh, and July 2009, when the participation rate began its freefall, was when obama said that he was responsible for the economy. 

            Well, OK then.  By his own words he became responsible for what was going on on July 14, 2009.  Stop blaming the previous admin and start owning up to the fact that obama has done demonstrably worse.

            He can’t blame he housing bubble.  It collapsed two years earlier.  He has conducted an all out war on business for 3.5 years and it should not be surprising then to see that businesses are not hiring.

          • I seem to recall Obama being president in 2009?  Why is 2009 Bush era?

            (Edited 2009n to 2009)

          • More than that. . . The congress was in democratic control since 2006, so. . . 

          • So, Chico. . . You do remember that little September 11th thing that tanked the economy?

          • Commander_Chico

            As I predicted:  “But, but, but.. . “

          • jim_m

             But you make no response to my comments which provide some rationale for understanding some of what has shaped the economy.  It’s easy to sound superior when you avoid dealing with the issue.

          • Nice attempt to avoid addressing the points.  So you have no answers for them?

        • History will judge, Chico.  And with an impartial eye, in the long run.  A hundred years from now, historians will have sorted things out.

          Lincoln was widely reviled too – but now?

          Over the long run, neither your opinion or mine of Bush is going to matter.  This matter will play itself out as it will. 

          • jim_m

             Lincoln was widely reviled too

            That’s because he was a racist republican.

            Bush will be remembered for how he lead the country after 9/11.  He managed to stabilize a faltering economy and freed 50 million people from tyranny.

            Meanwhile obama has piled on more debt in 3.5 years than Bush did in 8 (so for the lefties here STFU about Bush’s spending because obama is categorically worse in this regard), he is about to turn Afghanistan back over tot the Taliban, and his Bin Laden “victory dance” is a self congratulatory obscenity by a man who delayed the action for nearly a year unnecessarily because he is too much of a coward to risk failure unless he has a scapegoat prepared to go under the bus.

            obama will also be remembered for creating a lost generation of unemployed and damaging the economy so severely that it will take a minimum of a generation to recover the jobs and growth that we experienced during Bush’s Presidency.  He will be remembered for the corruption and cronyism that created Solyndra and Gunwalker.  He will be remembered for fomenting racial discord and violence after Trayvon Walker and for racially biased enforcement of the law in his corrupt DOJ.

            Bush may never be regarded as a great president, but obama will almost certainly be regarded as one of the worst and at the rate he is going, one of the last.

      • LOL.  Guess who isn’t running for President, dude.

        And with an open internet, it’s pretty clear who’s policies caused the housing bubble, and just who fought any sort of regulation of Fannie and Freddie because it was doing just fine.

        We can also see just when the spending really started – and how the deficit was trending down hard – and if it’d kept going on the curve by 2008 it would have been in positive territory, even with the increased expenditures by the military.

        (Of course, like anything else – that wasn’t set in stone. But it was a fair indication that SOMETHING Bush was doing was working as it should.)

        But in 2006 – the Dems got control of the House and Senate.  The deficit ballooned.  2008 – and the deficit was going up like a hot air balloon with all burners on. We had to spend on green energy! It’ll stimulate jobs! (No, it didn’t.) We have to spend on Cash4Clunkers! It’ll stimulate the auto industry! (No, it didn’t.) We have to bail out the auto industry! We have to bail out the banks! We have to spend spend spend to keep our phoney-baloney jobs!

        And the media, those wonderful gatekeepers of information, went along with it.

        And where was the impressive financial acumen of Obama?  Where was the restraint in spending?  Where was there any sort of realization that they were taking the debt problem and making in much worse on the Democratic side?

        Answer:  “It was Bush’s fault!  We now have to spend trillions on crap that isn’t doing jack shit for our economy because he didn’t spend billions!  Waaah!”

        And which party hasn’t pushed forth a budget in 3 years? You’d almost think they didn’t want to put one out where it could be seen – preferring to maintain continuing resolutions that won’t be subject to much public scrutiny.

        Face it, Bruce. You’re backing the wrong party, one that’ll gladly strip you of every asset you have and then give you back a few crumbs, and then tell you how damn lucky you are the State decided to increase your chocolate ration from 30 grams to 25.

        • Brucehenry

          My main point was that to pretend that we only now are discovering “what a truly incompetent president looks, acts, and sounds like” is absurd when one considers his predecessor. Your opinion of Bush may differ from mine, but if you think he was the picture of competence, I suggest you are either mistaken or willfully blind.

          Only incidentally do I note your victim card when you suggest the media “promoted” Obama and “derided” McCain.

           Umm, no. It was obvious from McCain’s flailing attempts at “game-changing” with the Palin pick and desperation with the non-suspension “suspension” of his campaign before the bailout vote (BTW, McCain was for it, too!) who was, of the two, more cool and capable. Which is why Obama won by ten million votes.

          Also BTW, your assertion that the deficit was trending toward positive territory by 2008? Citation needed.

          • jim_m

             Bruce,  Bush responded to a serious recession in 2001 by acting to make it easier for businesses to grow and expand.  We recovered from that recession and had many years of sustained growth, historically low unemployment and nearly zero inflation.

            obama responded to arguably a worse economic crisis by heaping reams of regulation upon businesses, making it far more difficult to grow and expand and increasing their costs to employ people and to maintain existing operations.  He has shackled major segments of the economy like energy by making energy resource exploration impossible.  He has increased uncertainty by demonizing corporations and private businesses.  He has locked 1/6th of the economy in stasis (healthcare) by passing a law that will dramatically remake the entire segment and ultimately force the  nationalization of much of that sector in the future.

            Outside of that he has presided over an administration that has flouted the constitution.   He has offended our allies.  He has alienated our two largest trade partners (Canada and Mexico) to the extent that the last meeting between the three leaders was a disaster for the US.  Canada announced that the US would no longer receive favored pricing for oil and would have to pay market prices.  Mexico demanded to know why the US was actively destabilizing their nation through obama’s Fast & Furious operation.

            obama is only a good president if you look at it from the perspective of someone who desires a third world US that is run like a kleptocracy where the politically connected become fabulously wealthy and those who are not are punished by extrajudicial means. 

          • You know, I think McCain didn’t really want the job.  Not enough to run like he meant it. It was his turn, therefore he ran.  Like Dole, it was career progression for him.

            How about this for the deficit?


            The deficit for 2007 was only $179 billion.  (Sad state of things when ‘ONLY’ $179 billion is seen as a good thing.) 

            The administration said the deficit dropped to $247.7 billion — welcome news for Republicans struggling to keep control of Congress. Bush boasted he had made good on a 2004 campaign promise to cut the deficit in half over five years.

            “These budget numbers are proof that pro-growth economic policies work,” Bush said.

            Democrats said the improvement in the 2006 federal deficit was a temporary blip. They predicted rising deficits for years to come unless policies are changed.

            “Only a president with such a historically bad economic record would be this excited about a $248 billion deficit,” said Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y. “Under his watch … record surpluses turned into record deficits as far as the eye can see.”

            Republicans are trying to convince voters that the GOP champions tax cuts while Democrats will raise taxes if they gain control of Congress. Democrats contend the administration’s tax cuts have primarily benefited the wealthy.


            And they were ripping on Bush then about $248 billion.  Damn.  Funny how they’re silent when faced with trillion-plus deficits, isn’t it?

            Come on, man – are you seriously going to sit there and tell me that you’ve had NO curiosity at all about deficit and spending trends?  And you haven’t taken five minutes to google the subject?

          • jim_m

             No amount of deficit spending is too much when you are a leftist and you are able to direct into whose pockets that money goes.  The left doesn’t care how much is spent right now because it is going to people who are ideologically acceptable.

            The politically connected get fabulously wealthy and the rest of us become victims of a government used to punish the ideologically incorrect.

          • Brucehenry

            I checked out your links. The first one is rather dated, isn’t it? And the USAToday one doesn’t say exactly what you seem to think it demonstrates, if you read the whole thing. Also, it’s a little easier to run low deficits if you don’t count the cost of two wars — just fund them on an “emergency resolution” basis. That added a few hundred billion, here and there, throughout the Bush administration, did it not?

          • jim_m

             Actually, historical deficits don’t change much over time.  Also, obama’s budget projections have turned out more optimistic than anything else so the debt has gone up faster than originally projected.

            Lastly, deficits are not against the budget but against revenues because if we needed a budget to project a deficit then there would be no deficit for the last 3 years seeing as how obama has not passed a budget.

            Nice try though.

          • All I needed was data to 2009.  

            And what part about the USAToday link from 2006 didn’t you find accurate?  That the deficit was likely to be $248 billion?  That a Dem was ripping on Bush for having it so HIGH?  That having trillion dollar deficits don’t elicit a peep from the party about how it’s a problem?

            As Jim_M points out, just because you don’t have a budget doesn’t mean you can avoid deficit spending.  

            But I guess all we’ve got to do is spend a few more trillion we don’t have, and everything will be just fine… like Greece.

    • Now they’re back to belaboring the man NOT running for President, who has been out of the public eye for 39 months.

      All to avoid talking about the SCoaMF.

  • LiberalNitemare

    If he wasnt poor, why did he eat that poor dog?

    Animal lovers want to know.

    • Guest

      Try to stay on topic…

      • Sky__Captain

         Yes, Senile, let’s stay on topic.

        Would you now discuss Michelle “Movin’ On Up” 0bama’s comments  and how we are blessed to have the SCOAMF as President?
        Seeing as how you haven’t yet, that is…

  • jim_m

    Perhaps we are reading this incorrectly. Maybe by “we” she means herself and her two daughters. 

    Because, honestly, they are blessed because she has demonstrated that she couldn’t cut it as a lawyer.  Her former employers called her arrogant and entitled.  She demanded promotions without demonstrating an ability.  She surrendered her law license because that career was headed nowhere (something no attorney ever does without good cause).  She landed her do-nothing job at The U of C because of him.  She got her big raise because of him. She got her mansion in Hyde Park because of his shady deal with Tony Rezko.  She gets her multimillion dollar vacations because of him.

    Really she is blessed to be connected with a successful charlatan like Barack.  She’d already demonstrated that she was such an unlikeable, arrogant jerk that she was going nowhere.

    • she is blessed to be connected with a successful charlatan like Barack.  She’d already demonstrated that she was such an unlikeable, arrogant jerk that she was going nowhere.

        Tammy Faye was pretty happy to be on the gravy train, too. 

  • 914

    If this is being blessed then what were we before Barock milhouse Obama?  Cursed? Black is white and down is up..  Liberalism is a mental disorder..

  • retired.military

    I grant you that I was generalizing between threads here and real life.   It is the general liberal philosphy to which I am referring.  However, I was called racist several times by Bob Armstrong, Stephen,  and Lee Ward and that burns my ass.  Has Grumpy made the direct accusation against me?  Not that I recall but again he throws the word around often enough that he joins in their ranks quite easily.

    As for my familiy. I brought them up to illustrate that a. You can suceed if you want to to and you put the effort into it. b. that you can live off of minimum wage if you have to and c. that there are jobs are out there despite people saying there arent. I have yet to hear of the military turning down a fully qualified candidate for enlistment and saying “go away, we have no openings”.

    I dont agree with you or Chico or Jay on most things.  However the 3 of you generally stay within civil means.   As for the trolls being “harassed off the board”.  Well let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  When unfounded accusations of everything under the sun especially racism is thrown out like so much grass seed than civil discourse goes out the window.  

    You and I have had our disagreements.  We have worked past that.   That is because you and I were willing to do so.   We dont see eye to eye on stuff but at the same time we can have a civil discussion about it without it getting too heated.  Others on both sides of the aisle refuse to do that but I have to say that I honestly believe that 90% of the venom comes from your side of the aisle.  Others mileage may vary.

    Another thing that irks me is someone who refuses to take a simple bet but talks smack all day long.  It seems they are simply talking smack for no reason and dont even have the balls to back up what they say.  If they turned down the bet for religous reasons, Got it.  Financial reasons,  Got it.  or some other reasonable reason got it.  Say so and be done with it.  Instead they simply talk more smack about how assured they are that they are right but dont have balls to back it up with something meaningful.  If I say something I will stand behind it and if proven wrong I will admit it.  I have done so in both cases on this board.    If you arent man enough to admit you were wrong or stand behind what you are saying than sorry but you are a waste of space and I have no use for you.    Bob Armstrong  and stephen and Grumpy all fit into that category.   You on the other hand do not.

    I will buy the first steak but I dont do aruguela or rabbit food.

    • retired.military

      BTW Bruce

      Did you know that Rosanne Barr stated that anyone who has more than $100 m  should have it confiscated by the govt.   How much is she worth you ask?  $80 m.   Gee  wonder what she would have said if she were worth $110 m. 

    • Brucehenry

      Well, I’d damn sure have a steak with you, sir. I like rabbit food fine but I will not turn down a ribeye, so if you’re ever in my neighborhood, feel free to look me up, dude. It’ll be a pleasure.

      • retired.military

        Ribeye is my favorite.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    #teaparty #auspol @FoxNews:twitter  

    Putting aside the pathetic peasant , Moocherlle-Antoinette de Projects’, pathological Projections, the tiniest bit of research discovers just how poor this pair of pukes really is. 

    Having “acquired” a house and land by means of machinations that would have put the other three hundred million-odd of us in prison, the Sayiid Buraq Hussayn bin Buraq Hussayn bin Hussayn Oogooboogoo and Missus Moocherlle-Antoinette de Projects Ubambi then took full advantage of the criminally-manipulated property market’s creation of “equity” in the house they misrepresented as their own and borrowed from the Mob’s bank to the maximum extent of that RICO-racketeering Chicago Gang’s ability to getting away with such on-the-verge-of-the-criminal “lending.” 

    All of which brings to mind both the lying, looting, mass-murdering predatory co-serial-rapist Billy-Bubbah Blythes and my Grandma’s insistence that try as you may, you simply can not make strawberry jam from pig shit.