Obama Administration welcomes new French President …

… then encourages France not to follow in Obama’s footsteps.  Yes, another “truth is stranger than fiction” moment from the Obama White House.

President Barack Obama congratulated French president-elect Francois Hollande for his victory Sunday, but warned of “challenges” ahead, a clear reference to Afghanistan and eurozone debt crisis.

The US president was among the first world leaders to welcome Hollande’s election as France’s first Socialist president in nearly two decades, a result sure to have major implications for Europe as it struggles to emerge from a financial crisis.

Obama invited Hollande for bilateral talks at the White House later this month ahead of a G8 leaders meeting he will host at his Camp David retreat in Maryland between May 18-19, and a NATO transatlantic alliance summit in Chicago on May 20-21.

In a telephone call, Obama “indicated that he looks forward to working closely with Mr Hollande and his government on a range of shared economic and security challenges,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said in a statement.

But later …

President Obama’s spokesman warned the new socialist president-elect of France not to implement his campaign agenda of ending austerity measures, indicating that such a reversal could damage the world economy … French President-Elect Francois Hollande called for an increase in government spending and taxes.

What, you mean adding a massive amount of new debt to an already heavy debt load is a bad idea?  You mean tax and regulatory increases stifle economic growth?

“Do as I promise, not as I actually do” could very well be the new Obama campaign slogan.

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  • GarandFan

    The Lord High Obamassiah!  No issue he cannot straddle.   Or is he worried that the French will do exactly what Barry wants done here……..only he’s afraid everyone will see the results?

  • 914

    Its the economy stoopid!’  


  • Hank_M

     I imagine Michelle will be rather pleased.
    She sure as hell didn’t care for Carla Bruni.

    And if Hollande is lucky, he can count on receiving an IPod with the complete collection of
    Obama’s  speeches.

  • Par4Course

    Barry can’t even understand the concept of austerity measures.  He thinks bringing spending and revenues within $1.5 trillion of one another is “close enough for government work.”

  • 914

    I wish we could share Frances emancipation!!

  • jim_m

    This actually provides some interesting insights.  When obama took office 3.5 years ago Sarkozy tried to contact him to congratulate him and invite him to visit.  obama snubbed those overtures and instead sent a letter to the former President, Chirac.

    What this tells me is that obama does not believe in alliances of nations and that the people of one nation might have a natural alliance or sympathy for the people of another nation.  obama, it seems, believes in alliances based on ideology.  He snubbs Gordon Brown and Sarkozy because they do not share his ideology, but he welcomes a socialist President in France, he supports a rogue President in Honduras who wants to turn the country communist. 

    Ultimately, this tells me that he does not believe in the United States.  He has already declared that he does not believe in American exceptionalism, He believes in his communist teachings, he believes in the racial hate from his pastor of 20 years.  The man supports those who believe like he does and he has little time or concern for anyone else

  • ackwired

    Perhaps Obama thinks the Euro can be saved.  Perhaps he thinks the inevitable breakup can be delayed until after the election.  If it happens before the election, it will result in the election of Mit Romney as surely as the housing bubble breaking resulted in the election of Obama.  I think he knows this and is hoping to convince France not to increase the debt load on the sinking Euro.

    • jim_m

       Meh.  This sounds more of his typical Do as I say and not as I do.  You know.  Kind of like how he has told Americans they need to tighten their belts and sacrifice while sending Moochelle on multimillion dollar vacations.

      • Well, hell – SOMEONE’S got to pay for it, and it isn’t going to be him!

      • ackwired

        I must have missed that.  When has any politician in the last 30 years told the American public that they needed to sacrifice?

  • The big story here is that Sarkozy is the 11th European leader ousted from office due to the global recession and economic problems in his own country. France is the 5th largest economy in the world. Mr. Obama needs to take note of this trend, and have far better performance on the economy by election day.

    On the flip side, Sarkozy made one of first acts coming into office more than doubled his own salary from 101,000 Euros to 240,000 Euros, yet sought to cut many government programs in France that might have yielded lower unemployment figures. In the final days of the campaign he attempted to blame high unemployment figures on illegal immigration, yet voters saw that as a weak substitute for stronger performance during his years in office.

    Another serious issue here is that neither conservative nor more liberal economic policies seem to be really working to improve this worldwide economic mess very much.right now.  The U.S., France, Germany, etc. can’t really improve the Greek economic mess very much, yet this mess impacts all the other economies. Economic problems now seem to be beyond a single ideology to improve these days. In the 1930’s Roosevelt depression era massive government spending on public works was enough to get people back to work and pull the country out of the depression. Today, economic problems are far more difficult to resolve because of the interdependence of economies and trade issues, etc. Sarkozy is only the latest victim of voter anger here.

  • “Mr. Obama needs to take note of this trend, and have far better performance on the economy by election day.”

    I think he literally can’t conceive of anything but deficit spending.

    “In the 1930’s Roosevelt depression era massive government spending on public works was enough to get people back to work and pull the country out of the depression.”

    Depends on who you reference.  Some historians are saying that his policies extended it.  At this point, though… well, doesn’t much matter, does it?

    • Commander_Chico

      To paraphrase Tyler Durden, on a long enough timeline, nothing matters.   

      • Yep.

        However, the constant hashing and rehashing (and recycling of hash, whether edible or not – just throw it in the pan, add some garlic and salt and make sure it’s heated to a point that’ll kill any pathogens) of what happened in the Great Depression doesn’t seem to have produced much in the way of any decisive ’cause and effect’ list. 

        You’ve got folks arguing that the well-meaning policies ended up fubaring the economy.  You’ve got others arguing that the well-meaning policies were the only thing that saved the US from dissolution.  Both sides have their points.

        And both sides’ assertions aren’t testable at this point in any realistic fashion.  It may be possible to set up a computer simulation replicating the main elements, but as you’re aware the old saying ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ applies and it’d be difficult at best to set up a baseline condition that didn’t lead to a pre-ordained result.