Today’s Final Jeopardy Answer is: Wolf Blitzer and Chris Mattews

Remember to form your response as a Question!

Contestent Wolf Blitzer?  Your question:

“Who are Journalism’s two most influential anchors?” is wrong.  Your wager? Everything…


Contestent Chris Matthews?  Your question:

“Who are the two most erudite anchors?” is wrong…  Your wager?  Everything…


Contestent Sarah Palin?  Your question:

“Which news readers beclowned themselves on Jeopardy” is correct!  Your Wager?  Everything.


We have a new Jeopardy Champion, and two losers!



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  • UOG

    The Upset Old Gal has embargoed Jeopardy for this week (I know, what a loss). So we missed last night’s performance by Chris. Fortunately, screw up that badly and video and commentary are easy to find by the next morning.

    Rodney, are you saying Wolf is on tonight and you have advance information? If so, tomorrow morning will be fun in the UOG/UOG home.

    • Bolf Wiltzer beclowned himself in September of 2009 (-$4,600):

      Wolf Blitzer Loses Jeopardy, Dignity | NBC Los Angeles

      • UOG

         You da’ man!

  • iwogisdead

    Hard choice. I’m torn between Matthews thinking that the name “Istanbul” has 6 letters and this:

    Matthews: “Who is Gary Powers?”
    Trebek: “We need the full name.”
    Matthews: “Who is Gary Powers?”

  • cirby

    Hey, let’s not be mean.

    It’s not like Matthews was used to being on a popular TV show or anything like that.

  • jim_m

    The proper moderator response:

    • Oh, that’s good.  That’s very good!

    • Perfection!  That should be played every day for every member of the treasonous main stream media. 

  • GarandFan

    Chrissy Matthews – a legend in his own mind.  Right up there with Keefums and Fat Eddie Shultz.

  • McGehee

    I just told my wife about this story, and was treated to an epic facepalm. It was delicious.