About Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin (Updated)

Convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin doesn’t want people to know about his criminal history, and he has attempted to silence any blogger who writes about Kimberlin’s criminal history. In response, the blogosphere has answered blogger Lee Stranahan’s call to make 25 May 2012 Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.

Stranahan has detailed information about Kimberlin, which is more than you will get from Wikipedia as of 24 May 2012. Over at the blog Brett Kimberlin Lies, Ron Brynaert reports that Kimberlin managed to get the Wikipedia article about him deleted. Brynaert has submitted to Wikipedia another article about Kimberlin, but as of 24 May 2012 the article has yet to be approved by Wikipedia.

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UPDATE: When I first published this post, I was unaware that Ron Brynaert had been working with Brett Kimberlin. However, Brynaert was correct when he reported that Wikipedia did not have a direct article about Kimberlin.

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Kimberlin’s attempt to have his criminal past scrubbed from Wikipedia might have worked had he not started his harrassment of bloggers.  His harrassment has resulted in today’s blog burst about him, and the blog burst is mentioned in the Wikipedia article Streisand effect. Here is what that Wikipedia article says about Kimberlin:

In May 2012, convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin (aka The Speedway Bomber) reportedly tried to suppress articles about his violent past, his current political activities, and his leadership of a non-profit company called Justice Through Music. Attorney Aaron Walker (aka “Aaron Worthing”) wrote a lengthy expose of Kimberlin on May 17, 2012.[35] Other blogs picked up the story, including “The Other McCain” by journalist Robert Stacy McCain. McCain reported that Kimberlin’s response forced him to leave his Maryland home due to “the resulting security concern”.[36] A subsequent avalanche of postings about Kimberlin resulted in a Day by Day (webcomic) cartoon mentioning McCain, a mention by the influential blog Instapundit, and a suggestion that May 25, 2012, be “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.” [37]

It is fitting that Kimberlin is mentioned in the article Streisand effect because the Streisand effect is named after Barbra Streisand, and according to Matthew Vadum of the Capital Research Center, Kimberlin’s 501c3 nonprofit entity Justice Through Music Project has received money from the Streisand Foundation.

You can read about Brett Kimberlin’s criminal history by clicking here and here. (Hat Tip to Warner Todd Huston and Robert Stacy McCain.)

UPDATE II: The Daley Gator has more information about this story.

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  • Hank_M

    There’s more at http://patterico.com/ who was “swatted” by Kimberlin.
    A truly frightening story.

    • herddog505

      What a disgusting bunch of little sh*ts.  Jebus…

      • jim_m

         This is fast becoming the standard of practice for the dems. Unless we stop it now it will truly be standard operating procedure.

        • Hank_M

          “This is fast becoming the standard of practice for the dems”

          Sad but true. We’ve seen what the left has done to ALEC.
          We’ve seen them trying to silence Rush.
          Today I read:

          “A New Jersey mayor and his son were arrested Thursday by the FBI for
          allegedly hacking into an email account and website tied to a recall effort —
          and then intimidating those associated with the site.”

          • jim_m

            “Nothing is over until WE WIN!” – Russ Feingold, (D, Wisconsin)

            It’s the win at all costs mentality of the left.  Even their top officials believe in this now.  With the presidency being used as a financial distribution center, literally giving billions of tax payer money away to campaign supporters, it is not surprising that those waiting in line with their hands out for this enormous stream of money (Kimberlin is apparently personally making millions on this already) are willing to go to any length to ensure that the gravy train does not stop.

          • herddog505

            jim_mWith the presidency [entire government, more like! – hd505] being used as a financial distribution center, literally giving billions of tax payer money away to campaign supporters, it is not surprising that those waiting in line with their hands out for this enormous stream of money… are willing to go to any length to ensure that the gravy train does not stop.

            This is something that libs absolutely do not get when they yap about “reform” and “oversight” and “regulation”: more government often means MORE impetus for graft and corruption.  Would Wall Street give away all that dirty, filthy, corrupting campaign money to politicians if there was really nothing that they COULD get in return for it?  I think not.

            On a related note, I saw a very pithy photoshop yesterday (wish I could remember where).  It was a photo of an IOWS (ahem) rally.  On the one side, an arrow pointing to IOWS people being pepper-sprayed with the caption “Demands more government”.  On the other, an arrow pointing to the riot police with the caption “More government”.

  • jim_m

    It’s sad, and a little revealing, that across two articles on this topic over the last day not one of our lefties has had any comment what so ever.  In circumstances such as these, where the lives and liberty of people are being threatened, silence is support.

    • herddog505

      While I can believe that SOME of the resident (both current and late, unlamented) lefties might be fine with this sort of thing (“Republicans do it, too!”), I really can’t imagine that Commander_Chico, Brucehenry, ackwired and others would countenance physical threats, attempting to get people fired, making false reports to the police, and the other odious tactics apparently employed by this hoodlum and his toadies.  I suggest that it’s not qui tacit consentire, but rather silence out of sheer embarrassment (“Jebus, trash like this is on MY side???”).  Further, consider how many social conservatives who oppose gay marriage must feel when lumped in with Fred Phelps; have they really GOT to say how detestable he is?

      [EDIT] I have been proved wrong. I must confess to being stunned about this; while I figured that one or two of our resident lefties would be fine with these sorts of tactics, I never thought I’d read the mealy-mouthed excuses and dismissals that I have, especially so hard on the heels of all the sanctimonious cries about “justice for Trayvon”.

      A few days ago, ackwired was going on about Barry being considered “evil”, with (I think I can fairly say) implications that we reichwingers think that lefties in general are evil. At the moment, I’m inclined to say, “You’re damned right.”[/EDIT]

      • jim_m

         No I don’t think that it is fair to tar each individual in that manner if they personally do not decide to speak out.  However, I find the universal silence revealing.  Not one lefty has stepped forward to denounce this criminal. 

        You’d think that someone would (and I agree with your assessment of who would be most likely).   In some respect this is like the myth of the moderate muslim.  They personally disavow the radical methods, but they are perfectly happy to reap the benefits that flow from intimidation and violence.  They claim to support the goals without supporting the tactics.  The problem with both the moderate muslim and the silent dem is that there are so few that speak out it is understandable that everyone else assumes they do not exist.

        • herddog505

          You have a point.

      • Believe it.

      • Commander_Chico

        I attempt to get people fired all of the time.  I’ve even fired people.

      • SCSIwuzzy

        You’d be wrong.  Chico is fine with it, per a later thread.  It’s ok until there are bodies…

      • ackwired

        Actually, I hadn’t written about it earlier because I hadn’t read it yet.  Had a golf game this morning. 

        Thanks for seeing the light on the “evil’ thing.

        Concerning this post, I think that making May 25 “Everyone Blog About Brad Kimberlin Day” is a great idea.  I read a little about this guy as a result of this post.  He sounds like a lifelong head case.  Giving into intimidation is seldom a good idea.

    • Commander_Chico

      Who gives a shit about this guy?   It’s a (small) blog pissing contest. 

      Threatening violence is a crime.  Have criminal charges been filed? 

      If not, then all should STFU.

      • herddog505

        Commander_Chico Have criminal charges been filed? 

        If not, then all should STFU.

        Oh, you really shouldn’t have gone there because, in the not-so-distant past, you and quite a few other people DIDN’T STFU when no charges were filed against George Zimmerman.  Indeed, there was much self-righteous yapping about how public pressure was needed to GET charges filed.

        What’s different about this case? Are you guilty of the same charge that was leveled at the Sanford PD: “It was a crime involving [insert victim here], so they didn’t care”?

        [EDIT] And as for it being a “(small) blog pissing contest”, if even HALF of what Patterico and Robert Stacy McCain claim is true, it’s WAAAAY beyond that. The fencing that goes on here is a “blog pissing contest”; threats, legal harassment, trying to get people fired, and phoning in phony tips that result in a SWAT team showing up is something far, far different. [EDIT]

        • Commander_Chico

          First, there are no dead bodies in this, so it’s really not like Zim at all.  Most of it seems he said/he said.

          But if what is claimed is true, criminal charges should be easy to initiate and prove.  Whoever claims to have been “threatened” should go on down to their local police and file a report.  It’s really in the “victim’s” court to get the ball rolling on that.

          I wasn’t there, I didn’t hear the phone calls, and there is no physical evidence.  In other words, pissing contest.

          • herddog505

            If you had read the (admittedly lengthy) post by Patterico, you would have stumbled across the little incident of a SWAT team being sicced on him and him answering the door to find a lot of tense, heavily-armed police officers pointing guns at him in the middle of the night.  If there are no dead bodies, it apparently wasn’t for lack of effort.

            Oh, and apparently Patterico DID go to the cops.  They seem oddly disinterested, even moreso that the Sanford PD was alleged to have been.

            At any rate, is this your standard?  Seriously?  “Oh, hey-ho, no dead bodies, no criminal charges, I didn’t PERSONALLY see anything, just a playground scuffle, nothing to see here, move along”?  Really?

            Now, if you want to argue that it hasn’t been proved that Kimberlin and his toadies are responsible, that’s fine because it’s true; all we have is the case presented by Patterico.  But to dismiss this as a mere “blog pissing match” is a bit like dismissing a protection racket as “tough negotiating tactics”.

            I must say that, if I ever though that your “justice for Trayvon” posts were sincere, the scales have been dropped from my eyes.

          • Hank_M

             “it’s true; all we have is the case presented by Patterico. ”

            Agreed. But put that together with the extremely lengthy post by Aaron Worthing.


            I read Aaron’s first and I could not believe the depths that Kimberlin would go to to silence people. Then Patterico came out with his post and there are many more.

            It isn’t just the Swatting, although that is reprehensible enough. But calling co-workers and bosses, publicly exposing identities and addresses, contacting the employers of spouses, suing everyone repeatedly……looks like none of that matters to Chico – he wasn’t there.

          • herddog505

            I don’t disagree at all that quite a large case has been put together, but, on the other hand, the lefties were able to assemble quite a voluminous case against Zimmerman… until virtually all of it proved to be misleading, untrue, or flatly dishonest.  At this point, all we have is the word of Patterico, RSM and Ace.  While I am more inclined to believe them than a jaibird like Kimberlin, nevertheless their case isn’t proved in a legal sense.  I hope that somebody (perhaps whose initials are “F B I”) look into this very thoroughly.  If what they say is true, then Kimberlin and his chums need to get a very lengthy chance to became VERY well acquainted… in a prison shower.

          • jim_m

             But in the case of Zimmerman, the evidence was largely misrepresented and twisted for political reasons.  The MSM omitted much of the information due to their bias. 

            In this case we have a convicted felon with a history of violence and a history of intimidation.  The reason this all rings true is because there is a history of this individual doing exactly what he’s being accused of doing and in some cases he is being quite up front about his doing so.

          • herddog505


          • JerzeyGeorge

            “In other words, pissing contest”, More stupidity on display, a blog pissing contest is 2 or more yammering back and forth with the only weapons being a keyboard and a mind. I can see that you still have your keyboard and your posts show Me that the mind left a long time ago.

      • A Kimberlin supporter I see.  So you approve of his tactics and would thus have no complaint should the same tactics be used against you and your family?

      • 914

        If you don’t give a shit, might I suggest you STFU!!

      • Hank_M

        ” Who gives a shit about this guy?”

        Anyone, right or left, with a shred of common decency.

        • Which group (those with at least a shred of common decency) demonstrably does not include chica.

      • Hank_M

        ” Who gives a shit about this guy?”

        Anyone, right or left, with a shred of common decency.

      • jim_m

        Patterico is actually a pretty well known blogger.  So is Stacey McCain.  You are just showing your ignorance with your statement. 

        Question Chico: How “big” do you have to be before your civil rights mean anything?

        That’s the problem with the left.  RIghts are only important if the individual is important.  The rights of the vast majority of Americans are insignificant because those Americans are insignificant.  Trayvon Martin’s rights were not important because he was important, his rights were important because they could advance their political agenda by complaining about them.

        For the left you are only as valuable as you are useful to the political agenda.  If you have no value then you have no rights and if you don’t like it Chico’s response is “STFU”.

        •  Much more than that, Aaron Worthing, Patterico, and Stacy McCain have all done real research on on Bretty-boy. Aaron stood up for Seth Allen who was being harassed by Kimberly(sic); Patterico, ACE, and others published their background research, and were intimidated as a result Stacy picked up the scent like a bloodhound and found more than he ever expected – now he’s the latest to be threatened.
          It’s time to make the glare of sunlight so bright that these insects shrivel up!

  • There’s nothing small about the criminal history of Kimberlin.  Telling people to STFU isn’t going to make it go away. 

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