Third Attempted Murder via SWAT

This time against Eric “Red State” Ericson

That’s three prominent critics of #BrettKimberlin who have been so assaulted in less than a year, in three different states.  One must assume at this point that the FBI won’t be concerned about the matter until one of Eric Holder’s “people” (as he himself has put it) is so assaulted or until one of these attempts actually results in bodies hitting the floor.

BREAKING: Bogus Call Sends Police to Home of Kimberlin Critic Erick Erickson

By Patterico | Patterico’s Pontifications

He and his family are OK. He just put up the tweet minutes ago:


Sheriff is at my house. Someone spoofed my phone number and said someone had been shot at my house.

I asked him if he was serious and he said yes. Again, he said that he is OK, though. After he started writing about Kimberlin, he told the local Sheriff’s Department to expect this might happen:


We’re ok. After I starting writing about I informed the local sheriff’s office to expect this to happen.

UPDATE: More at Red State.

UPDATE x2: I just got off the phone with Erickson. He says the caller reported an “accidental shooting” and that it was therefore less traumatic than my experience. However, he said, his kids were outside as the police showed up with lights flashing — and some of the cops were keeping their hands on their guns even as his children were running around.

Anyone else think CNN is going to talk about SWATting now?

UPDATE x3: Thanks to Instapundit for the link. Glenn observes:

Really, if the goal is to keep people from writing about Brett Kimberlin, this doesn’t seem like the way to do it. It was smart of Erickson to call his local Sheriff ahead of time. I did the same thing.

Of course, Erickson’s swatter could be a copycat.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: It was reported by Joe Gelarden that, when Kimberlin was incarcerated, he tried to have someone set off bombs with similar components to those set off in Speedway, to show that there was another perpetrator and that he therefore could not be guilty.

Something to keep in mind as the investigation unfolds . . .


The lack of an active FBI investigation represents a dereliction of duty on the part of that investigative arm of the Department of Justice.

The lack of reporting in the LSM and in the Sinistrosphere are tacit endorsements of these tactics.

Those reporting on this issue would be wise to do as Eric did and inform your local law enforcement of the potential for bogus calls from spoofed numbers.

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  • McGehee

    The fact Kimberlin is not serving out the remaining decades of his original sentence ain’t exactly good news either.

    • No, no it’s not.

      Perhaps we should start making the members of parole boards seperately and personally liable for subsequent criminal activity by those they parole.

      • jim_m

         Kimberlin was sentenced before the “Truth in Sentencing” laws.  He’s a perfect example of why those laws were passed.  He’d probably still be behind bars otherwise.

      • herddog505

        Hear him! Hear him!

  • Send Kimberlin a shovel, so he can dig himself a really deep hole.

  • Commander_Chico

    How do you know there is no active FBI investigation?  The FBI mostly don’t publicize their criminal investigations.  Tip off the subject, and all that.  So your claim is without evidence.

    Plus, 90% of crimes are investigated and prosecuted by the states, as intended in the Constitution.  Funny how a “conservative” whines about the Feds not policing the nation.  There has to be a federal law “hook” for the FBI to get involved.   Is it wire fraud to make a fake 911 call?  Some other federal law?

    • Get back to us when someone has read and explained the interstate nature of SWATting to you.  Until then, find someone else to bother.

    • LiberalNightmare

       A couple of days ago chico was arguing that it wasn’t a big deal because no one had been hurt, then it was just a blogger pissing contest. Now hes arguing about whether or not there might be a FBI investigation.

      Seems to me that Chiclets here doesn’t actually take a side so much as he just stirs shit up.

    • the people SWATTed would have heard from the FBI moron …

    • What do you call arranging a potentially violent confrontation of a person based on their political speech with the intention to intimidate or silence them by generating terror?  Terrorism?  Last I checked that WAS in the federal government’s purview.

  • Guest

    The lack of reporting in the LSM and in the Sinistrosphere are tacit endorsements of these tactics.

    The Erickson SWATting has not been reported, IMO, because key news decisionmakers are out for Memorial Day holiday.  

    • EricSteel

      I guess its a good thing 9/11 didn’t happen over Memorial Day weekend. We wouldn’t have known about it until Tuesday. And think about all of those poor news people, running around like chickens with their heads cut off not knowing if they should report it because the boss was on vacation.

  • jim_m

    The lack of an active FBI investigation represents a dereliction of duty
    on the part of that investigative arm of the Department of Justice.

    Wow, that never happens. Cough (fast & furious), cough (new Black Panthers)…

  • herddog505

    Meh. This is just a (small) blog p*ssing contest, remember?


    At the very least, one would think that the local police would be VERY interested in catching the caller as they can’t really afford the monetary or PR costs of sending cops to roust innocent people. They CERTAINLY don’t need this to become common.

    • ackwired

      Absolutely.  I’m surprised that they have not caught someone and splashed it all over the news.  I’m no fan of our Sherriff Joe here in AZ.  But I’m sure he would be all over something like this.

      • McGehee

        I have a suspicion anyone living in Arpaio’s county is probably safe from being SWAT-ed — unless the Kimberlinites are even more stupid than they’re acting now.

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  • Appeal to vigilantism moved to spam.

  • 914

    How the fuck does this jac ass continue to breathe, let alone make or parlay phone calls?  

    Pardon my French..

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