Inexcusable: Thad McCotter Out of Congress Over Petition Sigs Snafu

What an inelegant way for such an illustrious career to end — perhaps if only temporarily. Congressman Thad McCotter (R, Mich) not only didn’t get enough signatures on his nominating petitions to get himself on the ballot for his reelection, the petitions his team did turn in were rife with duplicates and outright fraud. Now he’s announced that he is not running for reelection because of all this.

McCotter, 46, has been in Congress for ten years and has been considered a rising conservative star. He even made an abortive attempt to run for the 2012 GOP nomination for the White House. Now, he’s out of Congress on his ear due to nothing other than neglect of the nomination process.

McCotter initially announced that he was going to carry out a write-in campaign but has given up that idea, too.

As he announced the end of his last ditch effort to keep his seat, he had a message for Michiganders. “To those who unhappy at this news, I’m sorry; to those happy at this news, you’re welcome,” he said.

The write-in effort was necessary because McCotter’s campaign utterly bollixed the nominating petitions, didn’t get enough signatures, and clearly committed fraud in order to try and get the petitions in on time.

McCotter’s team turned in some 1,833 signatures but it seems that only about 244 were actual valid!

As a result of the petition foolishness, there may even be an investigation.

A review by Bureau of Elections discovered various discrepancies in the filing of McCotter’s petitions, including duplicate signatures and the appearance of altered petitions. McCotter himself has urged the secretary of state’s office and attorney general to investigate.

“I thank the Michigan Secretary of State and Attorney General for commencing the criminal investigation of petitions I requested Tuesday; will assist as they see fit,” he said in a statement Thursday.

McCotter released a statement saying he intended to track down who was responsible for turning in the fraudulent petitions, but come on. He is the one ultimately responsible.

Now, many conservatives have written extensively about vote fraud and petition fraud. Here we have one of our best doing that very thing. He should be excoriated for it.

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  • herddog505

    Warner Todd Huston[M]any conservatives have written extensively about vote fraud and petition fraud. Here we have one of our best doing that very thing. He should be excoriated for it.

    Absolutely.  If he directed – even merely KNEW about – the cheating, then off to prison with him.

    And WTF is up with “McCotter’s campaign utterly bollixed the nominating petitions”???  Who has he got running his campaign, his halfwit brother-in-law???  I’m accustomed to the idea that members of Congress are generally not the sharpest tools in the shed, but anybody too stupid to even handle the routine process of getting his name on the ballot has no business anywhere NEAR the Congress.


    • Commander_Chico

      Not getting ballot signatures is the height of dumbassery.  It’s usually related to incumbent arrogance, laziness and complacency, so richly deserved no matter what party the f-up belongs to.

  • Ray Dawson

    He’s been in Congress for 10 years, this ain’t his first Rodeo. WTF

  • jim_m

    This strikes me as just due to his own incompetence and failure to pay attention. Any candidate who submits the minimum signatures is asking to get kicked off the ballot.  It’s too easy to get signatures invalidated.  (Heck that’s how obama became a state senator)

    •  Probably so but it is indicative of the quality the people who represent us bring to Washington and why our nation is in peril.  Not knowing is no excuse when you are charged with the responsibilities of Congress to America and the world.  Do the right thing!

  • retired.military

    Throw him in jail.

    • bobby_b

       Thank you for your service.

      Now go f*** yourself.

      You know absolutely nothing about what happened, and you likely know nothing about McCotter except for what this whiz of a poster wrote, which means you’re now at negative levels of knowledge . And yet you share your very important opinion about it all with the world. We’re all poorer for it, and for this posting.

  • Maybe he was just testing the proposition that if the left can manufacture names on a petition for the recall elections in Wisconsin, then why can’t he get away with it in Michigan? OOPS!, He must have forgot about the double standard!