Democrat Vote Fraud Efforts Focusing on Dane and Milwaukee Counties

A few moments ago Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard reported on his Twitter that Democrats are getting a lawsuit ready in an attempt to get some left-wing judge to allow Dane and Milwaukee Counties to keep their polling places open late into the night so they can scam as many illegal votes as possible before the closing bell is rung.

Here is what Hayes Tweeted:

Two WI GOP sources say Dems/Barrett preparing lawsuit to keep polls open late in Dane & Milwaukee counties. GOP will fight it.

Dane and Milwaukee Counties are the two most left wing counties in the state with Dane being home to Madison, the state Capital, the same capital where thousands of union toughs spent months destroying public property in protest against their duly elected governor.

With reports that Democrats and out-of-state schemers and union thugs are bussing in thousands of illegal voters into Wisconsin, the vote fraud is mounting steadily.

As Hayes notes, the state Republicans are going to fight the move and they’d better. There is already going to be plenty of criminal vote fraud perpetrated by Wisconsin’s Democrat union thugs, so they’d better stop this move to stuff the ballot boxes even further in the two counties in question.

Democrats are not content to have an election run under rules. They are keen to play games with the system and indulge as much criminal activity as possible.

Government unions are antithetical to good government and they should all be eliminated. This travesty of an “election” is proof of that.

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  • jim_m

    Reports are that they may exceed 100% voter turnout in some areas.

    Breitbart reports 119% turnout in Madison. Nope. No fraud here. Nothing to see. Move along while the dems steal our nation from us.

  • Vagabond661

    Every shooting brings out people asking for more gun control, so why aren’t the same people asking for Voter ID laws when voter fraud happens?

    • jim_m

       Because the dems are in favor of the fraud.  That’s why.

  • Hugh_G

    Very well sourced expose. Ha.

    The usual rightwing extremist whine.

    • jim_m

       So you are denying all allegations of dem backed voter fraud in WI?

      • Sky__Captain

         Denying, heck.
        Hugh is most likely approving of it.

        • Hugh_G

          Unlike wingnuts such as you I’d like some actual proof other than from a a rightwing extremist radio host. Another frigging hypocrite.

      • Hugh_G

        Can you offer some actual proof other than a fellow wingnut?

        Of course all those robocalls to deems telling them their petition signatures counted as votes must have been done by deems to get fems. Right. Frigging hypocrite.

        • jim_m

           Nor was there any convincing proof of those phone calls or where they originated from.

  • 914

    The same thing is going to happen in November on a nation wide scale.  DemocRats cannot bare to let the people decide.  When your ideas suck and the people reject them. Then by all means cheat. With the blessing’s of Holder Inc.

  • If it’s not close, they can’t cheat.  Apparently MSNBC’s called for Walker. Currently 60.5% to 38%.

  • Stan Brewer

    Breaking Scott Walker wins going away. Totals have Walker at 60% and Barrett at 40%

  • 914

    Walker wins!!  Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • jim_m

    Fox has called it for Walker.  Must have beaten the margin of fraud.

    • Mr Kimber

      The Lt Gov also. If the 4 Repubs win their race this could be a disaster for the unions…GOOD

      • Evil Otto

  • retired.military

    Maybe with Madison at 300% someone may acknowledge that maybe some fraud took place.

    Look for Obama to get kicked out of office with similar vote percentages.  I doubt he will get 45% of the vote.

  • retired.military

    What?  No Grumpy calling racism?  What is this board coming to?

    • jim_m

       Meh.  Both candidates were white.

  • retired.military

    You have to love Yahoo.


  • 914

    Hey Grumpy! I think your Obumasiah is going to suffer the same fate as Barret!!

  • retired.military

    Looks like all republicans are ahead by about a 60 40 margin

    Also Barret just conceded. Guess they couldnt bus in enough votes.

    • herddog505

      In all seriousness, Walker and the Wisconsin legislature (the AG is, IIRC, a dem and therefore a crook) need to investigate these claims of fraud and attempted fraud.

  • Wait until the Illinois votes are counted. It will be closer than reported.