A Tale of Three States

It’s been a tough few days for Barack Obama. The fallout from the failed Wisconsin recall probably won’t be fully known until November, he’s got an ex-President (that Democrats still love) running around undercutting him at every turn, and now, three separate stories about states that he carried in 2008 come out showing that he may have to spend precious campaign resources in what were once thought to be safe bets. I talked about Wisconsin last night, now, three more states that were solid blue may be swinging just a bit. He essentially needs them all to win re-election.

First the biggie, from the Detroit Free Press we have a report that shows Michigan in a dead heat, with Romney actually leading by one point. According to EPIC-MRA of Lansing, Romney now leads Obama 46%-45%, a change from April in which Obama held a four point advantage over Romney who considers Michigan a home state of sorts.

How could this be? Didn’t Obama save Michigan from the abyss? No wait, I’m sorry. He saved us all from the abyss. He just kept Michigan from becoming a third world country with Detroit as it’s capital. Oh. He didn’t do that either? Then I see no reason for people in Michigan to continue to vote for Obama.

Another biggie for Obama is the news out of Pennsylvania that former Governor Ed Rendell thinks the state is definitely “in play.” It could be that Fast Eddie just wants Romney to go up there and spend money in his state. Or, it could be that Romney really has a shot at Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes. Honestly, I don’t think so. If I were advising Romney, I’d spend the money that he would spend in Pennsylvania in Wisconsin and Michigan. A two for the price of one deal. Romney will have a better shot at Michigan than Pennsylvania, and definitely a better shot at Wisconsin. But I’m no expert.

The last nugget of electoral news comes from the swing state of Colorado. Rasmussen has the state dead even at 45% for Obama and Romney. Colorado was probably always going to be close, but it’s just one more place where Obama will have to spend precious resources. He’s got to carry Colorado to win. He’ll probably lose Indiana and North Carolina, two states he flipped last time, with Virginia not a sure thing either. If those three go, he certainly can’t afford to lose a fourth in Colorado.

No matter how you slice it, Obama has his work cut out for him in 2012.

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  • 914

    Also a tale of one and done..

  • Guest

    exit polling showed Wisconsin voters, actual voters – you know, people who go to the polls and vote… choosing Obama over Romney 51-44.

    Obama doesn’t have a thing to worry about in WI.

    • And I’ll bet there were NO folks who said they were with the unions that admitted to voting for Walker.

      I’d lie to pollsters also.

    • 914

      Exit polls also showed Walker and Barret 50/50

      Reality bites!!

      • jim_m

         Polls are 100% accurate, except when they make “The Won” look bad.

    • AndrewX

       May I paraphrase James Carville?  “Show me a candidate who is counting on the youth vote exit polls to win, and I’ll show you a candidate who is going to lose.”

    • Jwb10001

      Exit polling also showed Walker and Barrett 50/50 so much for exit polling.

    • Sky__Captain

       “If that’s the prism with which you view Barack Obama that doesn’t suprise anyone, so why bother sharing it.

      Honest, we really could care less.”

      Grumpy on May 8, 2012.

    • SCSIwuzzy

      Ever hear of the Bradley effect?

  • davidt

    Most exit polling is done in cities, giving exit polls a Dem oversample.

  • GarandFan

    Any COAL producing state is going to be up for grabs.

  • Stan Brewer

    I don’t know why everyone believes the bullshit that comes out of these polls. The people that do these are hacks for the most part. Oh sure these numbers make good newspaper and television headlines, but they nowhere reflect the true nature of the American psyche. The American people are pissed and it is high time the professional politicians and the state controlled media hacks are made aware of it.

    The closest indicator of how the American people feel was demonstrated in Wisconsin two nights ago. I know that things are very fluid right now, but when the people finally have their say November 6th, Obama will be routed in the most lopsided election in American history. Not even his home state of Illinois will be in his column.

    • TWB

      I don’t know about that Stan, but I do think that Romney winning in a landslide is a very real possibility. Maybe not a 49 state job like Reagan in 84′, but he could very well blast The Big O. 

      The only reason I disagree with your premise is because unfortunately there are way too many stupid people of voting age out there.

  • herddog505

    The real question is: What will Barry do to save his own sorry a**?  Invade Iran?  Offer to pay every single mortgage or outstanding student loan in the country?  Give everybody $10,000 in “stimulus cash”?

    Granted that it’s a long time until November (waaaaay too long, if you ask me) and polls that show Romney doing well in traditionally blue states may change tomorrow, but if Team Barry isn’t quaking in their boots, then they’ve got to be doing some SERIOUS drugs.

    • jim_m

       Give everybody $10,000 in “stimulus cash”?

      Ironically, that would actually have been a cheaper and more effective stimulus to the economy than the monstrosity he foisted off on our nation.

      • But it wouldn’t have gone to the ‘proper’ people.  You know, the ones who would understand they needed to be ‘grateful’, and vote for Obama in the next election.

      • herddog505

        Well, that was Helicopter Benny’s advice, if I recall correctly.

        What a sad state we’ve come to when a senior government official – the man perhaps more responsible for the economy than anybody else in the government – can suggest tossing money out of a helicopter and not be laughed out of the country.

  • UOG

    I felt inclined to say something to Grumpy, but it seems many have already given him more than enough to think about. Well done.

    Like Stan, I think the 3.5 year’s (so far) of Obama’s presidency have not earned him the right to carry even one state. No doubt he will however. So let me make a prediction, if Obama’s loss is heavy expect some of the big guns in the LSM to start publishing articles on how “democracy would be better served with direct election of Presidents.” 

    Eternal vigilance my friends.

    • I felt inclined to say something to Grumpy, but it seems many have already given him more than enough to think about. Well done.

      When have you seen evidence that Grumpy thinks?

    • ackwired

      This election is clearly Romney’s to lose, whether we use the rediculous electoral college or democracy. 

  • Hank_M

    “No matter how you slice it, Obama has his work cut out for him in 2012.”

    What’s Obama going to do? Campaign more?

  • @Hank

    He can create a crisis like attacking Syria in hopes to
    capitalize on the” people will rally around the President during a war” effect.

    • He’ll wag the dog before he eats it?

    • 914

      The crisis would occur in the Wookie room. When he want’s to tee off instead of gesticulate! Acumen say’s Barry shuts up, before he putts up>>

      When in doubt! Drone like an Egyptian.

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