Right Online 2012: Great Success at the Vegas Venetian

For my final report on the fifth annual Right Online 2012 sponsored by Americans for Prosperity we’ll be talking about the parade of great speakers like NRO writer Jonah Goldberg and environmental apostate (as far as the left is concerned) Ann McElhinney. But first a word about the great hotel and casino in which we stayed.

The Venetian Las Vegas is in many ways a conservative’s dream hotel, well — unless you opposing gambling, and certainly many conservatives do — that aside, as I was saying, The Venetian is the best of Vegas and the best for conservative entrepreneurship. You see, this hotel is the only union free hotel on the strip.

But not only is The Venetian union free, it also has the highest paid staff getting the best benefits in Vegas. This is because conservatives know how to treat their employees!

If you are planning a Vegas get away, even if you aren’t planning on gambling, come stay at the Venetian. Heck, it’s even the biggest single building in the world, now. The suites are incredible, there’s shopping, big time stage shows, swimming, and eating and drinking galore.

Just look at this incredible room:

See the sacrifices I have to make to report these events to you?

Anyway, folks, do yourselves a favor if you’re coming to Las Vegas, book The Venetian.

Now, if you are interested in all the videos of the great speeches we lucky attendees got to hear, be sure and click over to the Right Online website and watch them at your leisure. They will be uploaded there as they are crunched and finished.

I won’t repeat any of what they all said since video will be so widely available though at the end of this post will be a photo montage of many of them. But I have one final little story to tell.

Tonight at our banquet where John Fleischman of the famed California website FlashReport won the first Andrew Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Activism and Investigative Reporting (I know, a mouthful), our waiter had something to say to our table.

As our waiter was serving us coffee, each of us around the table of ten said “please” or “no thank you” and then said “thank you” if served a coffee. As he finished attending to the last person at our table, the waiter paused and told us something that at the same time made us all laugh and feel a bit proud of our side of the aisle.

“You know,” he said, “you Republicans are a lot different than the Democrats we get here. You say please and thank you and it’s so nice.”

There you go folks. That is the main difference between left and right, truth be told. Lefties are just nasty people. Even waiters know it.

Anyway, it was a great event and we must thank Tim Phillips, AFP President, and Americans for Prosperity for another great Internet activist’s conference.

Remember everyone: we are all Breitbart now.

National Review Online writer and book author Jonah Goldberg

Jonah Goldberg and me

Conservative talk radio host Lars Larson

Nationally known and frequent Fox News commentator S. E. Cupp

Radio personality and Breitbart Writer Dana Loesch

Winner of the first annual Andrew Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Activism and Investigative Reporting, John Fleischman

Nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt enjoys the speakers

Pollster Scott Rasmussen

Filmmaker Ann McElhinney


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  • Guest

    Nice to see the white men’s party has a place to go and enjoy themselves.

    How much do they gouge the rubes for admission?

    and didn’t Sarah Palin address the right wing white men’s convention? How come no coverage on the Quitter? Did she quit and go home early? Surely not…. she was paid a lot of money and we know she’ll do anything for money.

    • jim_m

      Clean up of racist spew on aisle 3!