RO12 Film Premiere Review: Occupy Unmasked

One of the things we were treated to at this year’s Right Online event, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, was the world premiere of the documentary film Occupy Unmasked.

The one thing I can say about this film is it is absolutely intense. The amount of violence committed by the “Occupy” leftists is shocking when you see so much of it gathered into one visual presentation. But the behind the scenes lies and the smoke screen deployed to hide who is really behind the creation and launching of this so-called “movement” is just as shocking and this film documents both.

The film features Andrew Breitbart in the first of the two recent films he helped along and stars in (the other being Hating Breitbart — see preview HERE), films that ended up being the last two major projects he finished before he so regrettably passed from us. It is also a production of Citizens United.

Now, by intense, I really mean it. When the film was over I was almost fatigued by all the swirling images of the hate, the violence, the anti-Americanism and the lies from these leftists behind Occupy. It all washed over me like a wave of emotion during the film. In some ways it was over whelming.

But what we learn from this film is important. Sadly, we won’t find all this out any other way because the fact is the Old Media simply refuses to tell the truth about the fetid swamp we call the “Occupy movement.” In fact, not only does the Old Media refuse to fully inform everyone about who is really behind Occupy, they actually lie about Occupy, giving it cover. That is also detailed in the film.

One of the lies the liberal Old Media constantly disgorges about Occupy is that it is “the Left’s Tea Party,” or the left’s “answer” to the Tea Party. But the truth is that the comparison is more than just inapt, it is absurd.

The Tea Party came about spontaneously and rolled out like an avalanche picking up participants as it rolled along. There was no cadre of behind the scenes planners that purposefully created “the Tea Party” from scratch. The Tea Party is the first truly grassroots movement in American history.

Now, have big money donors come to various Tea Party events to help them along? Sure. But no big, deep pocketed conservative group is the Tea Party and no such group helped to create the movement. I know for a fact having been tangentially involved with such groups as Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation and Freedom Works, that all these big groups came to the TP after it rose, came late to the party, if you will, and struggled to join in and help early. They were taken by surprise by the vigor and importance of the Tea party. The Tea party is entirely decentralized, each chapter is separate and completely autonomous, and the 90th percentile of the people involved in these groups are funded solely by their own local members, not big money men like the Koch brothers.

This is nothing like Occupy. The Occupy events were planned by several behind the scenes groups that hate America and want it destroyed. They aren’t interested in “justice” or in helping the little guy. They just want the USA destroyed. They hoped that Occupy would help do that.

The good news is that they failed miserably.

At this point we all now know that the Occupy “movement” ended up being a joke and it is now dying with a whimper. Of course, the film didn’t get to that conclusion because it was finished last year before the real final word about Occupy was realized, but still the film is important as it chronicles the real creators of Occupy.

In any case, the real people behind Occupy hate this country. They hate everything about it and they want it in flames. They have no interest in political change within the U.S. system at all. They want everything about the U.S. eliminated.

That last is exactly why there is nothing similar between Occupy and the Tea Party. At its inception, Tea Party folks were most certainly upset over what was going on in the country — and this is the only thing that TPers share with Occupiers — but the TPers went to work within the system to bring the country back to its founding principles and have done an excellent job of starting down that path. Occupiers, on the other hand, have merely sat around beating on garbage cans, whining and complaining, indulging any manner of violence and criminal behavior, but otherwise doing precisely nothing to further their purported political goals… whatever the heck those are.

Occupy Unmasked is a necessary documentation of where the so-called Occupy movement came from, though. Everyone interested in the lies and subterfuge of the left should see this film.

If you would like to order this film HERE.

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  • UOG

    Aw gee! Warner, now you’ve set us up for a Chico-rebuttal on Occupy. Oh well, it’s Monday. Nothing on the tube I was going to watch anyhow.

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  • retired.military

    I didnt watch the video. Did they include the part where they support child sex trafficing.
    I am sure Chico has no problem with this since he feels it is okay for the OWS crowd to break the law..

    • Jay

      I’m following the links but it seems that there is no evidence of OWS actually disrespecting the law save as victims of manipulation. RM, this is a sad day when you’re trying to say that such a vile act is supported by others…

  • 914

    Cue Grumpy and his racist spew ..

    • jim_m

      I am sure that he will be here shortly to defend the child sex slave trade.

  • Commander_Chico

    And who pays for “Americans for Prosperity?” Are they “behind the scenes?”

    It’s all a paid show – who paid for a propaganda movie against a dissident group? And why? Qui bono?

    I understand why people who are well paid to say these things and promote these public policies, or who directly benefit from this kind of unequal insider privilege, might oppose regulation and push for more and larger free style fraud. It is a transaction and their integrity is for sale, and becomes a particular problem in times and places where there are no real penalities for deceit. That is the definition of ‘moral hazard.’

    What I don’t fully understand is how some of the victims of this type of predatory arrangement can get carried away in supporting their own oppression and the ruin of their families, and are so easily led to parrot slogans specifically designed to lead them to destruction and despair.

    At least in the European right there are people who are not wholly-paid for shills for Big Finance. I was watching Declan Ganley of the Irish/European libertarian party Libertas on the BBC last night, he was decrying the use of taxpayer money and sovereign credit to bail out gambling banks in Ireland, Greece and Spain.

    In the USA, both parties are shills for the bankers, so there is no opposition except for Occupy.

    I am hedging myself against the inevitable collapse, many of you will be waking up one morning, broke, wondering how you were so deluded.

    • Wild_Willie

      I agree both parties had a hand in the fix we’re in but that is the reason the TEA Party candidates were elected. To quit playing ‘the game’. By the way, it is TEA Party. And acronym for Taxed Enough Already. That is the cause. That is the message, that is the reason. I know you speak from ignorance alot due to your liberal leaning, and I did notice you as liberals want to do is bring color into it, but the party’s I have attended were full of baby boomers who have paid into the system, participated in elections, were good to our communities, raised families, etc. just to see our government piss it away to pandering for votes. IF you are for it, that is fine, but don’t insult the messengers. ww

      • Commander_Chico

        I saw the Tea Party in Tennessee was all up in arms against some Muslim lawyer getting a job with the state, it looks like the old war against “Them,” whoever “they” are. As I said, the 2012 version of the Know-Nothings:

        • herddog505

          Let me see if I’ve got this right:
          OWS – a genuine, grade-A, 100% grassroots organization who are peacefully standing up to The Man. Yessir, just a bunch of Concerned Young People With Good Ideas (TM) who have nothing to do with unions or other democrat organizations, whose behavior is above reproach and who represent our last, best hope against Teh Evil Oligarchy.
          TEA Party – a bunch of reichwing, white, hateful, stupid, ignorant, racist know-nothings who are paid shills for The Banks, whose core motto – Taxed Enough Already – is REALLY a code for ‘take more from the poor and give to the rich’, and who engage in terrorist activities all the time. Really! They do! Everybody knows it!
          For somebody who complains all the time about how Teh Evil Oligarchy sooper-sekritly manipulates us, you seem to fall hook, line and sinker for what they want you to think of these two organizations. It really makes no sense. I mean, which organization SHOULD you support: the one that wants the government (which is, as we all know, controlled by Teh Evil Oligarchy) to be even bigger and have even MORE power, or the one that wants it to be smaller and have less power?

          • Commander_Chico

            I dispute your premises. Where is it that OWS “supports the government?” Where is the favorable coverage relative to the Tea Party? There was hardly any coverage at all when it got rolling – like coverage of dissidents in the Soviet Union, OWS wasn’t covered, and then mostly negatively.

            Then you see that story about the Tea Party on a jihad against this inoffensive Muslim lawyer and you have to wonder. It’s become a repository for every extreme right-wing, (ok, as you wish: Reichwing) kook in the USA.

            Anyways, it’s hard to dispute that the Tea Party tends to promote fringe nutball extremist candidates who win Republican primaries and then lose the general election – Angle, O’Donnell being examples. They just got rid of one of the wise men of the Senate, Richard Lugar. I wonder how that will work out in November.

          • warnertoddhuston

            Man are you an outright liar. The Old Media gave OWS nothing BUT positive coverage. What drugs are you on? I think your day nurse should cut your Internet access off and let someone else in the home get on for a change.

          • herddog505

            Commander_ChicoWhere is it that OWS “supports the government?”
            Um, just who the hell is supposed to rein in the evil banks and deal with the student loan ripoffs and give them all the free stuff they seem to want if NOT Uncle Sugar??? The Tooth Fairy? Hint: when somebody talks about “more regulation”, there’s only one body that does the regulatin’ around here, and its name starts with “G-O-V-E-R-N-M-E-N”.
            As for favorable coverage for OWS… Are you serious??? The only UNfavorable coverage they’ve gotten is the occasional slip by MiniTru when a rape, murder, or other act or mayhem and vandalism gets covered.
            And Lugar was a “Wise Man” of the Senate??? What qualifies him for that? The fact that he managed to hang around long enough? Oh, wait: I know! He voted with democrats often enough.

          • Commander_Chico

            Lugar knows some things about the world, which is not true of Tea Party nutballs like O’Donnell.

            Question: are people who oppose crime (pick your crime: rape, robbery) and expect laws to stop it necessarily statists?

            Members of the cult of Ayn Rand don’t recognize the role the state plays in providing rules for the market. If you didn’t have laws and courts to enforce contracts and prevent fraud, the lack of trust would slow enterprise a lot more. In fact, I’ve been wondering what the cost to the economy is of this open season on fraud. I know I don’t do a lot of things because of arbitration clauses requiring disputes to be decided in Fiji, hidden fees, etc.

            One fact: many banks and credit card companies don’t post transactions chronologically, but delay and arrange them to maximize late and overdraft fees. The Visa and MC cartels have near monopoly power. Who protects against the monopoly power?

  • Commander_Chico

    The Tea Party is the first truly grassroots movement in American history.

    I missed that piece of dumbassery on first read.

    If you’re talking about the 1773 Tea Party and the Sons of Liberty, you might have a case, otherwise this is one of the most ignorant things ever said on Wizbang.

    What about Shay’s Rebellion, the Abolitionists, Bread and Roses strike, the Temperance Movement, the Suffragettes, Bonus Army, Civil Rights movement, Pro-Life movement, Gay Rights?

    None of those people had Americans for Prosperity and the Koch bros writing out checks, like the poor fat slobs of the Tea Party get.

    I went to a Tea Party rally once, to see. 99% angry white middle aged folks from the exurbs ready to blame the ever-culpable “Them” for the failures caused by their stupidity and gluttony. The Know-Nothings of the 21st Century.

    What have they done except to replace some Republican moderates with unelectable nutballs?

    • ryan a

      Re: “The Tea Party is the first truly grassroots movement in American history.”

      Ya, I saw that line too and was wondering what on earth Huston was talking about.

      So what gives, Warner? Do you really think that the 21st century TEA Party is the first truly grassroots movement in US history? Based on what? Or were you actually referring to the Boston Tea Party?

    • SCSIwuzzy

      I hate to agree with Chico, but yeah, the Tea Party may be most recent genuine grass roots movement, maybe the first of the current era etc, but far from the first evah.

    • warnertoddhuston

      You need a history book. We were not a country called the United States in 1773. We were still an English colony.

      • Commander_Chico

        Oh, ok, so the Boston Massacre (1770) and the Boston Tea Party (1773) are not part of American history, they’re part of English history. Riiight.

        A free tip, Warner: when you say something dumb, don’t double down on the dumbness.

        • Tell us, chicka, did the men who went on to become our Founding Fathers consider themselves to be Americans or Englishmen in 1773?

          Note also that the vast majority of the Founding Fathers were quite well off by the standards of the time.

          • Commander_Chico

            Ok, if you wish you and Warner can call the Boston Tea Party and the Sons of Liberty English grassroots movements. You’ll be pretty alone there, but it’s your right.

            I don’t deign to say what The Founders thought themselves. I would guess that Jefferson, Mason and Madison thought themselves Virginians. The Adamses from Massachusetts, etc. I doubt many thought themselves English before American.

          • No one would ever accuse you of allowing historical accuracy (or any other evidence) to sway one of your cherished fallacies, chicka.

          • ryan a

            Haha, did you just pull the “historical accuracy” card? That’s great, Rodney. Well, since you’re such a history buff, let me ask you something, Rodney: Do you agree with Warner’s claim that the TEA Party (that’s right, in the 21st century) is the “first truly grassroots movement in American history”? Yes or no?

          • Take a deep breath and wait for it.

          • ryan a

            So you’re going for evasive action rather than answering a simple question? What a shocker! /sarcasm.

          • warnertoddhuston

            Well, actually the founders main claim is that their ideas were MORE English than the English were being. That is how they framed their movement. But, yes, many ended up identifying more with their states when it was all said and done.

        • warnertoddhuston

          I was obviously talking about the US political scene. Still, the founders were rich men and the Boston Tea Party was created by a tiny number of businessmen. It wasn’t a wide grassroots movement.

          • Jay

            That’s actually a falsity.

            The real Boston Tea Party was akin to the anonymous of their time. It was not a rich man movement. Essentially, the East India Company was trying to pull a Wal-Mart where they would lower prices to hurt their competition through a government monopoly. After 17 days of watching the ship, the town rose up.

            Things thus appeared to be hastening to a disastrous issue. The people of the country arrived in great numbers, the inhabitants of the town assembled. This assembly … was the most numerous ever known, there being more than 2000 from the country present.

      • ryan a

        “You need a history book.”

        What an amazing response. Look Warner, the point is that your claim about the TEA Party being the “the first truly grassroots movement in American history” is beyond ridiculous. And then you have the nerve to tell other people to read a history book? Man, that is RICH with irony. Do you *seriously* think that there has never been a “grassroots” movement in American history until the 21st century? Your argument is that this 21st century TEA Party movement is THE FIRST movement started by ordinary/common people since the formation of the US? Really?

        What history books have you been reading?

        • ryan a

          PS: Keep in mind the fact that “grassroots” simply refers to organization by common/ordinary people rather than political elites. That’s it. Pretty basic.

  • ackwired

    So just who are these “real people” secretly pulling the strings of this vast conspiracy we know as Occupy?

  • ryan a

    “In any case, the real people behind Occupy hate this country. They hate
    everything about it and they want it in flames. They have no interest in
    political change within the U.S. system at all. They want everything
    about the U.S. eliminated.”

    Ok, so who are these people who want to see the US go up in flames?

  • Jay

    The Tea Party came about spontaneously and rolled out like an avalanche picking up participants as it rolled along. There was no cadre of behind the scenes planners that purposefully created “the Tea Party” from scratch. The Tea Party is the first truly grassroots movement in American history.

    The Tea Party are zombies who think compromise is a bad word. They have massive amounts of lobbying expenditure, no political experience, and are holding the economy hostage through their obstruction of everything that is beneficial to all people in American society.

    Their entire Libertarian POV is to allow no spending in government and allow the “free market” to decide everything. Their belief in Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, where the poor, the sick and the elderly should be put to death is beyond immoral, it goes against all religious teachings, as well as hurts the cause of conservatives and liberals alike. They are an astroturf movement, one that was backed by larger parties. Just as an example, John Boehner had to take away his debt limit plan because the Tea Party went nuts over it. No way should the government allow students to go to school at reduced rates or with pell grants. They are destructive idealogues that is a result of Citizens United, laying the groundwork for corporations to affect our politics by spending unlimited amounts of money to upseat Democrats and moderate Republicans as has been evidenced by the current primary fights around the country.

    What amazes me is how the corporate backers picked people with little economic experience and little in regards to American history to mold them into perfect puppets for their obstructionist agenda. The numbers also seem to be dwindling for Tea Partiers as their agenda becomes known.

    From Justice Stevens dissent on Citizens United:

    A Government captured by corporate interests, they may come to believe, will be neither responsive to their needs nor willing to give their views a fair hearing. The predictable result is cynicism and disenchantment: an increased perception that large spenders “‘call the tune’” and a reduced “‘willingness of voters to take part in democratic governance.’”

    How sad that the Justices have never run a political campaign to recognize the dangers of the Tea Party, where basic economics is not taught, but learned through extensive bribery.