Wawagate: MSNBC/Andrea Mitchell Smear Romney With Edited Video

Once again the left-wing media edits a video to misrepresent what a Republican is saying in order to make him look the idiot. This time on June 18 at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania, MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell edited the context right out of a video of what Romney said about eastern U.S. chain restaurant Wawa’s in order to make it seem as if he was out of touch with reg’lr Americans.

Mitchell likened her heavily edited video to George H.W. Bush’s “grocery scanner moment,” when, in his run for reelection in 1992, he was portrayed by the Old Media as never having seen a price scanner at a grocery store (though this characterization was untrue). The media used that moment to smear Bush as an out of touch elitist that simply couldn’t understand the common man. Mitchell used her current dishonest video to promulgate the same smear against Romney.

MSNBC edited out all the things that Romney said in connection with Wawa’s in order to make Romney into a person that was “amazed” by the technology of using a touchscreen system to order his food at the Wawa restaurant. MSNBC portrayed Romney as someone who had never seen such technology, systems with which regular Americans throughout the east coast are well familiar. Mitchell made Romney into an elitist that had never had to deal with something the rest of us use every day.

But the truth is that Romney wasn’t saying he was amazed at the technology as if he’d never seen it before at all. Romney’s real point was that the technology was an example of the private sector competing and making all our lives better. He then noted that government isn’t innovative like Wawa and its touchscreen ordering system.

How MSNBC and Mitchell portrayed Romney was absolutely nothing like what he actually said. The leftwing cabler simply edited out everything around his mentions of Wawa’s sandwich shops in order to smear him as an out of touch elitist. MSNBC simply lied.

Interestingly, not all members of the left media seemed to be as interested in pushing the false narrative as Andrea Mitchell is. Former MSNBC host David Schuster took to his Twitter account to praise a conservative blogger for helping to expose MSNBCs hatchet job. Obviously Mr. Schuster was tickled to be able to take a shot at his former employer but credit where credit is due, there, for sure.

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  • GarandFan

    Surprised? After all, it’s Andrea Mitchell. I’m surprised she found the time to get off her knees in front of her Obamassiah. At least a street whore is honest about what she does.

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  • Well, I must be out of touch with regular Americans, too, because I have never heard of Wawa’s. . . Oh, wait. That is because I live in “fly-over country”.

  • Andre-wawa needs to be hammed hard with this until she publicly admits her manipulation, retracts her falsehoods and apologizes.

    • EricSteel

      Rest assured once NBC gets around to investigating this, Andrea Mitchell will be vindicated. She didn’t manipulate the video. It was an over zealous producer who merely edited the video to fit in the time alloted. /sarc

      • UOG

        Eric, that’s probably not sarcasm. To me it sounds like what’s most likely to happen if the sound-of-crickets response doesn’t work out for NBC.

  • Sky__Captain

    This is simply the video version of “Dowdification”.

    Usually supported and encouraged by libtards everywhere.
    (But only if used against Republicans.)

  • Hank_M

    Doesn’t matter.
    Nothing says out of touch as much as Obama’s quote about the private sector doing fine.

    As for Mitchell, I’m sure she impressed her 12 viewers.

  • jim_m

    As the comment on Instapundit states, the MSM has not fully realized that they can be fact checked by the public via the internet. The MSM no longer has sole control over the message.

    Years ago the media could say whatever it wanted and there was little opportunity to fact check them. Rathergate is a prime example. The MSM believed that they could run an entirely fabricated story based on poorly forged documents and that the public would have no choice but to accept it as true since there would be no way to fact check the story.

    There will be plenty more of these incidents in the future. The MSM is not that speedy on the uptake and while they may have learned to not commit a fraud that will end their careers, they will still commit acts of gross dishonesty in order to further their agenda.

    • Hank_M

      And the good news is that the MSM is getting fact checked before they can define their “narrative”. MItchell and MSNBC knew they were being dishonest.
      Thankfully, they never had a chance to gloat about their smear.

    • herddog505

      I suggest that MiniTru’s fundamental problem is that they don’t realize (or care) that they are providing news to anybody outside of their pals in the DC / NYC / Boston corridor. Therefore, while the rest of us are appalled and disgusted at what NBC did, Mitchell is doubtless getting and enjoying the congratulations of everybody she knows: “Yeah, you really showed up that reichwing rethuglikkkan Jesus freak! F*ckin’ rich boy, thinks he can buy whatever he wants! Pfft! What time will you be dropping by Margie’s cocktail party Saturday?”

  • ackwired

    By now, everyone knows that MSNBC is the Fox News of the left. Nobody believes what either puts out except the kool aid drinkers.

    • jim_m

      I think it is a little unfair to infer that FOX fabricates the news unless you have proof of the same.

      • Guest

        lol! Oh that is priceless.

        • Sky__Captain

          Prove it then.

    • Hank_M

      The only people I know that feel that way never watch fox news.

    • herddog505

      Agree with jim_m: when has FNC done this sort of thing? NBC has been caught twice (here and with the Zimmerman 9-11 call) in the past few months selectively editting clips to slant a story.
      Oh, and while you’re at it, can you give an example of when FNC put in images of exploding busses when discussing the bus tour of a dem politician, as Martin Bashir did in the past few days with Romney?
      I appreciate that FNC might have a bias that you find uncongenial, but there’s a world of difference between a bias and making sh*t up.

      • jim_m

        but there’s a world of difference between a bias and making sh*t up.

        Not for the left and that seems to be ackwired’s problem here.

      • ackwired
        • jim_m

          Please. A site complaining that FOX gets it wrong ideologically is not the same as demonstrating that MSNBC manufactures its own news.

          • He had nothin…

          • ackwired

            My comment was that neither Fox News nor MSNBC were reliable news sources. Somebody else said that Fox was not as bad as MSNBC because they did not use exactly the same techniques.

          • herddog505

            And my point (along with everybody else’s) is that your opinion is just that: opinion. FNC has apparently never indulged in the (ahem) fun-loving hijinks that MSNBC has been caught doing.
            Again, you may not agree with their ideology, but there’s a world of difference between presenting the news in a different way and making sh*t up.

          • ackwired

            I’m afraid that “presenting the news in a different way” is a pretty benign way of describing what is going on at Fox News. Take a look.
            Of course the commentary shows on Fox and MSNBC make stuff up all the time. I assume that you are talking strictly about the “news” shows.

          • Amazing how bent the left is that an outlet is not upholding the leftist line and flourishing in the process.

    • RFA

      i suppose that is why Fox has three time the audience than all the others combined.

      • ackwired

        I think Fox News is popular because the perfected bringing conflict into ltheir production. They realized that news is dry and boring and most people don’t want to bother with it. So they made it entertaining. Unfortunately others have followed and there is no news left on TV now. But as you point out, Fox News is financially successful.

        • jim_m

          Conflict is Popular. That’s what made the McLaughlin Group popular many years ago on PBS and what made Crossfire popular way back on CNN before they made it two lefties whining at two other lefties.

          But what you comment belies is your admission that FOX actually offers both sides of the story because that is the only way you get genuine conflict. Thanks for the Honesty.

          • ackwired

            If there were really two sides and only two sides..It has been my experience that usually when you are forced to choose between A and B, you are being manipulated. There is often a C out there that is far superior.

  • SCSIwuzzy

    Wawa is a convenience store, not a restaurant.

  • Guest

    “You touch this, you touch this, you touch this, go pay the cashier and there’s your sandwich. It’s Amazing!”

    Lol. That’s what the “idiot” said and it wasn’t edited. That’s verbatim word for word straight out of the idiot’s mouth.

    And there’s nothing idiotic about it. He’s just amazed by such modern conveniences. Usually his assistant buys his hoagies… it’s AMAZING!

    • Sky__Captain

      But his next sentences were omitted, changing the context completely.
      This is called Dowdification.

      And thanks for proving my statement that libtards support and encourage the practice.
      Exactly which of the “57 states” do you live in, anyway?

      • jim_m

        Context is only important when a dem speaks.

        • Hank_M

          and even then, it doesn’t help.

      • Hank_M

        he lives in the state of Delusion

      • Sky_Captain asks of a congenital idiot:

        Exactly which of the “57 states” do you live in, anyway?

        De Nile, at a guess…

      • Taco Bell tried that around here at one outlet I know of, about twenty years back. It apparently wasn’t too successful, it wasn’t there the next time I stopped in about six months later.

        Glad they could make it work.

    • Sky__Captain

      Oh, and Grumpy – when even the Politico doesn’t agree with you, you had better shut up…


    • RFA

      Go screw yourself pussbag. Only an idiot could make a statement as off base as yours. you need to get a life and quit interrupting mine. Although I’m sure that is you only intent. Just makes us all more resolve to vote you cocksuckers out of office.

    • jim_m

      “And then I was at a WAWAs and ordered a sandwich… you
      have a touchtone keypad, and you touch that, touch this, go pay the
      cashier, there’s your sandwich. It’s amazing! People in the private sector have learned to compete and it’s time to bring some competition to the Federal Government and to get it smaller, and have them respond to the
      customers, which are YOU!!”

      There you go grumpy. Full quote. Full context.

      Time to stop drinking the propaganda kool aid from the MSM. Nobody is believing there (and your) lies anymore.

  • Guest

    I must be really out of touch. What’s this MSNBC thing again?

    • Sky__Captain

      I think it’s a cable news channel with a veiwership in the single digits. Of which Grumpy is one.

      • Guest

        Ick. Cable news.

  • Did Mitchell really think people wouldn’t uncover such a transparent smear?
    Is she really that stupid?