Pull my finger

It’s easy to sympathize, I suppose, because if I were ever left unsupervised in the White House the shocking photos would be me urinating on the portrait of LBJ wrenched from the wall and hurled to the floor.  So in that respect a couple of Obama supporters invited to the White House in commemoration of gay pride month photographed flipping off a portrait of Reagan isn’t all that disrespectful.  Of course, I figure that’s why slobs like me don’t get invited to the White House and left unsupervised.

Geez, I thought Reagan was a good Republican.  One that wouldn’t even be nominated for President by today’s extremist, TEA-bagging, racist Republican Party.  There’s just no pleasing some people.  Naturally, the White House has issued a rebuke.

Photographer Zoe Strauss and Matty Hart, national director for public engagement at the group Solutions for Progress, had posted the images of themselves to Facebook.

Hart, under his, wrote simply: “F— Reagan.”

He later posted a link on his Facebook page to the Philadelphia Magazine piece about their gesture.

Neither Strauss nor Hart have responded to FoxNews.com for comment.

Hart, though, defended his gesture in the Philadelphia Magazine article. “Ronald Reagan has blood on his hands,” he said. “The man was in the White House as AIDS exploded.”

If there’s one thing that Barack Obama has taught us it’s that a president cannot be held responsible for any misery that occurs while in the Oval Office.  Forty some-odd months of 8%+ unemployment?  Not Obama’s fault.  Increasing the national debt more in three-and-a-half years than his free-spending predecessor did in eight?   Not Obama’s fault.  Squandering the first two years of his presidency on a less-than-worthless payoff to supporters packaged as stimulus and an unpopular, burdensome health care bill that, God willing, gets rejected by the SCOTUS?  Not Obama’s fault.

Yes, I’m glibly overlooking the fact an AIDS-infected Ronald Reagan spent his entire presidency crisscrossing the United States pitching promiscuous, unprotected butt sex at other men.

Seriously though, if Reagan has blood on his hands for failing to treat AIDS with a proper degree of alarmism mustn’t Obama accept blame for the putrid state of our economy today?  The man was in the White House as debt exploded.

Where might a person get the impression that Reagan’s lack of action equates to blood on his hands?  Matty Hart, national director for public engagement at the group Solutions for Progress.  Solutions for Progress.  I knew this was going to be rich because if I were cooking up an Onion-type goof post it’s a mathematical certainty my random liberal organization name generator would have spit out “Solutions for Progress”.

An organization like no other.
Changing reality on the ground
by using policy research
and technology to fight poverty;
assisting people to obtain supports in an easy
and dignified manner and governments to deliver
services more effectively.

So it’s a foundation committed to helping people suckle at the government teat with ease and dignity.  Good on them for helping people, I guess.  A lot people probably need help navigating the system to obtain maximum individual benefit.  Not surprising that the director of public engagement at Solutions for Progress would equate lack of government action with blood on one’s hands.

To wit, the war on drugs directly contributes to the spread of AIDS.  Junkies can’t get clean rigs and end up sharing.  Junkie isn’t a glamorous life but should junkies die of AIDS because drug warriors don’t believe heroin is an acceptable way to alter one’s consciousness?  I bet most junkies would happily use clean (or their own) rigs if they were freely available.

Then on the flip side the government is supposed to hand out free rubbers in the gay community where they don’t really want to use them.  Forcing dirty needles into the scabby arms of junkies and condoms onto the engorged dongs of gay men.  Your tax dollars in action.

So flip away Matty.  Maybe Reagan didn’t do enough on AIDS.  Who knows what he knew and when he knew it.  He was still light years better than Jimmy Carter.  I was there, man.  Can you imagine what another four years of Jimmy Carter would have been like?  Pretty much like things are today.  I wonder if Matty will be wearing that same smirk when voters give President Obama the finger in November.

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  • Stan Brewer

    They will blame George W Bush for the malfeasance of the two photographers

  • Guest

    Nice try at being as childish as Matty.

    You exceeded your goal.

    • Digg34

      Better a happy go lucky child than a grumpy ass one.

  • ackwired

    I’m surprised to hear that there is still a hippie anti-war freak so angry at LBJ that they want to tear down his portrait and urinate on it. You do hold a grudge.

    • Um… You do realize… I mean, isn’t it obvious that… Aw, hell, forget it. Just stew in your own reading comprehension failure.

      • ackwired

        Relax…just having fun.

  • jim_m

    When you have a President that does not respect the office, does not respect the Constitution and does not respect the nation (not even one of the 57 states) you end up with his supporters feeling like they can disrespect the nation and the national treasures contained in the White House.

    For the left the White House is not the center of American government and a place where history has been made. For the left the White House is just where Clinton and Kennedy hooked up.

  • lasveraneras

    For FY 2009:

    Total Federal spending on AIDS/HIV = 24.1 billion

    Total Federal spending on cancer (all types) = 4.81 billion

    ‘Nuff said.

    • I’ve looked on AIDS in the US as a self-inflected problem, not something that you catch by wandering down the street and suddenly you’re infected by a random virus-bearing mosquito or a bacteria-laden flea. The transmittal of AIDS is such that you’ve got to actively work at the risky behaviors that spread it.

      And what, in all honesty, other than putting money towards researching the problem (as Reagan did) and telling people not to do the things that put them at risk (as Reagan did) could have been done in the ’80s?

      Even with all the advances in DNA sequencing and the ability to practically dissect a virus and put it back together since the ’80s, we’re not much closer to an actual vaccine. (Add in a ridiculously long incubation time, unlike gonorrhea or syphilis or herpes and the problem gets harder when you run clinical trials on whether a vaccine even works.)

      It’s projection. They didn’t want to stop risky behavior, so Reagan should have done more, even though there was nothing he could do – and spent more money on the problem, even though there wasn’t (unlike as in polio) any real way to culture the virus or develop a vaccine. They wanted the solution NOW, dammit! – and woe to anyone who told them no amount of money could provide one.

      • jim_m

        Today it is something you have to go out and get. In the 80’s blood recipients didn’t go looking for trouble. But we pretty much solved that except for the fact that gays want to have the blood industry ignore their high risk behavior and let them victimize innocent people who need transfusion. My guess is that they will get their way and we will see another rise in HIV as a result.

        • I’ve often wondered if some gays, realizing that AIDS would correctly be seen as a “gay disease,” took it upon themselves to consciously infect others through blood donations so that it would spread through the heterosexual community and no longer be seen as a “gay disease.”

      • Actually, there is a vaccine in late testing. It’s being tested far more rigorously than most vaccines (which makes very good sense, as the bath houses will start re-opening shortly after the vaccine is released) or it would already be on the market.

        It should also be noted that a strict quarantine (a usual step for deadly infectious diseases) would have stopped the spread of AIDS cold.

        • Politically, a quarantine just wasn’t feasible. Civil rights and all that…

          As it is, we’ve learned to cope with it, and, like you, it kind of makes me wonder what’s going to happen when there IS a vaccine. (Last I saw, there was a trial in Africa that was halted, and the wiki for HIV vaccine had some phase III trials that were not terribly encouraging.
          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIV_vaccine#Phase_III )
          A vaccine that only decreases your chance of getting it by 50% is an iffy sell, at best.

          Well, nobody ever caught anything from Rosy Palm and her five sisters, or Raoul Palm and his brothers…

  • 914

    No big surprise Grumpy trivializes this disgusting behavior. After all, his hero shits on the constitution regularly..

  • And on the actual subject here. the White House wasn’t exactly thrilled at what happened.

    “”While the White House does not control the conduct of guests at receptions, we certainly expect that all attendees conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Most all do,” Shin Inouye, a White House spokesman, said. “These individuals clearly did not. Behavior like this doesn’t belong anywhere, least of all in the White House.”

    And Shin’s pretty much right on that.

    • jim_m

      Who knew that the WH employed someone with sense. My guess is that Mr Inouye will not be there long.

      • Sadly, I think his days are numbered at this point… and it ain’t a large number, either.

        • As of this point in time, I predict 211 days.

      • It’s not sense. It’s being completely unable to excuse the inexcusable.

    • I bet they’ll still be invited back…

  • GarandFan

    Strauss and Hart are sooooooooo BRAVE! They CONFRONTED “the man”!

    So when is the cue to swoon?

    Yeah, “AIDS activists”. When San Francisco moved to close all the “bath houses” during the height of the epidemic, who was screaming loudest about keeping them open?

    These same types of folks will tell a smoker “You got lung cancer? YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF! The same folks hear a guys gotten AIDS, it’s “Quick FIND A CURE!”

    As usual, their OUTRAGE is HIGHLY SELECTIVE.

  • RichFader

    My shenanigans would be limited to wafting a cigar under my nose in front of Bill Clinton’s portrait.

  • poincare_henri

    ” Forcing … condoms onto the engorged dongs of gay men. ”

    Be honest, Baron, your drawers got a little tighter when you wrote that. All those engorged dongs flapping around in your imagination, waiting for you to force yourself on them. Fap. Fap. Fap.