I Don’t Think 0bama Hears Us

What say we fix that?


Tomorrow (02 July 2012) I’ll print out the graphic below on a piece of letter sized paper.







I will then tape two pennies to the sheet of paper, fold it, place it in an envelope addressed to:


Obama for America

P.O. Box 803638, Chicago, IL, 60680

Just my two cents worth.

Image from Zombie via Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds

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  • jim_m

    Oh, he hears the American public. He just doesn’t give a damn. Remember: HE can do every job better than anyone he knows. The little people aren’t important enough for him to pay attention to.

    • This will also be a money losing proposition for his campaign, just sifting through the envelopes…

  • GarandFan

    One day Barry will be honest (yeah, I know), and he’ll say “It was designed to FAIL. That way we could move right into socialized medicine. Which is were I wanted to go in the first place.”

  • 914

    With those ears he could hear a ping pong ball land on a haystack in China. He’s just to arrogant, haughty and pig-headed to admit his lie’s don’t fool the masses.

  • 914


    Dirty Deeds, Done Derp Cheap!

  • Hey, you know it takes money to get attention in Washington!

  • Shot.

  • Romney doesn’t hear either. What’s with this “Replace” crap?