George Zimmerman’s Bond Set At $1 Million

Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester granted bond for George Zimmerman, accused of murdering Trayvon Martin, for a second time after revoking the original $150,000 bond set last month. CBS is reporting that the new bond is $1 million to George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman’s original $150,000 bond was revoked after prosecutors accused Zimmerman of lying about the assets he had available to pay the bond.

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  • Guest

    Lying in court…not a good way to start off.

    • DERP!

    • Maybe he was just emulating your beloved Bill Clinton. Lying in court didn’t seem to hurt him or bother many of his fellow Democrats.

      • Guest

        Zimmerfutz is attempting to hide behind the “Stand Your Ground” defense.

        That defense relies on believing Zimmerbutt’s testimony, since there are no eye witnesses.

        And here we have him — caught lying to the court already.

        Zimmerliar is going to fry…

        • DERP! DERP!

        • jim_m

          Um… He’s going to get off based on the police interviews and the physical evidence that corroborates his story. Too bad you haven’t been keeping up with the story,

          Also, Mr Derp, people don’t fry for 2nd degree murder. What a dumbass you are claiming that they would give him the death penalty when Murder 1 isn’t even on the charge sheet.

          • This travesty should have ended when the local prosecutor declined to prosecute.

          • jim_m

            It’s not a justice system, it’s a legal system. And if you talk to the leftists, the truth has nothing to do with justice. For the left justice is about getting the right political outcome (Just ask the Duke Lacrosse players, the left wing faculty never apologized for getting that wrong).

        • SYG is not there for people to hide behind. It’s there to prevent people like you from steamrolling innocent persons like Zimmerman. All the evidence is adding up in Zimmerman’s favor — from the physical evidence to the evidence of Martin’s character. While Zimmerman defense may be hurt slightly for it, he only lied about a matter unrelated to the actual event for which he’s standing trial. His lie about the donations doesn’t change the evidence from the night Martin died — evidence which is all falling in his favor. And as at least one other person has pointed out, people don’t “fry” for 2nd degree murder. Once again, you have been caught by us being stupid just as we have caught you umpteen times before. You are going to fry… DERP DERP DERP!!!

    • 914

      No, but lying to the American people is acceptable for liberals with their hands out waiting for more freebies.

    • ravenshrike

      Please, show me, with TRANSCRIPTS, where Zimmerman lied in court. Hell, even the perjury charges against are gonna be tossed because the fund money was for living expenses and defense expenses. Bail is not considered a defense or living expense.

  • And if he raises it, the Judge will raise the bond to 2

  • Stan Brewer

    The race baiters are bound and determined to make an issue out of George Zimmerman’s killing of Trayvon Martin. They want Zimmerman convicted no matter what and the DA that filed the charges in the first place should not have even been picked for the case. Facts be damned.

    • It’s Rodney King all over again. Ironic that he just died.

  • jim_m

    Bond is $1M meaning that he will have to come up with ~10%. He should be able to make bail. Letting another Hispanic out on the street will upset Grumpy.

    • He still has to come up with assets to cover the rest. Otherwise he has to use a bail bondsman which will charge 10 to 20 % of the full bond which the client doesn’t get back. So Zimmerman would need to spend most of his $ 135,000 defense fund on paying a bondsman instead of his attorney. Perhaps the Judge is trying to force Zimmerman into a third rate defense

      • jim_m

        His defense fund is alleged to have over $200k. Unless the judge wants to jack it up again Zim already has the assets.

        • re

        • For the 10% but the other 90% has to be cover with assets. Therefore,he still needs $800 worth of assets. In addition, there is a matter of payinghis lawyers. He can pay a bondsman $100k
          but he will never get that back. and the Bondsman will probably want a good portion of the rest in assets as collateral.

          • jim_m

            NO he doesn’t. That’s what bail bonds are for. He’s not a fight risk, he won’t have any problem getting the bonds. Part of being a bondsman is determining risk and being willing to issue the bonds without full collateral.

          • Google it a see how bail bonds work. You obviously are not
            believing me. As I already stated the bondsman may not want the full collateral but he will want a significant portion. After all the bondman will be on the hook for the full million.

            By the way, the news have reported that Zimmerman haven’t
            been able to post bond yet. Hopefully someone or donations will end up helping

          • Commander_Chico

            Jack is right – the bondsman issues the bond if it is backed by assets. If Zim fled to Peru, the bondsman would be on the hook for the $1 million.

            Zim has nothing near a million, so I bet he won’t be getting out.