Brad Pitt’s Mom Execrated By The Left For Telling The Truth

Hollywood is a liberal town, and they like their stars to hew to the party line. When a relative goes off the reservation they get their panties in a wad. The Hollywood Reporter and Think Progress are especially apoplectic about a letter to the editor by Jane Pitt, mother of A-list actor Brad Pitt and future mother-in-law to Angelina Jolie and their brood of kids. In the piece, which is a response to another letter to the editor, Mrs. Pitt makes the case that Christians should not refuse to consider voting for a Mormon, and should look at what the candidates support as compared to what their faith teaches.

I think any Christian should spend much time in prayer before refusing to vote for a family man with high morals, business experience, who is against abortion, and shares Christian conviction concerning homosexuality just because he is a Mormon.

Any Christian who does not vote or writes in a name is casting a vote for Romney’s opponent, Barack Hussein Obama — a man who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for years, did not hold a public ceremony to mark the National Day of Prayer, and is a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.

How’s it being covered by the left? Here’s a sample.

Brad Pitt’s mom hates Obama, gay people [She Knows]
UPDATED: Brad Pitt’s Mother DID Write Anti-Gay Letter [Think Progress]

So for accurately pointing out the positions of both candidates she’s “anti-gay”? I’ll give you that’s she most certainly appears to be “anti-Obama,” but not supporting same-sex marriage does not make you “anti-gay,” no matter how often the left perpetrates that fallacy.

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  • Guest

    “So for accurately pointing out the positions of both candidates she’s “anti-gay”?”

    For taking a position against homosexuality she’s anti-gay.

    If these are her convictions, why pretend she’s not anti-gay?

    • Evil Otto

      Nothing to say about the links, Derpy? That she “hates Obama, gay people?” That she is a “bigot?”

      Ah, but that’s what you think, isn’t it?

      • Guest

        I said what I think, above.

        When you have an original thought feel free to share it.

        • Evil Otto

          Not really. You avoided the issues presented in the article, probably because you agree but know it’s inconvenient to say.

          And by “original thought,” you mean “lockstep leftist thought.” You are the last person on the planet to accuse anyone else of being unoriginal, you walking leftist cliche.

        • DERP! DERP! DERP!

        • retired.military

          Too bad all of yours comes from dem talking points.

    • Jane Pitt’s comments were for Christians, who are supposed to conform to the teachings of the New Testament. In case you didn’t already know, the New Testament speaks against homosexual sexual activity. So, Jane Pitt isn’t anti-gay. Instead, she is anti-sexual sin.

      • jim_m

        Since many homosexuals define themselves based on their sexual activity, to be against homosexual sex is to be against the homosexual themselves. They are unable to separate any sense of their self from the sex act. That is why they cannot understand that someone could be against the sin but still not hate the sinner.

    • again, what position did she take ?

    • Vagabond661

      So those who take a position in abortion are pro-life and anti-life?

      • Guest

        No, they just found the anti-life equation, and Darkseid’s coming after them.

    • LiberalNitemare

      Grumpy seems almost coherent today… perhaps its a different hand in the sock-puppet.

      • 914

        Are you implying KOS rotates their puppets?


        • I’ve wondered at times…

    • 914

      DERP! DERP!

    • retired.military

      Thats funny Ms Chickenshit. In the Muslim congressman thread you were saying that he was just an American expressing an opinion

      Once again you prove that you are a 2 faced liar, who has double standards and speak out of both sides of your lying face. Also as I said, in a battle of wits you are unarmed and clueless.

  • GarandFan

    Of course Grumpy has nothing to say about Jeremiah’s Church of Hate and Discontent.

    • jim_m

      Rev Wright only hated whites and America, those are OK to hate.

    • Guest

      Trying to stay on topic. You should try the same. PS: I’m not the topic — see above.

      • jim_m

        You are not the topic, but you are a carbon copy of it. You equate disagreement with the lifestyle with hating the individual. It is an unsupportable and incorrect position. I can disagree with smoking and think that it is disgusting, but that does not mean I hate smokers.

        Following your logic if I speak out against smoking I therefore hate everyone who smokes. It is a false syllogism. You make that assumption not because it is true or even logical but because it suits you ideologically to hate those who speak out against your lifestyle choices and to accuse them of the hate you actually feel.

        Just more projection from the left,

      • GarandFan

        That’s rich……….Grumpy bitching about someone not being ‘on topic’.

        According to your logic, as displayed in the past, if she’s “anti-gay” then it follower that she is a “hater”. Right?

        And speaking of “hate”, you’re okay with Jeremiah’s Church of Hate and Discontent.

        See the connection?

      • 914


      • retired.military

        Oh yeah. Stay on topic when you were ranting about racism in the other thread. You are a joke Mr Chickenshit.

  • Guest

    She’s just a pretty typical right-winger.

    • Guest

      Right. Just another pompous ass deciding that everyone else should live their lives according to her principles.

      • jim_m

        Well then why don’t you just STFU and stop telling us how you think we should live? Hypocrite much?

        What you take offense to is that someone disagrees with you so your instinct is not to counter with a reasoned defense of the lifestyle or to place in perspective what is a religious disagreement. No, your instinct is to silence them because thinking differently is evil.

      • 914

        No, we should all listen to the pompous President who said he should be a one term Pres if the economy doesn’t turn around,,

        Now if he’s running to win again that makes him a dumb ass two faced liar. What a shocker!!

        BTW: DERP!

      • Guest

        I disagree with her, but not sure she merits getting called out on Gawker and elsewhere. People on both the right and left like to write letters to the editor exhorting for or against various candidates during election season. Some reasons are good, some not so good. Her letter is noteworthy only because her son happens to be famous. Otherwise, her thoughts on gay rights, religion and abortion, merit no more or less opprobrium than anyone else’s.

        If she wrote in my hometown weekly, I might be tempted to dash off a letter talking about how much I disagree with her. Here … not so much.

        • Guest

          I agree. The left’s reaction is way overblown, as is the vitriol from the right. Welcome to politics in America v2012

          • jim_m

            Oh. So now you are retracting your accusations that she is a gay hater?

          • DERP DERP!

          • Sky__Captain

            Where is the “vitriol from the right” directed at Mrs. Pitt?

            The only “vitriol from the right” here is being directed at supporters of Rev. Wright’s Church of Black Hate.
            (That would be you, Goofy.)

      • retired.military

        Oh you mean like OBAMA. You just described him perfectly Mr Chickenshit.

        Oh and you forgot about calling her racist.

  • So what? Poor woman, get off her back.

    I am an ardent Obama supporter and I happen to disagree with her sentiments 100%. But in this country she did what we know as exercise her right to free speech. I do it daily, it is a very precious thing, and I am determined to protect it.

    A pathetic national hit piece on a private citizen for writing a letter to a local paper.

    I love this country with all my heart, but this crud has to stop.

    Is there no shame left anymore?

    • Sky__Captain

      It would appear the answer to your question is “no”.


  • xgaygreg

    I used to be gay, but over 6 years ago Jesus set me FREE! That’s the
    name of my husband’s video on you tube. We have been married for over
    18 months and now I am pregnant with our first child! GOD CAN DO
    ANYTHING! My husband is no longer a slave to the sin of homosexuality,
    HALLELUJAH! Lord save President Obama! Xgay Greg’s Wife, Dede Haislip

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