Muslim Indiana Congressman: US Schools Should Use Koran as ‘Foundation’ Like Madrassas Do

Democrat Congressman Andre Carson of Indiana has a new plan for America’s schools. They should be retooled using the Islamic Madrassa as a model and their “foundation” should be the Muslim holy book the Koran.

Rep. Carson made these suggestions at the annual convention of the Islamic Circle of North America held in Hartford, Connecticut on May 26. This year’s convention theme seems to have been “Our Family, Our Home & Our Destiny” and Carson took this concept to heart in his plan to remake American schools into a nation of Madrassas.

Can anyone imagine the outcry from the left and the Old Media both if a Republican Congressman had made the suggestion that our grade schools and high schools should be remade into Bible-pushing centers?

You may remember Andre Carson as the Congressman that suggested that all Tea Partiers would love to see black people “hanging on a tree.”

Carson also claimed that he was called the “N” word by Tea Partiers “fifteen times” as he walked to Congress during those tumultuous days in May of 2010. The Old Media lapped this claim up and presented it as fact despite that there was never any proof the incident ever occurred.

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  • Guest

    He’s an American making a suggestion. Don’t get your panties all in a wad….

    Don’t hang the guy just cause he didn’t choose YOUR religion.

    After all, would anyone on the right object if some asshat was suggesting the same crazy idea but using Christianity instead?

    Of course not. It would be applauded.

    • jim_m

      Fool. Notice how the left has no problem with inculcating a religion whose adherents are famous for hating American culture. Notice how the lefty has no problem with teaching religions as long as they are not Christian.

      I don’t suppose you see the hypocrisy that you have no problem with using public money to teach religion in this case because you find common cause with radical islamists who teach the koran and sharia law. Let someone propose vouchers so private citizens can direct money to Catholic schools and it becomes a constitutional crisis.

      As for how the right would have responded? We would have said that the public schools are not the place for it as the government would so dilute the teachings of Christ that they would be meaningless, We would say give use our money so we can put it into a school of our choice.

      We at least understand the point of the First Amendment. Another proof that the left sees the law as a weapon to use against their enemies but not to be obeyed or even acknowledged by their side.

      • GarandFan

        See the hypocrisy? Hell, Grump revels in it daily. And really Grump, calling a Democratic Congressman an “asshat”?

      • Guest

        I don’t agree that religion or religious practices should be the basis for a public education, but like I said – he’s just an American expressing his views to other Americans.

        I’m not surprised you haters get all upset about this, but — as usual – your hate is just so much spew.

        Once you know the facts, it’s not what the right makes it out to be… as usual.

        • DERP! DERP!

        • Guest

          Oh, and check out Congressman Carson’s race.

          It speaks volumes as to why the right is going apoplectic over this guy….

          • Racist DERP! DERP! DERP! DERP!

          • LiberalNitemare

            Geez I was wondering when you would finally fall back on the race card.

          • The race card is DERP!’s only play…

          • Jwb10001

            you continue to try to invalidate people’s opinion because they are white, it’s getting very tiresome. In any other context that would be considered racist.

        • retired.military

          “he’s just an American expressing his views to other Americans.”

          So is Brad Pitt’s mother. You had a lot of issues with her.
          Mr Chickenshit. Or should I say Ms Chickenshit

        • Jwb10001

          Wow that is some set of double standards you’ve got.

    • DERP!

      • Sky__Captain

        Much more eloquent than Goofy.

    • retired.military

      After all, would anyone on the right object if some asshat was suggesting the same crazy idea but using Christianity instead?”

      YOU WOULD. Mr Chickenshit. See the Brad Pitt mother thread where she is talking about Christianity and you bash her.

      You are a total fucking idiot do you know that Mr Chickenshit.

    • Evil Otto

      After all, would anyone on the right object if some asshat was suggesting the same crazy idea but using Christianity instead?

      You’d be here, screeching like a wounded cat and crying that this was the first step in the inevitable right-wing theocracy, Derpy. Funny that, in Islam, you’ve finally found a fundamentalist, dogmatic, theocratic faith that you can tolerate in the schools.

      • jim_m

        Of course the left loves islam. It is xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic and anti-democratic and anti-Christian. What isn’t to like?

        • 914

          Hey! It fits their platform perfectly..

        • Lokman Bou

          You should think about what you says about islam 🙂 I will give you just one of many proofs that you can find online Islam is not Xenophobic:The prophet Muhammed said “O people, Remember that your Lord is One. An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a black has no superiority over white, nor a white has any superiority over black, except by piety and good action” Its not misogynistic: And no anti-democratic nor anti-Christian: you should read this litte story About homosexuality: Yes its strictly forbidden in islam but its for many reasons that are clear by all three religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) .. 😉

          • jim_m

            One need only look to the hatred of other cultures displayed by muslims to understand that regardless of what verses they may drag out of the koran that they fear and despise other cultures.

            You say that arabs do not have a superiority over non arabs but hat was not the case in the Iberian peninsula where non-arab muslims were treated as second class citizens.

            And I should not have to mention that the muslim world is the one remaining place on this earth that slavery is openly practiced.

          • jim_m

            It’s not misogynistic, but imams commonly teach that beating your wife is not only acceptable, but necessary!

            It isn’t homophobic, but it is the only religion where its adherents demand the death penalty for homosexuals.

            As far as your comment goes, I consider it to be a great example of how muslims believe that lying is OK as long as you are lying to infidels.

  • 914

    Just another Obama supporting America hating ingrate..

    Speaking of.. Hey DERP! Have another swig of the cherry!

  • jim_m

    Muslim Indiana Congressman

    I’m sorry. Where exactly is Muslim, Indiana? I can’t find it on a map.

  • Guest

    Carson explains why he said what he said…

    My remarks at ICNA call attention to the fact that faith-based schools
    throughout this country have excelled because of innovative
    instructional methods and a willingness to engage different learning
    styles – whether visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. While I do not
    believe that any particular faith should be the foundation of our public
    schools, it is important that we take note of the instructional tools
    these schools utilize to empower their young people. Christian, Jewish,
    and Islamic schools have experienced notable success by casting off a
    one-size-fits-all approach to education, and this is a model we must
    replicate. Having attended a parochial elementary school myself, I’ve
    seen these successes first hand.

    If we are going to take American education to the next level, we must
    expand successful models and implement the practices that will enable
    success for our students.

    Remember, he was addressing an Islamic group of Americans, which is why he used that specific example.

    Wow, you know what? Once you know the facts you realize all of the hyperventilating bullshit reaction was really just… hyperventilating bullshit.

    • 914


    • retired.military

      Just like all the BS about Brad Pitt’s Mom. MS Chickenshit.

  • Hank_M

    Schools should use the Koran as a foundation?

    Wonder what the gay community thinks of this suggestion?
    Probably won’t go over too well with the feminists either.

    • Guest

      Naw, don’t believe the headline. It’s bullshit.

      • Pretty much anything from a politician pandering to a crowd is, oddly enough…

      • DERP ^7 !!!!!!!

        • retired.military

          DERP ^6 !!!!!!!

          • 914


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