Oh Mah Gawd Y’all! Britney Spears Is Hot Again!

Why was I not informed of this fact?

Britney Spears, who will be a judge on X-Factor this fall, tweeted out a bikini photo (shown below) the other day, and she’s not fat, bald or crazy any more.


She’s hot again…

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  • That doesn’t look like Britney Spears at all.

  • jim_m

    She’s hot again…

    Why? Does she live on the east coast with no power for her AC?

    • That’s a good one

  • Anon Y. Mous

    I understand that once these starlet types start putting on a few years, they like to start taking up with the younger guys, but I think she is really pushing the envelope here. Is she shooting the video for a remix of “3” or something?

    • jim_m

      She’s seeking a partner of equal maturity level.

  • LiberalNitemare

    I kinda liked her bald and crazy. She reminded me of my date for the prom.

    • 914

      Sinead O’connor?

  • I can see the not fat or bald, but I reserve the right to withhold judgement on the crazy.