Naked News Anchor Sharon Reed Didn’t Have LeBron James Baby

Deadspin and The Big Lead are reporting on a rumor that got started on a message board that former WOIO (Cleveland) anchor Sharon Reed was having a secret affair, and love child, with NBA superstar LeBron James. The story, by all accounts, seems to be just a rumor started on a message board.

What struck me was that Wizbang has a history with Reed. She threatened to sue us, and tried to get our site taken down, so I feel it’s my duty to remind the world why she was internet famous back in the day… She got naked on the 11pm news as a sweep week publicity stunt. You can read all about that (and see the pictures) here.

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  • GarandFan

    “Talent” appears to have a new definition.

  • jim_m

    Thank goodness you posted this. It was keeping me up nights worrying.

  • herddog505

    What a dish!


    Given the recent story about confidence in the news media falling, perhaps we’ll see more of this kind of thing. Hey, if MiniTru can’t bring in the viewers with content, perhaps they can bring ’em in with… um… the talent.

  • Commander_Chico

    Ha, ha, keep her in the public eye, maybe she’ll do a Playboy spread before it’s too late for her.

  • Wild_Willie

    I like to be kept abreast of the important items so I don’t look like an ass. A perfect ass I might add. ww

    • UOG

      Well said. Those are a couple of finely turned… ah… sentences.

  • Seen more attractive nudes on National Geographic –

  • Small minded hypocrites….it was art…the bold stuff Champions are made of. High profile dating is the norm in big market were people don”t hate the one they once claimed to love? Will we ever grow up to be a big city again! Or will we ever remain the mistake on the lake. Jealousy and self righteousness. is the real story. here.