Video Shows Florida Armed Robbery Foiled By Armed Patron

Score one for the good guys.

OCALA – The Internet cafe patron who shot and injured two men as they tried to rob the business will likely not face any criminal charges.

“Based on what I have seen and what I know at this time, I don’t anticipate filing any charges,” said Bill Gladson of the State Attorney’s Office for 5th Judicial Circuit.

Gladson said he has reviewed the security surveillance video from the cafe. While he still awaits final reports from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, he said the shooting appeared justified.

Samuel Williams, 71, who fired the shots, has a concealed weapons permit, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Under Florida law, a person is allowed to use deadly force if he or she fears death or serious injury to themselves or others. As long as the person isn’t committing a crime and is in a place where he or she has a right to be, they are considered to be acting within the law.

The Ocala Star-Banner identified the two attempted robbers, and interviewed one of them.

The Sheriff’s Office identified them as Davis G. Dawkins and Duwayne Henderson, both 19. Dawkins has a Dunnellon address. His alleged accomplice has an Ocala address, officials said.

Dawkins had a superficial wound in his left arm, but Henderson was shot in two places: his left buttock and his right hip.

“I feel horrible. It doesn’t feel good. It makes you think about life’s decisions, and how you should live your life,” Henderson said in an interview with the Star-Banner at the jail on Saturday afternoon.

Hours after his release from the hospital, Henderson, who talked about the pain he feels in his buttock and hip, said the plan was to “barge in, get the money and leave.” He said “he never expected anyone to be armed.”

“The gun was broken and rusty and wasn’t loaded. Nobody was going to get hurt,” he said, standing with crutches.

…Though Henderson said he doesn’t blame Williams for shooting, he takes exception with Williams shooting at him while he was down.

“I was down, and I’m not going to continue to shoot you,” he said.

He’s only lucky he still had the ability to run, because I’m pretty sure that Mr. Williams, based on the video, wasn’t going to stop firing until Henderson and his accomplice stopped moving.

H/T: GarandFan and Erika Johnsen

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  • Vagabond661

    They are lucky they came up against someone who either shot to wound or just missed. I don’t shoot to wound in those cases.

    • herddog505

      Yeah, center-of-mass is the way to go.

    • LiberalNightmare

      Shoot to wound is a fantasy. Aim center mass and let god worry about the details.

    • Brucehenry

      In how many cases have you shot someone to stop a crime from being committed? What’s your body count? How did the legal cases turn out?

      • jim_m

        4 basic rules about guns:

        1) All guns are always loaded (ie treat them that way)
        2) Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy
        3) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
        4) Be sure of your target (I have also heard this as be sure of your backstop, ie know where your bullet will end up)

        Vagabond’s statement is in line with #2. You don’t discharge your gun unless you are seriously willing to kill someone. It’s not a joke, it’s serious business.

        • 1. All guns are loaded until verified to be unloaded in your hands. All other weapons, including those previously cleared weapons not in your hands are presumed to be loaded.

          2. Never point the muzzle of the weapon at anything you do not wish to shoot. Keep the weapon pointed in a safe direction until taking aim at a target you intend to engage.

          Otherwise the same…

          • jim_m

            Agreed. But I have always taken rules 2-4 to be in effect even after you’ve cleared the weapon.

  • herddog505


    / sarc

    I believe that Mr. Williams was carrying a .380. While it worked in this case (i.e. it drove away the hoodlums before they could do anything more), I suggest that he consider carrying something with a little more “oomph”, such as a .38 Special +P or even a .45ACP.

    • fruitysudz

      doesn’t matter. a vital shot is more important than bullet size in most cases.

  • UOG

    First: great that a concealed carry permit holder was there.

    His last shot, directed out through the open doorway concerns me. If that was a miss who knows where the bullet came to rest. More time at a range would be a good idea.

    • SCSIwuzzy

      Yeah, my first thought was “I hope he has frangibles in that pocket poker”

  • Commander_Chico

    I’m a bad boy, I had a good laugh watching that.

    Props to grandpa, those were scary robbers terrorizing people. They deserved what they got, and the next ten years or so. Hope they have colostomy bags.

  • Lucky for him this didn’t happen in Sanford. Three months from now he’d be in a world of hurt.

    • Guest

      Not to worry – he can just lie to the judge to get reduced bail.

    • Guest

      Not to worry – he can just lie to the judge to get reduced bail.

      • Sky__Captain


    • Commander_Chico

      Um. except Trayvon wasn’t robbing anyone, he was just coming from a store after buying things.

      No comparison.

      • Idahoser

        he was casing houses for robbery

        • Commander_Chico

          Zero evidence of that, he was on a path from the 7-11 to the house he was staying in.

          • Idahoser

            no evidence? How about the neighborhood watch volunteer who was on the phone with the cops describing what he was doing before he was attacked?

      • DERP! DERP!!

      • Except Trayvon was committing assault and battery….

        there, fixed it for you.

      • mbecker908

        Trayvon attacks Zimmerman, Trayvon ends up dead. It’s a perfect world.

  • LiberalNightmare

    I sure hope that Mr. Williams isn’t a white Latino.

    • Guest

      Or a black 19 year old.

      • SCSIwuzzy

        If the president had a son…

        • jim_m

          He would have aborted him rather than be punished with a 3rd child. (who knows? maybe he did.)

      • Sky__Captain

        The racist has spoken, and he said “DERP!”

      • Vagabond661

        These kids were armed burglers. You shouldn’t compare them to Martin. That’s unfair to Martin.

        • Burglary is theft from unoccupied premises. This was an attempted Armed Robbery. It’s a pity the perpetrators survived.

        • teapartydoc

          Yeah Martin was an unarmed attempted murderer who got taken out by a concerned citizen.

      • jim_m

        Oh, So if a black person points a gun at you I will let him kill you. Thanks for the advice.

  • Sky__Captain

    IMO, lousy shooting.
    The first shot should have killed the perp. The perp didn’t see it coming, and was the guy’s best shot at bagging him.
    He definitely had poor form in his stance, and needs to spend more time at the range and/or with a shooting instructor. I give the guy props in that he must have made sure of his shots, as he didn;’t hit any bystanders. The last shot should never have been taken.
    All that being said, a good job in repelling the would-be robbers. Obviously, the perps had no plan on what to do if a CCW holder was present. This sort of situation is why CCW is effective in stopping crime.

    • jim_m

      It’s one thing to shoot at a paper target where you are stationary and so is the target. Here the target is moving, the shooter is moving and under a lot of stress. I’ll cut him some slack for the misses. (but you are correct about the last shot) Most of the time the facilities to really practice this kind of shooting are simply not available.

      • Sky__Captain

        Good points, especially about the stress of the situation.
        I just think his stance was not conducive to accurate shots. But then, how often do you REALLY practice shooting people?

        • Guest


          • DERP!
            The DERPY! one self identifies yet again!
            Ipse dixit!

    • CO2isGood

      LOL..armchair generals,

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  • emrengineer

    ““The gun was broken and rusty and wasn’t loaded. Nobody was going to get hurt,”
    Yup, point a gun at somebody and it doesn’t matter what it looks like, always assume that it is loaded and works.
    “…Though Henderson said he doesn’t blame Williams for shooting, he takes exception with Williams shooting at him while he was down.
    “I was down, and I’m not going to continue to shoot you,” he said.”
    He tried to get back up, I guess Williams should have divined that the gun didn’t work and that he wasn’t going to return fire.
    As I have taught my children, if somebody breaks into the house, don’t shoot them once, empty the clip into them. Too often, one shot, if not placed well, will only piss them off. But, ten rounds of 40S&W hollow points, even if poorly placed, usually takes the fight out of them.

    • ElmondoH

      No joke! That statement made me literally “arrrrrrrgh!” out loud because it was so *whiny*. “I was down and I’m not going to continue to shoot you”?? HOW THE HELL WAS THE PATRON SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT? Keep in mind, Mr. Henderson that *YOU* were the one who walked into the cafe brandishing a gun and that *YOU* were the one willing to display what looked like lethal force just to get money.
      In that old man’s shoes, I would’ve done the same thing. Except I wouldn’t have been aiming for your butt.
      It’s good that both the kids are rethinking their life, but at least one of them still has a way to go yet.

    • Walk in with intent to rob – brandishing a gun, whether loaded or not – and you don’t have all call to gripe about the treatment you receive.

      “Well, you weren’t supposed to fight back!” – The cry of the bully everywhere, when the victims have enough.

  • An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.
    Robert A. Heinlein

  • retired.military

    To jay:

    And here we have Grumpy AKA MR Lying chickenshit bullshitter playing the race card yet again proving exactly what I said about his sorry ass yesterday. Sure glad he isnt voting for the same person I am.

  • What I’m seeing is an old white guy perforating a couple of children of color (who of course are underprivileged because aren’t they all?).


    Old White Guy = 2

    Children of Color = 0

    The natural order of things.

    • jim_m

      What is shown is a private citizen defending himself and his fellow citizens against two thugs. Race doesn’t enter into it at any point.

      • When was the last time you read or saw a story about an old black guy perforating a couple of children of pallor? Hypocrite or stupid — those are your choices.

        • ElmondoH

          This is obviously a Moby posting.

        • Dislike

        • jim_m

          You don’t hear about that because, statistically, they are too busy shooting each other. The great hypocrisy of the left is that they are all upset when a White man shoots a Black man but they could care less about the thousands of Blacks murdered by other Blacks.

      • ElmondoH

        Correct. If they were white, this would still have the same fundamental facts: 2 armed assailants, 1 armed potential victim fighting back. If they were hispanic, the fundamentals would be the same. If they were Asian, Inuit, or Martian, the fundamentals would be the same… although the Martians might be armed with something a lil different… 😉

        But, jokes aside, the crux of the story is two armed assailants and a single armed victim. That’s it. The rest is irrelevant detail.

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  • Bill Gryan

    Put that racist shooter in jail! Why didn’t he take the time to ask them if the gun was rusty? Justice for Davis and Duwayne!

    • Donald Magnusen

      “Why didn’t he take the time to ask them if the gun was rusty?”

      This is brilliant, and exactly what you typically hear from the perps/family after these events.. Thank you.

  • If Obama had a son, he’d look like . . .

  • Note the behavior of the other patrons – one immediately assumes the ‘New York position’ (hands held high) and another hunches over and attempts to hide under a counter. Once the gunfire begins, a woman just STANDS THERE with her hands over her ears and then proceeds to walk (almost) into the line of fire. The rest of the sheep simply cower and pretend not to notice. Thank God there was a sheepdog present to attack the wolves. Folks, think about it – what would *you* do in a similar situation? I’ve seen videos of people ‘hiding behind their cell phones’ during similar events. Not many with a survivor’s mindset.

  • Doug Santo

    My hat goes off to Mr. Williams. He took a stand for himself and his fellow citizens.
    Doug Santo
    Pasadena, CA

  • ronwf

    “’The gun was broken and rusty and wasn’t loaded. Nobody was going to get hurt,’ he said, standing with crutches.”

    This country will be able to count itself more civilized when people like Henderson have a reasonable expectation that if they do something like this, someone WILL get hurt – THEM!

    “…Though Henderson said he doesn’t blame Williams for shooting, he takes
    exception with Williams shooting at him while he was down. ‘I was down, and I’m not going to continue to shoot you,’ he said.”

    If you still have the gun in your hands he has and should not have any expectation that your statement is true. If you have a gun in your hand, the presumption is that you are going to use it.

  • Samuel Williams is an American Hero, and those thugs will likely think TWICE before they act like animals again.

  • teapartydoc


  • PBunyan

    If Obama had a son he’d look like Dawkins and Henderson.

    Edit: I see SCSlwuzzy beat me to this observation. It was the first thing that came to my mind and I posted before I read the whole thread.

  • geoh777

    “Henderson … takes exception with Williams shooting at him while he was down.”

    So, the violent criminals are laying down the rules of engagement now?

    • You didn’t know? Started in November 2008.
      Why do you think we have the “Heroic Restraint Medal” now?

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  • Thugs get plugged.

  • svfoxhotmail

    Yea all of you tough guys woulda turned your guns over and cried ‘Don’t shoot Don’t shoot. I have a family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t shoot please’