ABC’s “Yes, You’ve Got The Right Person” Quote Disputed

James Holmes booking photo (Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office)

The family of accused mass murders James Holmes issued a statement via San Diego attorney Lisa J. Damiani about ABC News’ much repeated “Yes, you’ve got the right person” quote from the early aftermath of the shooting at the Dark Knight Rises showing in Aurora Colorado. They dispute that she identified her son as the shooter, and that she was acknowledging his participation or guilt. From NBC:

On Monday, Arlene Holmes wanted to explain her comments made to ABC News early Friday. Damiani read the following statement:

“I was awakened by a call from a reporter from ABC Media on July 20 about 5:45 a.m. I did not know anything about a shooting in Aurora at that time. He asked if I was Arlene Holmes and if my son was James Holmes who lives in Aurora, Colorado. I answered ‘Yes, you have the right person.’ I was referring to myself. I asked him to tell me why he was calling and he told me about a shooting in Aurora. He asked for a comment. I told him I could not comment because I did not know if the person he was talking about was my son and I would need to find out.”

Damiani said the family wanted to reiterate their condolences for the victims in the shooting. No other details were divulged.

The ABC reporter stands by his reporting. I’m sure Brian Ross was standing behind his story too…

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  • GarandFan

    Given that ABC has such high credibility – I’ll go with her explanation. Some are making a big deal out of the conversation not being recorded – FYI, I think that it’s a criminal offense in most states if you haven’t told the other party that you’re recording the call. And how many of us would answer questions if called a 5am, with the announcement ‘This call is being recorded’.

  • Based on their track record with story, I’d have to go with “ABC deliberately misreported the quote.” They lied – AGAIN – and they just don’t care.

  • Considering that Arlene Holmes was asleep at the time that she was called, and that she knew nothing about the shooting at that time, her explanation of what happened during the call makes more sense than the explanation given by the ABC employee.

    • Commander_Chico

      Sad to inflict pain on the mother by twisting her words and exposing her to hatred by suggesting she knew this was going to happen.

  • p0rkch0pian

    Brian Ross and his sidekick (who misquoted the shooter’s Mom) should be treated gently: Tatoo “The Taliban Sucks” on their foreheads, then deposit them in the meanest part of Talibanland. There. That should just about do it.

  • jim_m

    It appears that Dowdification is now standard practice in the MSM.