No, James Holmes Wasn’t An Occupy Member

In our tips e-mail we received this breathless assertion:


More Signs Point to James E. Holmes As Occupy ‘Black Bloc’ Member He Plotted to Kill Cops With Firebombs Just Like Black Bloc Chicago.


We have no idea who Private Investigator Bill Warner is, but if his day work is as shoddy as his “exclusive” I pity those who hire him. He’s making a connection right out of the Brian Ross school of journalism. This claim is debunked at Democratic Underground (where the first erroneous report of a Tea Party connection appeared) of all places:

This rumor that’s going around seems to have two sources. The first is speculation from a private detective somewhere who noted that the villain of “The Dark Knight Rises” is modeled after OWS (which is false, as Nolan conceived the film before OWS), and therefore Holmes is an OWS anarchist who wanted to “stick it to the man.” Don’t ask me to explain the logic of that; I can’t. But that’s what he said, and right wingers are running with it.

The second source is a guy on Twitter who found a video praising OWS with accompanying music by one “James Willie Holmes.” A bit of research showed that this James Holmes wrote his first song 13 years before the Aurora shooter was born.

By all accounts Holmes appears to be apolitical, and nothing about his actions smacks of any political motive. The explanation about the explosives we offered the other day makes far more sense, and it matches up much better with newer details about his booby-trapped apartment.

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  • CapitalG

    You don’t even mention Occupy Wall Street’s own website admitting he was an Occupier (then somebody realized they shouldn’t admit such a thing and the post was taken down). That seems odd. It’s like you are ignoring facts to push a lie.

    • Jay Jefferson

      That’s what Occupy’s all about, in case you haven’t noticed. “Drop the radical pose to achieve the radical ends,” right out of Van Jones’ playbook. Except with all of the violence, rape, murder, rioting, and bombing attempts, OWS isn’t even doing a very good job of following through on that.

    • aefwefwrefwerf

      I saw that post myself. They admitted it and there are pictures out there of showing him being hauled off by cops at rallies in San Diego. SO yes he was a member of OWS. What makes the author the expert to say he is not in the face of overwhelming proof.

      • Would you care to provide the URLs to such photos?

        One alleged photo of Holmes is of a bearded man ( , and the person could easily be someone else.

        That particular photo was posted by a “Free Republic” blogger, who has since then changed his mind and said that the person in the photo is not James E. Holmes:

        “I am going to put this at the top, though it refers to Update 6, where I posted a Reuters image captured October 1, 2011 on the Brooklyn Bridge of a protester that appears in the YouTube video I have found so curious. The clarity of this image leads me to conclude, contrary to what I have believed the past several days, that the protester that appears when James W. Holmes sings “hate is on the rise” is not James E. Holmes. It appears that all of this is just a weird thing on the internet.

        I apologize to the man being taken by the police for associating him with a mass murderer. I also apologize for associating OWS with James E. Holmes with images and opinions I posted below. I sincerely regret my mistakes.” – frithguild

        • LOL- to bad for you the man in the beard does happen to be the shooter . But hey why lets facts get in the way now ! after 10 years of spreading liberal lies there is no turning back now right ?

          • The guy with the beard being dragged away by police is Ari Cowen.

          • zen

            Correct, this isn’t Holmes. Holmes nonetheless is probably an Occupier.

    • johnny appleseed

      Umm, the post on the OWS site was made in an open forum by someone who joined the day of the posting, and it consisted of nothing more than a link to the speculative article written by the FL investigator. That’s hardly the same as OWS confirming any connection to the guy.

    • Google images still has that OWS post that you are referring to ( ), and you didn’t read that post carefully.

      It is true that someone posted a claim that James E. Holmes was a OWS member. However, the OWS organization did not say that Holmes was a member. I concur with what johnny appleseed said.

    • I saw the screenshot of that on Bill Warner’s site – it was posted on the OWS site by some person named “ajmacdonaldjr” – go ahead and google that moniker yourself and you can check out the caliber of his rhetoric. He, in turn, is referencing Bill Warner’s site. Is it biased investigation when your “proof” lies in a user-submitted commented which is actually referencing back to you? I mean, seriously.

  • Commander_Chico

    Every time a nut goes wild, everyone tries to characterize him as on the “other team.”

    • CapitalG

      Perhaps we are just following the lead of the media? Every time a muslim goes nuts and shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ before killing Americans we are told to not be judgmental and if you do judge then you are a racist anti-muslite.

      Of course when some freak job shoots Gabby Giffords the media trips over itself trying to blame the TEA Party, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. They did it here as well – ABC News found a guy named James Holmes who joined the TEA PArty. He MUST be a terrorist they declared! Oops – wrong guy. Maybe they should CHECK THEIR FACTS before reporting such ‘breaking news’.

      If the media doesn’t have to check their facts and can make wild accusations based on partisan hopes why shouldn’t everybody else?

    • Joe Lagle

      Wow, I actually agree with chico on this…. must be cool breeze in hell.

    • jim_m


      Have GOP politicians come 0out and accused OWS? Have real conservative media people come out and accused the left (apart from the arguably tongue in check Breitbart story)?

      Nobody knows who this Bill Warner is, but lots of people know who Brian Ross is. If the left has to scratch up some nobody to claim “look, your side does it too!” that’s pretty pathetic and it is nothing more than an effort to excuse their own calumny.

    • 914

      Project much?

  • Sky__Captain

    As was pointed out elsewhere on the web and bears repeating everywhere – we know more about James Holmes’ college years than we know about Barack Hussein Obama’s.

    • But Barry Hussein Soetoro is a muslim communist, so it’s OK. Carry on my wayward son.

  • Yer. Activist knew this was coming when the UN arms treaty was starting
    to hit the press. Neo Cons just sat on there hands and pointed and said
    conspiracy nuts. Well here we are now and the neo-cons are blaming

    All one has to do is follow the trail, and watch the outcome, and ask, who wants this outcome and why?

    People want to be able to choose.

    This James Holmes screwed it for everyone on the OWS side, they hate
    him and couldnt say a single good thing about his actions, it just
    doesnt make sense.. James was a very good boy, and followed all the
    rules, no real sign of dissidence, public disruptions, and scored
    fantastic grades in a very questionable field that lends it self so
    strongly to the leftist theory’s of the exposed documented MK ultra mind
    control experiments.. Before this sad event and shocking discovery of his darker side, he came across as the perfect student and citizen in every way.

    He received money from a government grant NIH that funded the purchase
    of some very hard to get hardware he somehow accrued. He was a student
    of neuroscience and we are not seeing any history of bomb making or
    anything that points to any expertise in engineering. From the sounds
    of it his apartment, it was a Pandora’s box of explosives.

    anything James whole environment, living space, his actions when he
    murdered a so many movie goers, is so loudly a political stunt that
    lends itself up for taking for both sides to say their “I told you so”.
    IMO his crime is by design. However, its not any liberty movement that
    stands to gain any ground, please remember this.

    • You obviously don’t know what Pandora’s Box refers to. Your argument is invalid.

  • Vagabond661

    Can we just waterboard this piece of filth?

    • No.

      He’s a United States Citizen subject to U. S. Laws and thus enjoys U. S. legal protections.

  • Dencal26

    When I first saw the Occupy photo it did not resemble the Holmes photo at all. But the photo in court of Holmes at the NY Post right now looks VERY similar to the Occupy guy in the Video.

    • The Occupy photo is of Ari Cowen.

      • Dencal26

        Thanks for clarifying

  • This article is a lame attempt to cover up the FACT that the occupy movement already admitted James Holmes was an OWS, occupy, scumbag…

    What the hell is wrong with you vile, ignorant, left wing scumbags?

  • Well, there is a James williE Holmes that posted a black bloc video on youtube, with some guy in there that looks somewhat similar to him. But that’s not really the kicker. The kicker is- THEY CLAIMED HIM ON THEIR FORUMS AS A MEMBER.

    But sure as shit deleted it when they realized he would get them all killed too. And, wouldn’t you know it, thanks to the wonders of internet caching, that’s not a problem. So Doug Dick, can you hear us now?

  • I am far from a OWS supporter. Indeed, I tend to mock OWS. Yet, this allegation that the Aurora shooter was active in OWS protests is based on flimsy evidence at best. As I and johnny appleseed have already stated, OWS didn’t say that the shooter was one of theirs. Someone posted such a claim in a OWS forum and provided a link to the website of that PI whom Doug mentions in his post above.

    As much as I would like to link the Aurora shooter to OWS, I cannot do so based on the evidence I have seen thus far, and I have searched for evidence of such a link.

    • It’s like a sockpuppet convention in here. Thanks smacking them around. Apparently they believe that if the repeat a story enough it will become true.

      • I don’t believe that I am smacking anyone around. I actually tried to confirm the claim that Holmes had been an active member of OWS.

        Sometimes an author can be lacking evidence that others have. So, when a reader response with a claim of evidence, I take a look at the evidence.

        In this particular case, I found that the alleged evidence was lacking. The problem with the OWS claim is that Holmes’ activities during the last 2 years are well known, because he was in southern California completing a Master’s degree and starting work in a doctoral program in Colorado. In other words, he has an alibi that refutes the OWS claim.

        Again, I am not a supporter of OWS. If Holmes were linked to OWS, then I would not hesitate to say so.

        • By smacking around I actually meant (metaphoricaly) doing so with intormation. At the time I published the piece none of those pieces of information were available to me. If by some magical circumstance I was wrong based on information that came out afterward I would say so. Like you I’m no OWS fan.

  • Point of Information: The Wall Street Journal has published a story about the shooter which contains information about his background.

    How could the shooter have been involved in a OWS protest in Brooklyn (as the alleged photo of him depicts) when he was busy earning a Master’s degree, and entering a doctoral program out in southern California?

    • Occupy is also active in southern California and Denver. Meanwhile, Occupy also was idiotic enough to declare solidarity with Oscar Ortega, the man who shot up the White House with designs on Obama’s life….

  • sn0w60ard3r

    Really. Warner, the “detective” himself stated that Holmes moved to Colorado in 2010?? Really while he was still attending college at the
    University of California. Secondly. Holmes enrolled in and attended
    college at the University of Colorado in the fall of 2011. Occupy
    Wallstreet first hit the streets on Sept 17 2011. how is that Holmes
    is in 2 places at the same time? Not once but twice!!!! This “guy”
    Warner could have claimed that Holmes was into Pornography in Sweden and
    you all would have believed it. Do your OWN freaking research people.
    It isn’t that hard!!!! Oh also another picture of a guy arrested that these religious nuts are stating is Holmes in San Diego is really a guy named Ari Cowen getting arrested in Brooklyn, for you slow gullible people, — that is 2700+ miles away!!! Really??? Let me guess Warner probably let Mohammad Atta into the country after doing investigative work on him – this is probably why Warner does NOT work for the FBI. That is JUST TERRIBLE investigative research

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