White Hispanic Ted Cruz wins Republican Senate primary run-off in Texas

I just flew into Washington and boy are my arms tired

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your next Senator from Texas and budding conservative superstar – Ted Cruz.  Cruz beat Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination where he will now crush his Democrat opponent in the general election.  I voted for him twice.  Once back in the Presidential primary and once again today.  This ain’t Chicago.

Ted is a white Hispanic, his parents having fled Cuba.  Imagine!  Fleeing a communist paradise to live with discrimination and no free health care in Texas.  They don’t come any whiter than that.

All kidding aside, Ted is rock solid and a rock star.  He made up 35 points in the polls over the past two or three months and will be a steady conservative voice in Washington.  Congratulations, now make me proud.

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  • GarandFan

    Okay. Now will the MSM advise us on: Sexual preference, religious affiliation, recreational drugs of choice, favorite color, amount of money in the bank, pets, favorite perversion….

    You know, the really important stuff.

    • Commander_Chico

      Well, we already know he’s a “white Hispanic.”

  • I actually feel represented now. Its a nice feeling.

  • jim_m

    This is a lie. I know that it cannot possibly be correct because we have been told continually by the media and by the lefty trolls here that the TEA Party is dead and has spent all its influence.

    I know that Ted Cruz really lost the election and this is just a prank. Hugh_G and others will be coming around shorty to gloat at how gullible we all were to think that the TEA Party would be able to influence an election.

    • Irish_Mist

      Well here I am at your crazed request.

      It’s Texas, they even rejected the candidate of their far right tinfoil wearing governor for someone with more tin foil and more to the right of their governor. It’s Texas, remember it’s Texas.
      The Tea Part is very capable – of influencing goofballs. Remember – it’s Texas we’re talking about Jim.

      Now you have 2 token Hispanics to hyperventilate about.

      • jim_m

        I will leave having people as tokens based on their race to the left. That is how you think. Don’t assume that everyone else thinks in your racist mode.

      • In which state do you reside?

  • Jake

    As a proud Obama voter and Texan, I’m extremely pleased that Cruz won this. The ads Dewhurst were running were the stereotype of everything that made me turn from the Republican party. The absolutely ridiculous fearmongering on display in those ads was stunning, and the quantity was flat out overwhelming. I’m pleased that the truly distasteful guy won’t be on the ticket. I’d still like to see a Democrat win something in Texas (ha ha ha), but at least now the truly vile candidate won’t be an option. Dewhurst’s rejection makes me proud to be a Texan.

  • AAA A

    So does that mean that President Fox is a white Mexican?

    you people are so silly, Hispanics come in all colors