Up is Down: Media Ignores Romney’s Successes in Overseas Trip

What was the most striking thing about Mitt Romney’s overseas trip this week? Says Powerline, the most striking thing is the “hypercritical” coverage given the trip by the American press. In what could only be seen by an unbiased person as a success, Romney’s trip has instead been reported as a gaffe-filled mess.

Romney’s non-controversy comments about the Olympics aside, the worst part of the coverage was all the attention the Old Media lavished on the absurd claim from a member of the Palestinian Authority that Romney was a “racist” for his comments about Israeli culture in comparison to Palestinian.

In a very well received speech to fundraisers in Jerusalem, Romney noted that there is a “dramatic, stark difference in economic vitality” between Israel and the Palestinian held areas.

In citing the work of author David Landes, who wrote the book The Wealth and Poverty of Nations, Romney said, “If you could learn anything from the economic history of the world, it’s this: Culture makes all the difference.”

“As I come here and I look out over this city and consider the accomplishments of the people of this nation, I recognize the power of at least culture and a few other things.”

This is a no-brainer comment. It is flat out obvious that the nihilistic, violent culture of PLA held areas is not conducive to prosperity. Who cannot see this? Most everyone in Israel saw this as a no-brainer and Romney’s speech was widely hailed as welcome sentiment compared to the arms-length treatment they’ve gotten from President Obama.

Powerline also notes that there are parallels elsewhere. This culture question is correct, “much as America’s culture explains its economic advantages over Mexico.” For that matter, Canada’s culture explains its success over Mexico’s.

But the Old Media focused entirely on the so-called “outrage” of the Palestinians over what they call Romney’s “racist” comments instead of Romney’s successes.

It seems amazing that anyone ever reports on Palestinian “outrage,” to be sure. When are Palestinians not “outraged” over one thing or another?

Powerline goes on to say, “The Palestinian objection was silly, and here is a news flash for American media: Romney isn’t angling for the Palestinian-American vote.”

The media establishment also gave short shrift to the warm welcome Romney received in Poland. I suppose that Lech Walesa giving Romney a warm endorsement doesn’t mean much to the American Media. Walesa’s just a Cold War hero, is all, but probably one most of the media never heard of.

If Romney didn’t understand it before, he’s got to understand now that the American media will do anything it can to destroy him in order to help Barack Obama to get reelected.

Finally, it must be noted that Obama has never visited Israel as President. One has to wonder why that is?

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  • 914

    “Finally, it must be noted that Obama has never visited Israel as President. One has to wonder why that is?”

    Must be against his religion or something..Whatever it is?

    • jim_m

      One has to wonder why that is?”

      Probably because he can’t figure out where the capital is.

  • ackwired

    Modern “journalism” is all about controversy. Controversy in entertaining and increases readership, viewers, and revenues. Politicians need to be super-sensitive about saying anything that can be turned into controversy. It does not happen to only Mit (remember Obama’s “You didn’t make that?). But Mit’s a smart guy. He’ll get better as he goes along.

    • 914

      Obummer just gets dumber and dummer..

  • Commander_Chico

    Getting lambasted as #AmericanBorat and #Romneyshambles in the UK seems to outweigh his successful asskissing and fundraising in Israel. (Fundraising in a foreign country!!!) Also, the London media is in English, the Polish media is in Polish, so of course there is more attention to things in the UK.

    Funny how all you guys were ripping Romney as a RINO a couple months ago. Chico predicted back then that you would all fall into line for this schmuck obediently.

    • retired.military

      Chico you are a tool. We still rip Romney as being a RINO and we still dont like him. However, he is ABO so we will vote for him. Unlike you who talk your oligaphy mess and then happily vote for Obama.

      • Commander_Chico

        You’re going with this clown without character.

        Obama is a weak and mediocre tool of the banks, Romney is all out for himself.

        • 914

          Just because Romney is not my first choice does not change the fact that Obama is the non choice!!

        • Better a ‘clown without character’ – and having looked at Romney’s history I wouldn’t mind having him or his like as neighbors at all – than the current incumbent walking disaster.

          For someone who doesn’t much care for Obama, as you say, you’re sure going all-out shilling for him.

          “Obama is a weak and mediocre tool of the banks,”

          Damning with faint praise, eh? LOL…

          • Commander_Chico

            Chico hates chickenhawkery more than just about anything, and Romney reeks of it.

          • Right.

            Keep trying those talking points. They’re not working like you hope – maybe you’ll find better ones.

            But I don’t think so.

          • jim_m

            Chico looks desperately for an excuse to support obama and finds it under every rock he lifts (right under Harry Reid).

        • jim_m

          Yeah but you will still vote for obama in the end.

    • Chico, I’d vote for you if you were the only alternative to that which we have ruling us now.

      • Yep. Me too.

        (Cynthia McKinney, though… the Green candidate? Eh… that’d be a hard one to decide. Based on how she performed here in GA, she’s just barely this side of certifiable. Truther, decided bigot – I might actually have to flip a coin on that one.)

  • Rance Frayger

    Since the “Lame Stream Media” let us all down, here is your chance to enlighten us all. Please list the top 3 successes of Romney on his trip.

    • 914

      1. He wasn’t Obama

      2.) He did not bow to a dictator

      3.) He did not lose 300,000 more jobs while playing golf!!

    • jim_m

      He was endorsed by Lech Walesa. Walesa refused to meet with obama.

      He received a resounding ovation in Israel by being able to state where the capital is (something obama is incapable of doing apparently).

      His reception from the Israeli Prime Minister was everything but an endorsement. obama is barely on speaking terms with anyone in the Isreali government,

      If you take the views of our once and hopefully future allies into account, Romney’s trip was a great success. You don’t make trips to please the MSM. You make them to improve foreign relations. Romney did that and we will reap the benefits once he;s elected.

  • SCSIwuzzy

    Meanwhile, the sun rose in the east today. Unexpectedly.