Once Again CNN Fans Flames of Racism in Election Coverage

We now know that the Old Media has arrived at a two-pronged attack on Mitt Romney in order to help Barack Obama win a second term. The first is repeating false claims that Romney is a tax evader — thereby playing on his wealth to agitate reg’lr folks — and the second is that old standby “racism.” This week CNN perpetrated the second trick claiming that Obama’s race is “reigniting” America’s racist whites to work against him and his fellow minorites.

During a segment of CNN’s Starting Point with Zoraida Sambolin, that old corpse of Jim Crow-like racism was once again raised like a zombie from the grave. Sambolin speculated that voter ID laws are “reigniting some of these old prejudices” because they are “an effort to suppress the minority vote.”
Host Zoraida Sambolin set the tone of racism for the segment right at the top by introducing the left’s wiled-eyed claims that voter ID laws are just an excuse to suppress minorities.

Sambolin: With America’s first black president up for re-election this November, the conversation about voting rights has been reignited. Thirty states are currently enforcing some form of voter ID law which many civil rights advocates say is an effort to suppress the minority vote.

Later she asked the panel, “Do you think that having an African American president is actually reigniting some of these old prejudices?”

Naturally, CNN’s Sambolin is merely parroting the extreme left’s rhetoric about voter ID laws because as it turns out, as recently as last April, it was found that 70% of Americans agree that voter ID laws are a good idea.

Overall, 70 percent of Americans say voter ID laws are needed to stop illegal voting. That’s far more than the 26 percent who see the laws as a hindrance to legal voting.

An overwhelming 87-percent majority of Republicans say voter ID laws are necessary to ensure only eligible voters participate in elections. Some 74 percent of independents and 52 percent of Democrats agree.

But instead of dealing with facts, CNN plies the left’s agenda-driven narrative to smear good, honest Americans that simply want to see some integrity brought back to our electoral system. There isn’t anything remotely racist about that.

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  • 914

    No ID, no voting period. Black president or not..

  • GarandFan

    “Do you think that having an African American president is actually reigniting some of these old prejudices?”

    I don’t know Zoraida, but on a similar vein, how does it feel to be equipped to be a prostitute?

  • jim_m

    The racism is all on the left (surprise) because the people being disenfranchised are blacks, where dem politicians are reaping multimillion dollar rewards in federal graft.

    That’s why the case of Greene County is so significant. Blacks make
    up 81.5% of county residents. The median household income is $26,131,
    just above the federal poverty line. As a result, the county receives
    more than $80 million from the federal government, making elected
    leaders powerful figures. And in this case, also corrupt politicians.

    Minority voters — the very people the Justice Department is claiming
    to protect in the current voter-ID cases — were the ones disenfranchised
    in Greene County. Yet two prominent civil-rights organizations, the
    NAACP and Southern Christian Leadership Conference, sided with the
    fraudsters instead of the voters.

    The argument that it is racist or suppresses the vote is
    belied by figures showing no effect or, alternatively, an actual rise in
    voter participation where implemented.

    Take Georgia and Indiana, the two states with the strictest voter ID
    laws in the country: In 2008, Georgia had its largest turnout in
    history, second-highest increase in the nation, including a huge boost
    in Democratic voters (compared to 2004). Indiana’s turnout was the
    fifth-largest increase nationwide, and there was a very large boost in
    Democratic voter participation in all 50 states.

    The only way the dems can retain power is to eliminate democracy. They will stop at nothing because if they fail they will have no power. If they succeed democracy will have been so subverted anyway that whatever vestiges remain are meaningless so it doesn’t matter how much damage is done.

  • Harmon

    CNN must have used one their pollsters to figure out the anniversary of the voting rights act on that banner.

  • ackwired

    I’m happy to learn that the R’s are so altruistic. I had assumed that voter ID laws would help the R’s win elections and that the lack of them would help the D’s win elections. It’s nice to learn that the R’s “simply want some integrity brought back to our electoral system.”

    • herddog505

      We’re funny that way.

      We also want felons locked up NOT because they tend to vote democrat, but because we think that society in general is safer with those villains behind bars.

      We want a strong defense NOT because most military members and vets vote (R), but because we worry about the security of our country and its allies.

      Unlike, apparently, dems who see EVERYTHING through the prism of electoral advantage.

      Or do you like an election system that’s so easy to defraud?

      • retired.military

        Or do you like an election system that’s so easy to defraud?”

        Do you have to ask a democrat that? Why do you think they work so hard to make sure that anyone who shows up or doesnt show votes whether they can do so legally or not.

      • ackwired

        Let’s just say that I think the holier than thou attitude is very disingenuous.

        • herddog505

          Strange. The dems seemed quite “holier than thou” when they were accusing Diebold of throwing the election in (IIRC) Ohio for Bush.

          I will agree that election fraud becomes a hot issue when one thinks that his side is the one suffering from it; given the activities of ACORN and the close elections that have – it’s magic! – gone to dems when ballots have mysteriously been found, I think it’s easy to understand why Republicans feel that way at present.

          But let’s say that this concern over election fraud IS a mere pose. Is there something fundamentally wrong with asking people to produce ID to vote, in the same way that they must do so to get a drink, a pack of smokes, a credit card, etc?

          • ackwired

            I absolutely agree about the D’s being just as phony in their arguments.

          • Gmacr1

            Case in point, why did is Al Franken a senator? In cases being tried there right now, over 300 convicted felons behind bars are having aditional time added to their sentences because they were caught AFTER THE FACT.

    • jim_m

      I had assumed that voter ID laws would help the R’s win elections and that the lack of them would help the D’s win elections.

      You are absolutely correct in your assumption. Not only do he dems need fraud to hold on to power, but they disenfranchise minorities whilst doing so. Every argument they make against voter ID is precisely what they are doing.

      It’s classic projection. “Voter ID is racist!” while they disenfranchise blacks so they can loot the public treasury. “Voter ID is vote suppression!” except that voting goes up where it is implemented.

      When you make voting count people want to vote. That’s another thing the dems don’t want. They really don’t want people voting.

    • retired.military

      t’s nice to learn that the R’s “simply want some integrity brought back to our electoral system.””

      Where as dems want to win no matter what. IE the Bain ad, the Romney tax return crap, etc etc etc.

    • 914

      Well, yeah.. The cost of lying and cheating is way too high.. Without the cheating there would be no Obamacare/death panels.. Without the fraud gas would be way less then 3.90 a gallon. Cheaters cheat, it’s what they do.

      So yep, the integrity has been missing in elections and will be again in November..

    • Yeah, I mean. Making sure someone doesn’t win or lose through fake votes – how dishonest is THAT?

      • Jwb10001

        it’s holier than thou don’t ya know.

  • herddog505

    On the plus side, not many people watch CNN.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    I read the headline on this post and figured CNN ran that Allen West ad. My bad.

  • Hank_M

    “…many civil rights advocates say is an effort to suppress the minority vote.”

    Absolutely ridiculous!!

    But if it’s true, then the dems are as guilty of this as anyone.
    Just recently, the Ma State Democrat Convention required a photo ID to vote.
    Hell, even Mrs Obama required a photo id and SS number before people were allowed to attend a book signing she held in June.

    There’s one reason and one reason only for opposing voter id.
    It makes voter fraud easier to accomplish and allows the dems to steal more elections.

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