MSNBC’s Maddow Divines ‘Racism’ In Romney Ad

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC is sure that Mitt Romney’s recent campaign ad is “racist.” How does she know? Well, she can’t point to anything substantive that proves it, so she has to feel that it’s racist and since she feels it, it must be so.

The ad under Maddow’s cross-eyed microscope, titled “Right Choice,” speaks to Obama’s quiet and quasi illegal gutting of the welfare reform law that was signed into effect by Bill Clinton back in 1996.


In 1996 President Clinton and a bipartisan Congress helped end welfare as we know it by requiring work for welfare. But on July 12, President Obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. Under Obama’s plan, you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job. They just send you your welfare check. And welfare to work goes back to being plain old welfare. Mitt Romney will restore the work requirement, because it works.

But to Maddow this is all “racism.” How is an ad that talks about the gutting of a law duly passed by Congress and signed by a Democrat President a “racist” ad? Well, it just, you know, like totally is and stuff.

Here is how, on her August 7 show, Maddow explained… or tried to explain, her racist feelings.

But it is also a blunt allusion to the populist, racist politics of white economic racial resentment. And the Romney campaign has to know it, they’re not dumb. Which means that, frankly, they are so worried about continued discussion of Mitt Romney’s tax returns that they would rather change the subject to just exactly how overtly racist their new ad campaign is instead. That means they’re worried.

What is most amusing about Mz Maddow’s point, here, is that Obama’s attempt to get the nation to worry about Mitt Romney’s tax return is itself the change of subject. Obama is desperate to talk about anything other than what he is doing in office. Is Romney’s tax return relevant to the campaign? Not really. Is Obama’s gutting of a sixteen-year-old entitlement reform law relevant to the campaign? You bet it is. But, hey, let’s not talk about relevant things, shall we?

But let’s discuss this “obvious” racism that Maddow can see in her crystal ball. She says it is an ad filled with innuendo and this sly, unstated racism and that this makes it “obvious” racism. So, something that is “obvious, dog-whistle racism,” as she called the ad later in the show, has to push its racism by innuendo? If you have to read code words and innuendo into something to find racism, is it really that “obvious”?

This is the left’s favorite tactic, saying that “code words” and innuendo and guesswork amount to “obvious” racism. When you get right down to it, the left claims that any questioning of an African American is a “racist” attack. For a perfect example of this sort of anti-intellectual base assumption, a pair of “professors” recently put out a report on how to see racism in every ad Romney has ever put out. These two pointy-headed profs see racism in everything Romney says about Obama, everything he does in his campaign.

It must be awfully easy to be a liberal. One need not actually pay attention to facts. One need not actually use his brain to think about what someone is saying. All one need do is throw that messy “thinking” business out the window and assume that everything is “racism.” It is simply replacing thoughtful consideration with emotion and kneejerk reactions in a process that takes any intellectual exercise right out of the mix. This base assumption makes thinking unnecessary and Maddow proved this maxim quite well on her show.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough that this bill was one signed into law by Bill Clinton. Remember him? The one African American liberals said was “the first black president“? Here is a photo of when he signed that bill.

Bill Clinton signs welfare reform in 1996

I suppose the African American women standing on either side of President Clinton, the “first black president,” were “obvious” racists, too?

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  • GarandFan

    Maddow, just another whore for Obama. I can just “feel ” it!

  • Brucehenry

    Funny criticism coming from a guy who claimed to see a gold tooth that wasn’t there.

    • 914

      Gold tooth? !? Allen West??

      • Brucehenry

        No, Warner, not you.

  • sarby7

    Wow; “pointy-headed profs” — that’s exactly the words of such luminaries as George Wallace, Strom Thurmon, the KKK and other racist monsters of the 60s. I’m guessing you line up, morally and intellectually, with them. Fascism all over anew.

  • jim_m

    That’s because for Maddow , like for all leftists, any disagreement with obama is by definition racism. obama is lord and savior and everything he say’s is by definition true. Therefore there is no “other side” to any issue, there is no other opinion to be had. Every dissent is founded solely on hatred for obama and the only reason is because conservatives are greedy, evil and racist.

    That and when the first thing you see in every person is their race, you tend to think that the first thing that everyone else sees is race. The racism is in Maddow ad the left. They see racism in objections to the issues because they bring it with them.

  • 914

    Your racist if you notice the funemployment numbers while Barry rules!

    Guess I will just have to live with my racist self when I go ABO this fall..

  • Owen007

    It’s amazing how a woman whiter than an eggshell at an organization whiter than an albino stuck in a snowstorm feels qualified to throw around the race card.

    • jim_m

      For leftists it isn’t about whether you actually treat minorities fairly. It’s whether you have the appropriate condescending attitude toward them. They claim that it is racist to think that minorities are not as competent as whites but call you racist if you speak out against Affirmative Action because minorities need Affirmative Action because they cannot compete with whites on competency alone.

  • Jay

    Obama is desperate to talk about anything other than what he is doing in office.

    Why? He’s running on Mitt Romney’s business background and hitting that mercilessly.

    Is Romney’s tax return relevant to the campaign?

    It’s complimentary. Mitt Romney, the “successful businessman” during a poor economy should raise questions. How did he make his money? Did he make it off the back of breaking companies that worked fine until Bain came along or did he do it ethically?

    As it stands, the tax returns would show the loopholes that our law has. And Mitt hasn’t released them. They are truly relevant to know the type of ethics that Mitt Romney employs in his business endeavors. Does the country want an unethical person who wants to destroy jobs to give himself a tax cut, or does it want someone willing to work with even the crazy Republicans that push for more tax cuts (such as the Paul Ryan budget)?

    Is Obama’s gutting of a sixteen-year-old entitlement reform law relevant to the campaign?

    What gutting? Romney wanted flexibility as governor and signed for it along with other Republican governors. The ad is a lie, just like Romney’s speeches using dog whistle politics to continue to hammer at Obama as “foreign” and “different” in every one of his speeches. BTW, Here’s the entire discussion for everyone to view for themselves.

    This is the left’s favorite tactic, saying that “code words” and innuendo and guesswork amount to “obvious” racism.

    Wrong. Richard Nixon discussed bussing in his Southern Strategy. Reagan used the Willie Horton ad to beat Michael Dukakis even though that weekend pass was a Republican strategy. Karl Rove used a silent campaign against John Kerry because he had an adopted daughter. And if you want to go further back, don’t forget Joe McCarthy and his tactics against Communism which are similar to Michele Bachmann going after Muslims through her Intelligence Committee.

    The factual evidence supports conservatives scaring up support for their base by utilizing code words and fear to control the populace.

    • Brucehenry

      Replace Reagan with Bush First, and McCain with Kerry, and you are right.

  • So… Madcow is arguing that Romney mentioning welfare is racist because most people on welfare are black? I think I can see who the real racist is.