Paul Ryan Shirtless is Here! The Photos!

Paul Ryan Shirtless is the talk of the internets now and thanks to the unceasing effort of TMZ there finally is a pic!

More as we get them but in the mean time ladies, enjoy Paul Ryan as shirtless as we can get him.


Great work getting it TMZ but next time can you put the logo  a bit lower ;-/

Update: Here’s one with a better pic.

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  • ackwired

    Any ladies read Wisbang?

    • Commander_Chico


  • What is going on? What is wrong with swim wear?

  • Sally

    Silly.. this is at least 6-7 years ago BEFORE that crazy tough new daily workout of his. Let us see some “AFTER” photos! As a small glimpse, check out his “gun collection” when he wears short sleeve shirts.