Not A Team Player

I’m not a Republican.  I’m not a Democrat, either.  I’ve never been affiliated with either party.  I’ve been reminded recently why I chose not to really associate myself with any large group.  The law of averages is going to pretty much guarantee that while I might agree with what the core of a group says, does, or represents there will always been some fringe element that I vehemently disagree with.  I choose for there to be no such associations.

It is the nature of politics that any group will be identified by its most extreme constituents.  Whether that is fair or not is not the point–it is a reality that must be dealt with if one wishes to navigate the modern political landscape.  Today is no exception.

The remarks about rape by Todd Akin, the Republican candidate for Senate from Missouri, have been well covered.  The ramifications of those comments should be obvious.  Akin needs to drop out of the race.  I, like many others, had never heard of Akin before his comments.  Now they are the only thing I have by which to judge him.  Even with his apology, my impression of him is that he is an idiot to have said what he said and I question his ability to think rationally on other issues.  He’s done, politically.  To judge a person’s entire career and future on a quick sound bite may not seem fair–though in this case, I think it is–but again that is the nature of politics.

Akin staying in the race gives too much ammunition to his opponents and too many opportunities for the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) to smear all Republicans using his words.  It has already begun.  He needs to step aside.  So far his posturing suggets that he will stay in the race, but I both hope and predict that this is indeed just posturing and he will withdraw before the 5 PM deadline.  Of course whether he will or not makes good political theater and junkies from both sides will no doubt be watching with glee.  But the prudent decision is clear.

My naive hope is that the actions of one person wouldn’t be used to paint a negative image of an entire group.  This isn’t a red vs. blue issue, this is an issue of fairness.  Democrats will take much pleasure in leveraging Akin’s comments against all Republicans.  But they shouldn’t.  No more than should Republicans use the news that Democrat Kerry Gauthier, Minnesota State Representative, was caught having oral sex with an 17-year-0ld boy against all Democrats.

Like I said, with any large group, the fringe will always exists doing and saying reprehensible things.  With political groups, these should just be mere distractions from the real issues of the day.  But substance has long since been chased from the day to day events of any political race.  So today we watch yet another outlier take center stage.  Here’s hoping the hook comes promptly at 5 PM.

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  • herddog505

    The difference – certainly in this case – is that Republicans tend to be a bit better at policing their own than democrats.

    democrat reaction to Joe Biden saying something stupid – “Oh, that’s just Joe. God love him. He’s a blunt, tough-talking politician and Obama’s potent working-class weapon.”

    GOP reaction to Todd Akin – “Dude, you’re an idiot. Hit the bricks.”

    There are other examples.

    I do not claim that Republicans are a pack of saints or that they don’t engage in hypocrisy, but they’ve got a LOOOOOONG way to go to compete with the party of Ted Kennedy, Alcee Hasting, Joe Biden, Barney Frank, Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner, Charlie “Simple Man” Rangle, etc., etc.

    In fairness, however, MiniTru makes damned sure that the GOP has to toe the line. democrats, on the other hand, get lots of protection (cf. Weinergate). If the GOP had the national media diligently defending what it can’t outright ignore, they’d likely be just as dirty as the democrats.

    • Hank_M

      Excellent comment. Especially the part about the media.

      Truth is, if the media treated both parties the same, we’d all be better off.
      Both parties need to be closely watched.

      • herddog505

        Thank you and I agree.

  • JWH
  • GarandFan

    The DIFFERENCE, Dan, is what the GROUP does about the alleged transgression. 17 might be ‘the age of consent’ in some states…..but they still can’t vote. Joe Biden is a bigoted loud mouth. But they both get a “pass”. Must be the “nuance”.

    • DanKaripides

      Oh you know how aware I am of the media bias–half my posts seem to be about that. I still stand by my point though: fair or not, Akin should step aside. Looks like he won’t though.

  • jim_m

    No chance of him getting out. He’s already paid for ads running from 8/22 to 8/28 today. He’s staying in because he has nothing to lose. If he loses his career is already over, if somehow he wins he can possibly regain it. The problem is that he does not realize that he has no chance.

  • JerzeyGeorge

    He has to go, He is now a lightening rod for the GOP war on Women as will be preached from now till Election day by the MSM. Get the issue off the table while there is time to defuse the situation. As a person who has a strong belief in God,
    I believe that no-one can make that decision for a Woman least of all a Man for one.
    Two, In case of rape and incest that is a terrible thing to ask a woman to relive that every day if she had to carry the child. I think it would cause more harm than aborting the child.
    In the end everyone will have to be answerable for every decision they make when they pass on. That is why even though I am a Democrat ( Kennedy) in the end I usually cast my vote for the person who believes that They also will be held accountable in the end.

  • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

    Did they put the horse’s head in Akin’s bed this morning?