New Rasmussen Poll Shows Todd Akin Trailing Claire McCaskill By 10 Points

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill has now jumped to a 10-point lead over her Republican challenger, Congressman Todd Akin, in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race. a 13 point turn around since Akin’s boneheaded “legitimate rape” comments. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Missouri finds Sen. Claire McCaskill earning 48% support to Rep. Todd Akin’s 38%. Nine percent (9%) like some other candidate in the race, and five percent (5%) are undecided.

Real Clear Politics poll history shows the apples to apples comparison.

Poll Date Sample McCaskill (D) Akin (R) Spread
Rasmussen Reports 8/22 - 8/22 500 LV 48 38 McCaskill +10
Rasmussen Reports 7/30 - 7/30 500 LV 44 47 Akin +3

While this is extremely bad news for Akin, it is good news for those urging him to drop out of the race. There are plenty of voters available to another Republican candidate to overtake McCaskill. Anyone but Akin has a good shot. In August, all three Republican run-off candidates were beating McCaskill.

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  • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

    I really do fear for Akin’s life – by speaking intemperately he has let the cat out of the bag, and now the Establishment wants his head in a bag. I’ve never seen such a lynch mob for a guy from his own party. He seems to be completely insensate to his situation. It would not surprise me if he had an accident or “they” found some scandal to hang him on, a la Spitzer.

    What Akin said, his phony “scence” aside, is the logical outcome of the GOP’s abortion platform, which seeks to outlaw all abortion. Of course if you outlaw abortion on demand but have exceptions for rape there will be a lot of made up rape claims. For one thing, women immediately reporting a rape would be offered a morning-after pill, which would cut down on abortions. There will be a lot of women looking for abortions a few weeks after drunken one-night stands and break-ups.

    As an aside, raped women may be more likely to get pregnant:

    • jim_m

      There you go projecting again. The left are the one’s who want to murder their political opponents not the right.

    • herddog505

      Then I suggest that a lot of women will be looking at charges for making false reports to the police.

      As for the laughable assertion that GOP operatives – TEH OLIGARCHY! – want his head, yes, they do – metaphorically speaking. The damned fool said something indefensibly stupid and may well cost the GOP a senate seat that looked to be a gimme. But to imply that he’ll have an “accident” is lurching into tinfoil hat conspiracy territory. The GOP has made it entirely clear that he needs to go; Akin has made it clear that he won’t. A ginned-up scandal likely won’t change his mind, either. The only silver lining I see in this cloud is that it highlights the difference between the two parties: a Republican says something stupid and offensive, and he’s asked to hit the bricks. A democrat does the same thing, and he’s made Vice President.

      BTW, are you trying to claim that Spitzer is the victim of a rigged scandal? If so, who did him the dirty? And why?

      • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

        Really, do you think if a woman says, “I was raped three weeks ago when some guy jumped out of the bushes when I was walking in the park, but was too traumatized to say so until now,” to a doctor, it will be seriously disputed or even required to be reported to the police? Unless it’s written into the abortion-ban law, in which case more males will be falsely accused.

        Spitzer was seeing a call girl. How and why that became a public case is mysterious. Akin had better be squeaky-clean. They will be gunning for him, as they were for Spitzer. Yes, the oligarchy.

        • herddog505

          It’s hard to imagine that there WOULDN’T be a requirement to report a rape, if for no other reason than the doctor’s need to engage in some serious CYA. Telling the police (or a jury), “Oh, yes: I perform abortions all the time. But the women all tell me that they were raped but didn’t want me to call the cops. Honest!” doesn’t seem to me the most iron-clad defense in the world.

          As for Spitzer, he was f*cking around with high-end call girls. Can you say, “blackmail”… which is, perhaps, exactly what happened. In other words, he set himself up (unless you have some evidence that he was set up, claims he had NO IDEA how the girl wound up in his bed, the last thing he remembered was somebody giving him a drink, etc., etc.).

        • jim_m

          It’s hard to imagine a circumstance that promotes the reporting of rape any more so than the one we have today. Heck, on a college campus a woman can accuse a man of rape, offer nothing other than her word for it and he will be expelled without any opportunity to defend himself or confront his accuser.

          All this is backed vigorously by the obama DOJ which believes not one jot in the rule of law or in the Constitutional protections that have served liberty for 230+ years.

          • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

            Well, if abortion is outlawed except in cases of rape, there will be a lot more false claims.

    • retired.military

      is the logical outcome of the GOP’s abortion platform, which seeks to outlaw all abortion”

      Bullshit.. There is nothing that Akin said about rape that is a logical extension of nothing as far as abortion goes. Quit hitting the kool aid pipe Chico.

      • SCSIwuzzy

        Why do statists love such violent imagery and rhetoric?

    • PBunyan

      “I really do fear for Akin’s life – by speaking intemperately he has let the cat out of the bag, and now the Establishment wants his head in a bag. “
      Or it could be that Akin fears for the life of his loved ones and the “establishment” (that would be the mafia Marxists currently in control of the White House and Senate) have told him it’d be a shame if anything happened… No honest person would put it past the crew that put Obama in the Presidency.
      ‘Cause frankly, this whole thing– like so many things these days– makes absolutely no sense on the surface. But when you look deeper and watch the other hand, that’s when you see what’s really going on and everything makes prefect sense.
      It’s really ironic how you claim to be this free thinking independent, yet you so regelarly display how easily led and manipulated you are. You are a sheep.

  • JWH

    I wouldn’t count Akin out yet. Missouri remains a very conservative state, and there’s a bit of space between now and November.

    The key question: How will Missouri conservatives regard this? Do they cast Akin out of the party? Or do they see this hullabaloo as Democrats and establishment Republicans harassing Akin over a misstatement?

    • jim_m

      It is that very conservatism that will destroy Akin’s chances. Conservatives don’t want someone representing them that make asinine statements like what Akin did. Furthermore they don’t want people who are so tone deaf that they are unable to admit when they’ve screwed up. Akin’s polling is in free fall. It isn’t establishment republicans telling akin to get out. It’s all of them, with very few exceptions.

      • JWH

        Akin may very well leave the race or lose in November … but this particular drama is only in its first act. One noteworthy bit: There are conservatives rallying around Akin.

        • herddog505

          Weak beer. The article cites one “evangelical activist who’s influential in the Republican Party”, then goes on to cite another who thinks (as I do) that Akin needs to step aside.

          I’m sure that there are conservatives rallying around Akin, just as there are liberals rallying around Uncle Choo Choo. It MAY be that Akin will win; McCaskill has a horrid record, and he may get some “sympathy votes” simply because of the way that everybody’s piled on him. But the vast majority of conservatives, I think, want Akin out P-D-Q, and DCNN is whistling past the graveyard if they think otherwise.

          • JWH

            Two. It also cites Tony Perkins, who leads the Family Research Council.

          • herddog505

            My apologies; I didn’t see that.

        • jim_m


          I’ll see your David Lane and Mike Huckabee and raise you

          Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Jim Geraghty, Dennis Prager, Charles Krauthammer, Hugh Hewitt, Ann Coulter, the National Review editorial board, the Wall Street Journal editorial board, The Tea Party Express, Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, John Ashcroft, Roy Blunt, Jim Talent, Kit Bond and John Danforth, who have all come out demanding that he step down.

          Yep, Conservatives are just flocking to his banner.

          • Brucehenry

            Republicans will go to the polls to vote against Obama. If Akin is on the ballot, they will vote for him, not McCaskill. I’ll bet he wins.

          • retired.military

            Bruce. I cant see any fault in your statement.

          • JWH

            I didn’t say conservatives are “flocking to his banner.” I said that there are conservatives in support of him.

            One question about your list (and I ask in all seriousness): How many of these folks are Missouri conservatives? When any group — liberal, conservative, what have you — find one of its members threatened like this, that group (depending on the threatened member’s relationship with them) will put loyalty to that member ahead other considerations.

          • jim_m

            The last 5 are all from Missouri. You could ad conservative bloggers like Jim Hoft and Dana Loesch (Both from Missouri) to that list as well.

            I think that the sense of betrayal felt by conservatives overrides any feelings of loyalty. Akins has acted like an ass and destroyed his chance at getting rid of McCaskill, a truly horrible senator. He has compounded that with a refusal to step aside thus ruining chances of retaking the senate. He also now imperils Romney’s chances to win the Presidential election.

            No one is circling the wagons for this moron except other morons and Huckabee is decidedly in the moron camp and has been for several years now.

          • JWH

            Keep in mind I am not showing special contempt for conservatives here. I do believe that if tomorrow morning, Barack Obama endorsed eating babies, a hardcore group of liberals would stand by him.

          • jim_m

            I didn’t say that you were. There will always be idiots willing to run off a cliff for other idiots to prove that they are better idiots than the rest of us. Akin and his few supporters are good examples of that.

          • JWH


            Tangential to this, I do think that the more conservatives, particularly non-Missouri conservatives, who line up against Akin, the more he can play an “us against them” card.

          • jim_m

            True. But what he is doing is just denying reality. The only people that are going to fall for that are himself and his campaign staff (because the paid campaign staff is paid to believe that kind of stuff)

          • JWH

            I would add:

            a) Hardcore Missouri Republicans. These folks would for Scrappy Doo if he had an (R) by his name.

            b) Hardcore Missouri conservatives. Especially folks who take the abortion issue seriously. They’ve had a lot of the world against them for years, so this is just more of the same.

            c) Residents of the suburbs of St. Louis. He’s been their congressman for a few terms now, so there are a lot of ties there. It takes more than a single gaffe to sever them.

            Not to mention that McCaskill isn’t exactly Ms. Ideal Candidate herself.

          • jim_m

            I just listed off 5 hard core republicans and 2 hard core conservatives from Missouri.

            The only people who will vote for him will be the anyone but McCaskill crowd. I don’t see that crowd being all that willing to accept an ass like Akin.

  • 914

    If he said “i did not build this Macacca, someone else did that!!” He wins! And hugh buy him a drink and pay me 500