CNN’s Important GOP Convention News: Strippers Readying for Convention

CNN has a habit of getting to the real meat of a story, finding all the most important angles, and its coverage of the GOP convention is no exception. CNN has a reputation to burnish by finding only the most important convention stories and with its latest story about how an important sector of Tampa is readying for the convention, it appears the cable channel really is at its hard hitting best. What important sector is under the CNN microscope? Tampa’s strip clubs, naturally.

Of all the important stories that CNN could pick to investigate, strip clubs is where the venerable “news” leader goes?

CNN’s opening paragraph really goes for the salacious right off the bat, too.

Go-Go and Ezili are dancing cheek to cheek on a Friday night. That is to say they’re spinning, glute to glute, on a polished chrome pole at a strip club.

Really? Dancing “glute to glute”?

Did someone let the TMZ or National Enquirer editors into the CNN newsroom?

But, of course, we all know why this is a CNN story, right? It isn’t because CNN cares a whit about the poor, work-a-day strippers in Tampa, Florida. This story is nothing less than a left-wing narrative being pushed for all its worth.

What is that narrative? Republicans are the “family values” Party, yet they are obviously hypocrites because while away from wife and family, these degenerates will be attending *gasp* strip clubs. That is the left-wing narrative we are seeing pushed with this idiotic and meaningless story on the GOP convention.

Think I’m overreacting? Here is an excerpt:

A strip club with a spaceship on the roof seems an odd place to expect Republicans. At first blush, one might not equate lap dances with the political party that wraps itself in buttoned-down family values.

But at convention time, even upstanding men seem to seek out undressed women. When the Christian group Promise Keepers held a convention in Tampa a couple of years ago, attendees flooded the 2001 Odyssey, co-owner Jim Kleinhans recalls. They had such a good time that “they kept their promise to come back the next night.”

Could it be any clearer?

It’s sad to see CNN bringing itself down to the level of supermarket tabloid, but, well, there is a reason CNN is often in third place in the cable races these days.

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  • GarandFan

    Given their shrinking viewership, that “news article” should be right up the alley of those that are left.

  • JWH

    You’re really not giving enough credit here. The reporter a) went to a strip club and b) could legitimately charge it as a business expense.

  • Guest

    I admit the CNN story was pretty tame compared to the Fox News 4 story,”about a different type of pole”, in their runup to the Convention.

  • SteveCrickmore075

    I admit the CNN story was pretty tame compared to the Fox News 4 story, “about a different type of political pole,” in their runup to the Convention.

    • ackwired

      LOL. If CNN’s story drove away viewers, poor Fox 4 must have nobody still watching.

      • jim_m

        It’s a tiny affiliate for Ft Myers, pop 62k. This is like saying that the major league team plays no better than some single A farm team. Pretty sad commentary on CNN.

        • ackwired

          They were both just telling the truth. The little station more so than the big one.

    • Digg34

      Whats the difference between CNN and Fox News 4?

    • jim_m

      LOL. Stevie cannot tell the difference between a national cable news outlet and the FOX affiliate for a city of 62,000.

  • The_Weege_99

    Conventions are business opportunities for all kinds of people.
    I remember in 1980, I had some friends staying at a hotel near where the GOP Convention was soon to begin, and there were already a number of rooms booked and occupied by hookers, some of whom we met in the hotel’s jacuzzi.
    Being a young men of certain flexible morality, me and my friends had a night of partying (but no sex) with these ladies. They just wanted to hang out and have fun until they had to start working.
    So, some people who go to conventions like to booze and carouse. BFD. This is news?

  • 914

    I would have thought CNN would be blaming Bush for sending Isacc to delay the convention?

  • Paul Hooson

    I didn’t know that Republicans even go to strip clubs….On the other hand a biker like myself has dated a few strippers in his lifetime. And yes, the sex is good!

  • LiberalNightmare

    I’m willing to bet that demographically, strippers tend to skew democrat in their voting preferences.

    Maybe this is an outreach program.