Edward Klein: Axelrod Playing The Mormon Card

David Axelrod is playing the Mormon card.  That is what Edward Klein is claiming in an opinion piece published by Fox News.

Klein writes the following:

According to my sources inside the campaign, Axelrod & Co. discussed what might be called the nuclear option: unleashing an attack on Romney’s Mormon faith via the mainstream media. . .

. . . According to my sources, Axelrod at first hesitated to green light an attack on Romney’s Mormonism for fear it might boomerang and expose the campaign as clumsy and further tarnish Obama as a blundering amateur. However, a new set of polls convinced Axelrod that he had no choice but to go for the nuclear option and raise the issue of Romney’s Mormonism.

Klein mentions certain media stories about the Mormon faith, and then he says, “Is this sudden, strange and unaccountable focus on Mitt Romney’s Mormonism by the mainstream media just an odd coincidence? Or is the “fine Italian hand” of David Axelrod behind the media onslaught?”

Again, Klein is stating what he believes to be true.  Yet, I have never heard of the Obama campaign saying anything in public about Governor Romney’s religious beliefs.

If what Klein believes to be true were true, then it would appear that the Obama campaign was running on empty.

Then again, it already appears as if the Obama campaign is running on empty.

I’ll let someone else blog about that issue.

Anyway, I want to know what others think about Klein’s claim.  Is he reporting something that is truly newsworthy, or is he just drawing attention to himself so that he can promote his latest book?

As for those media stories about the Mormon faith that Klein mentions, what ABC, NBC and the New York Times have said pale in comparison to what was said in an article published by Ogden, Utah’s Standard-Examiner newspaper.  That newspaper article (in my opinion) is much more theologically significant.

Still, I seriously doubt that Governor Romney’s faith will have any affect on voters who are currently undecided.  When it comes to the 2012 presidential election, Romney’s faith is nothing but trivia.

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  • GarandFan

    “However, a new set of polls convinced Axelrod that he had no choice but to go for the nuclear option.”

    It wouldn’t surprise me, if the “polls” were pandering to their Obamabots. Sounds more like another of Axelturf’s “focus groups”.

    • “The latest polls are in!”

      “Lemme see… single digits! We’re at Mulder-Humpin’ single digits!?”

      “But that’s good – we can overcome a single-digit difference in the polls – right?”

      “No, you moron – we’re AT single digits in the percentage who’ll vote for us!”

  • Hank_M

    I don’t doubt this. They’ll go as low as they have to to win the election.

    But if Axlerod and Obama decide to take this gutter route, then Romney should
    ask what happened to the democrat party, the party of JFK. He should remind everyone of JFK’s Religion speech of 1960. And he should remind everyone that his father George Romney was a member of the Fair Campaign Practices Committee
    which urged that the election be conducted without religious animus.

    I also found this.
    “The late Ted Sorensen once said, “The single biggest obstacle to his [JFK’s] election was his religion.
    You should have seen the hate mail that came in, both from rednecks and
    from liberal intellectuals who should have known better.”

    I doubt so-called Rednecks will be bothered by Romneys religion.
    But I do see that “liberal intellectuals” haven’t evolved one bit.

    • jim_m

      Liberal intellectuals (there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one) have only changed since the time of Kennedy in so far as they no longer make any pretense in honoring religious belief. All religious belief is to be ridiculed by the left. Any religious belief (except apparently islam) is automatically a disqualification from holding office.

  • jim_m

    Yet, I have never heard of the Obama campaign saying anything in public about Governor Romney’s religious beliefs.

    And clearly you are unaware of past scandals such as the JournOList where dem operatives connected with the campaign coordinated news stories with journalists. It is all too convenient when we see multiple news outlets come out with the same story and same angle on that story virtually simultaneously.

  • herddog505

    While I can see the dems and MiniTru (BIRM) trying to smear Romney because he’s a Mormon (they’ve done it before), it seems to me a waste of time: nobody cares about what Mormons did a century and a half ago, but rather what a particular Mormon plans to do if he is elected. I think, too, that many people have met or dealt with Mormons and have a generally positive view of them as decent, clean-living people who walk the talk.

    But I hope that Axelgrease DOES unleash his “nuclear option”:

    1. It indicates that the democrats really ARE running on empty, and;

    2. It will expose just what bigotted trash they are.

  • retired.military

    Expect every other trick in the playbook to cmoe out too.

    I fully expect MSNBC to announce that Obama has won the election 3 hours before the polls close on the east coast and that there is no need for Romney voters to even go to the polls.

  • LiberalNightmare

    Personally, I think republicans win any conversation that compares Romney’s church with Obama’s.

    In ’08 the dems could just pretend rev wright away, because most people (libs excepted) understand that its rude to criticize another persons faith, but if they start that conversation, it will quickly get out of their control

  • ackwired

    I’m sure it has been discussed by people in the campaign. It would be about the stupidest move imaginable. The vast majority of Americans believe in religious freedom and would react negatively to such a move.

  • JWH

    Is there any truth to this? If so, Axelrod might want to study this ad from Elizabeth Dole:


    Elizabeth Dole was not doing well in the election leading up to this ad, but this ad pretty much killed her campaign. (And for the record, Kay Hagan was a Sunday school teacher. She did not react well to this ad).

    I suspect that whatever people think of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they would not react well to an attack on Romney’s religion.

    That said, I’m not entirely sure this story is true. I don’t think that Axelrod could possibly be so stupid as to play the “Mormon card.”

    • herddog505

      Liddy Dole, bah. The commercial she ran that irritated me was one where she was sitting on a couch next to her elderly mother, yapping about how No. Carolina is home, blah-blah-blah. It was just so blatantly mindless, and even more annoying because she’d lived outside the state for years (if not decades).

  • barthomew

    It was very odd that NBC decided to run the first remembered show on Mormonism at this time. It is odd that it decided to run the first remembered show on the religion of a candidate for President–or any other office, for that matter. It is odd that NBC did not run an hour show on the Obama church of Reverend Wright. It is odd that NBC included in its show an interview with a homosexual actor who has left the Mormon church. It is odd that NBC never ran a big story on the Mormon church that was invaded by a gay activist to protest the support of so many Mormons for the twice-expressed will of the people of California to ban homosexual marriages.

  • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

    They will do this Karl Rove-style: under the radar. Push-polls of mysterious origin planting doubts about Mormon beliefs, those anonymous chain/spam emails and through churches.

    Like what Rove did to McCain about his “black illegitimate daughter” and being the “Manchurian Candidate” in SC in 2000.

  • I can hardly wait for the Left to react when there’s a Mormon and a Catholic in the White House. (Yeah, the VP lives in the Naval Observatory, but you get the idea.)

  • I am Mormon, bring it in Obama. We believe in Christ, family and the golden rule, of do unto others as you would have them do, ,unto you. We attend church,.help our neighbor and the church is one of the first to arrive at natural disasters. Like Romney, we don’t brag about our service. I am not ashamed of my religion. In fact axelrod, may being about interest for the Mormon faith. Our heavenly father will not be mocked. And if that is their intentions, than God help them.