It’s Good To Be King

By now, everyone has heard and seen Obama’s response to Clint Eastwood’s empty chair bit at the Republican National Convention Thursday night.

For those who haven’t seen Obama’s witty retort, almost immediately after Eastwood’s jab, Barack ‘tweeted’ the following picture with the statement “This seat’s taken.”

King Barack the Dunce

King Barack the Dunce

“This seat’s taken.”

Classy stuff from Barack, considering, as Eastwood correctly stated,  “Politicians are employees of ours.”

After seeing this, my initial thought about his reaction was just how thin-skinned and petty Obama must be.  To be so initially bothered by someone having the audacity to poke fun at him, does not speak well of his self-control or his self esteem.

After thinking about this for a while, I came to realize just how arrogant this response really is..

It invokes the image of a King on a throne, believing the position is his, just by virtue of being him.

That seat is not “taken.”  It’s not his to take.  It has been temporarily loaned to King Barack by the citizens of this country.

It belongs to us.

You are not a king, Barack.  So don’t get too comfy.


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  • cirby
  • John_LC_Silvoney

    Like all leftists, stuck in permanent adolescence.

    • jim_m

      Emblematic of his whole presidency. Adolescent ideas of how the world works and how foreign policy is conducted, pretending that foreign policy is some model UN they played at in high school. An adolescent understanding of how economics work and what motivates people, ignoring hundreds of years of failed socialist experiments from the Mayflower to the Soviet Union.

      • razorclams

        So you think Bush, spending 12 billion a month for 8years borrowing from the Chinese to appease Daddy was mature?

        • jim_m

          Even were it true that he did it for his father it would be more mature than your comment.

          It is also more responsible than obama increasing the national debt more in the last 3 years than W did in 8. You might be stupid enough to think that socialism is the answer but it has been tried multiple times and failed every time.

          Socialism appeals to adolescent children who have a naive understanding of human motivation and human relationships. EU nations are failing because they have adopted socialist models that are unsustainable. California teeters on the brink of bankruptcy because of their socialist policies. obama declares that this is the road we must follow. Only an absolute imbecile looks at socialism and declares that an oppressive nanny state is the solution. But that is obama, and apparently you as well.

          • razorclams

            Anyone taking in Social Security is a Socialist jim. Don’t be scared of it. It is a lie that Obama raised the debt more than Bush. A blantant lie. You should do your homework. Vulture Capitalism seems to be your solution. Deregulation of Wall Street. How has that worked for you jim?
            Government is there to protect the commons. It is a Biblical value. I will reference it for you if you would like.

  • Taken, yet empty. Taken and abused. Taken away in 2012.

    • razorclams

      …we will see smarty pants

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  • ckilroy

    Clint Eastwood was brilliant! Possibly too brilliant for some to get it. Just the empty chair alone had meaning in so many ways. The subtlety and simultaneous bludgeonry was masterful. And then he spoke. It’s one of those beautiful things that will take a while for everyone to appreciate. No wonder the left is vilifying and trying to marginalize his performance.

  • Owen007

    Wouldn’t Obama actually have to show up for work for the seat to be taken?

  • SteveCrickmore075

    I agree most politicians are owned by us, especially those that feel they are indebted to those who are paying for their campaigns. jim_m continually talks about the corruption of Demcoratic pols, that they feel beholden to their paymasters, as if Republican pols who have fewer but richer owners are not beholden to their patrons. Agreed too that Obama´s “this chair is taken” was rather a poor comeback to Eastwood. I thought Obama’s review of the RNC Convention was much better,

    “It was something to behold,” Obama said at a farm museum here. “Despite all the challenges that we face … what they offered over those three days was more often than not an agenda that was better suited for the last century. It was a re-run. We’ve seen it before. You might as well have watched it on a black-and-white TV.”

    • Sky__Captain

      Major point – politicians are not “owned” by the voting populace, they are chosen to represent the voting populace.

      Second point – socialism/Marxism/fascism espoused by Dear Leader was tried (and failed) in the last century, but he seems to want to fail with it again. You could say it is a re-run on black-and-white TV.

      • razorclams

        They are owned by your masters the corporations. Thats why we have a oligarchy

    • herddog505

      Yeah, we face many challenges, in many cases thanks to Barry and his policies:

      1. We’ve got a national debt that’s about to be the equivalent of our GDP thank to his wreckless spending;

      2. We’ve have unemployment > 8% for his entire term, with a diminishing workforce participation rate. These things mean that millions of Americans are chronically unemployed and rapidly becoming nearly unemployable as their job skills become increasingly stale and their work records become increasingly old;

      3. We’re facing a fiscal cliff again, with catastrophic results to our national defense if we go over it;

      4. I hate to think what his EPA regulations are going to do to the price of power and fuel.

      Yeah, we DO face many challenges, and returning to a pre-Barry era sounds like a helluva idea.

      BTW: just what does he mean by “an agenda that was better suited for the last century”? Reagan and Slick Willie were in the last century, and the country did pretty well while they were in office. Please, sir, can I have some more?

      • razorclams

        Bush ran up the debt like there was no tomorrow.
        Reagan ,the actor, your icon , said that deficets don’t matter. Why do they matter now?
        I like clean air and water. Double up the funding for the EPA
        Get rid of the defense and become less militaristic. Dwight was right.
        Unemployment is the result of these so called free trade agreements. Scrape NAFTA, CAFTA and raise tariffs on Chinese imports. Begin manufacturing again.

    • retired.military

      Quick question. Last century did you see 8% unemployment and 20+ million americans out of work under a republican president? Just asking.

      • SteveCrickmore075

        yes, the unemployment rate was as high as 9.7% under Reagan. dept of labor stats. This was before free trade and China and the rash of US manufacturing plants.(10,000 of them) closing, in the first decade of this century.

      • razorclams

        Yes, Herbert Hoover

  • razorclams

    The seat belongs to the corporations…that’s the truth