LEAKED: See Obama’s New Plan to Jump Start the Economy






























































































































































































































































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  • Great. Polar bears in a blizzard with jumper cables.

    Yeah, that’ll work.

  • Rick

    Hah!!! More detail than he usually offers. He must be getting serious…Whoever on his team leaked this is in serious trouble. Now the cards are on the table

  • Phil Snyder

    This is the most transparent this administration has ever been!

  • Page is not loading right, so don’t know about main post. Saw
    what a couple of Dem pundits say.

    One said specifics in
    Obama plan is that Ronmey haven’t given enough specifics and that Congress need
    to work together. I’m not sure how he is going to get congress to work
    together. Perhaps by insulting and demonizing over and over again like he has
    done the last 4 years.

    Second pundit said the Obama plan is to invest in green
    energy and GM. Is turning businesses into state run businesses really what we

    • retired.military

      Obama says Romney doesnt give specifis

      I am still waiting on that plan to stop the rise of the oceans and the healing of the earth.

  • I’m assuming my first assumption is right that the page is supposed
    to be blank, which would be correct on Obama policies. I have had problem with
    page loading from this site before and there is a loading Groupon icon that
    spins on it. So if my assumption is wrong let me know.

    • The page is supposed to be blank.

  • 914

    More of the same with twice the Stimulatus calculatus!!

  • 914

    This post looks a little racist!!1

    • Owen007

      Well, I’m guessing it would’ve been all blacked out, but this is the economy plan – not Eric Holder’s “release” of Fast & Furious documents.

  • westcoastwiser

    I’m surprised it’s as long as in this post. I thought it would be something that could be put into a few sound-bites that all start out – “Barak says” (my default to Cory Booker on spelling). Now that it’s been leaked, I wonder if any staffer will be thrown off the bus or given a higher paying job? Though, it does read like something Valarie Jarrett would say.

  • 914

    I thought this post was a mistake until I saw the disclaimer.. Now its just another monthly new jobs report! Imao

  • retired.military

    LOL. I was like do I need to reload the page.

  • UOG

    Obviously they put a lot of effort into this plan, including the page layout. I must say, they’ve incorporated especially attractive use of blank space.

  • 914

    Jump start it? How about giving it some juice with your resignation?

  • Bill_M

    I hate to say it, but that’s the smartest thing he’s come up with yet!

  • Wild_Willie

    Damn, I thought my computer was loading the page correctly. Good one Paul. And also, how have you been??? ww

  • HAH!!!! Bravo.

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