Democrats Hastily Try To Add God And Jerusalem Into Their Platform, Hilarity Ensues

Three strikes and you’re out…

Via Big Government

Update: Here’s a MSM’er attempting to explain that what you heard and saw wasn’t what happened.

Confirmed: Democrats Love Killing Babies, Hate God and Jews
The Democracy Alliance: Soros-Linked Liberal Super Group & Its Secret Funding of Democrats
  • herddog505

    Why should the dems bother to hold a convention, or at least have actual reporters there? It’s not like MiniTru won’t tell us later how great, wonderful, awe-inspiring, historic, unprecedented, electrifying, fulfilling, and otherwise gosh-darned GOOD it was no matter what actually happens.

    My guess in that (for example) Uncle Choo-choo could step to the podium, rip off his clothes, and spend thirty minutes gibbering at the audience, and F.Chuck Todd, Tingles, AndreaMitchellNBCNews and the rest of the propaganda squad would inform us that his speech was one for the ages, a vindication of Barry’s decision to make this wise, decent, eloquent man his VP.

    • razorclams

      You mean the Fox Ministry of Propaganda don’t you???

  • retired.military

    The no’s had it.

    • Mr Kimber

      You bet and Tony V. did what was expected. The Democratic Party will from now on be know as the Godless Democrats. Thank you DICK Durban. BTW, try to remember if you guys are going to keep shooting please try to move your feet.

      • retired.military

        I hope you dont include me with those idiots in that video. I may not like Romney but I am not voting for him. I am voting for ABO.

  • Goes to show the voting is nothing but show. It didn’t
    appear that 2/3 supported the amendments. Clearly, the chair can pass anything they
    want regardless of what the delegates think. Then again, Democrats really don’t
    care about a honest democratic process. They just want to get their way don’t
    matter what.

    That said IMO they were smart to add the amendments. It
    would have been better if they didn’t take it out in the first place.

  • GarandFan


    Well I guess Tony Vallar can kiss off any aspirations of running for president!

  • razorclams

    RepubliCons are doubling down on trickle down
    Since 1961
    Republicans held the white house 28 years, the Democrats 24
    The Republicans have created 24 million private sector jobs the Democrats 42 million private sector jobs.
    Romney wants to cut taxes on those making over 1 mil 5 Trillion dollars. When asked what he would cut to pay for those tax cuts, he said “we will talk to you about it after the election”. WOW!
    Obamacare has rebated over 1 billion dollars already. As 80% of each dollar spent on heathcare must now go to heathcare not profit. Wow what a concept huh fellow tea party people.?
    Republicon lie about Obama waving the work requirement for welfare recievers. That came from a request from some governors. welfare recievers must now go to work and be trained to obtain a good job during the State waver.
    Romney wants to cut medicaid which is used by 2/3’s of nuring home patients. They will be put on the street by Romney/Ryan. What a great thing for a Mormom and a fellow Catholic to do to low income old people.

    • Walter_Cronanty

      Look, something shiny!

    • 914

      you fricking racepants rebated a billion while stuffing 20 trillion in his back jalepino pocket you stupid bobo armstrong

    • retired.military

      You are an idiot. They could double the income tax on the top 25% of taxpayers (those making about 50k, and above) and it still wouldnt cover the deficit for this year. THe problem isnt that taxes are too low but that spending is too high.

  • TomInCali

    Republicans subvert the voting choices of citizens in their own party, hilarity ensues.