Media Blackout: GAO Says Obama’s Welfare Waivers Illegal

-By Warner Todd Huston

On Sept. 4, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) made a startling assertion saying that Obama circumvented the law when he summarily waived the work requirements in the welfare law. Perhaps not as shocking, to date, few news outlets seem interested in the story.

In its Sept. 4 letter, the GAO found that Health and Human Services (HHS) should have formally submitted a letter of its intent to make the changes to Congress and the Comptroller General before any waivers can be legally issued.

The letter also said that the GAO had not determined if HHS had the legal right to even make such waivers available. The GAO is basically saying that the Obama administration is breaking the law with its waivers.

But, according to a review of the shocking news of the GAO’s determination, neither CNN, nor CBS, nor ABC have bothered to report the story.

For their part, Republicans and GOP nominee Mitt Romney have maintained that Obama’s gutting of the work requirements in the welfare law was an illicit move.

Former U.S. Representative Ron Haskins, who helped pass the work requirements back in 1996, feels that Obama acted improperly by summarily changing the rules without going through Congress saying, “But [HHS] didn’t even consult with the Republicans. They knew the spirit of the law, and they violated that.”

Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Representative Dave Camp, agrees with Haskins. Camp says that the move was an “end run” around Congress.

Obama, however, has defended his move even going so far as to claim that it was several Republican Governors that requested the change.

At least one governor refuted the claim, though, saying his office was only asking what the rules were for waivers but that he had yet to actually request any.

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  • jim_m

    All that matters is that government is taking over healthcare. As long as government extends its control over society the left will find that to be an unalloyed good. As for the legality? Laws are meant for your enemies. That’s the leftist way.

  • Hank_M

    I’m having a hard time keeping track of all the stories the media is ignoring.
    But then I suppose they don’t have the time, since they’re so busy coordinating their lies against Romney and Ryan.

    • Carl

      The media is ignoring reports that the tooth fairy visits you if you’ve been a good little boy or girl too.

      I can’t figure out why.

      • 914

        So you put Obama in the same category as the tooth fairy then. I’d say that puts you about at the 2nd grade level of maturity.

        • Carl

          Yeah, you nailed it. You’re the smartest in the bunch.

        • I wish Obama were imaginary. He’s starting to seem like a minor lead character in a not-particularly well written Tom Clancy imitation.

          • Carl

            Yeah, got you on that. Man, what arrogance. And this media blackout thing is outrageous.

            “In its Sept. 4 letter,
            the GAO found that Health and Human Services (HHS) should have
            formally submitted a letter of its intent to make the changes to
            Congress and the Comptroller General before any waivers can be legally

            Damn! Someone forgot to submit the letter! Damn them! Damn them all!

            And the media is SILENT about them forgetting to submit a letter.

            Good thing we have right wing media standing by to get upset over absolutely nothing important!

          • Vagabond661

            Dogs on the roof!!! Where?!?!

        • SCSIwuzzy

          No, the tooth fairy gives something in return for what she takes from children.

    • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

      Yeah, the media is in the tank for Obama. The media narrative is that Romney and Ryan can’t talk straight and aren’t putting it together.

      Obama is getting a pass on a lot of things, true.

      I guess the media have decided Romney can’t be trusted, that he is a possibly dangerous fool, and he must be stopped.

      • UOG

        You mean like Katie Couric loudly proclaiming her proudest moment of the 2008 election cycle was “exposing” Palin? Is that the kind of “media have decided” you’re referring to?

        • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

          Yes. Journalists are people. They have opinions. So far, it appears their opinion is that Romney is a weasel.

          I don’t see how Couric “exposed” Palin. Palin exposed herself. What question did Couric pose which was unfair to a person allegedly adequately prepared to be VP?

          • 914

            Where are your college transcripts??

          • Carl

            And birf certificate too!

          • jim_m

            Yes, but you e;levate their opinions as though they were somehow objective proof that there is a problem with Romney, when the MSM journalist has been shown to be a far left ideologue willing to fabricate libelous stories (Ezra Klein suggesting that the members of the JournoList attack a randomly selected conservative as a racist in order to distract from obama election issues).

            You think that Palin was unprepared? Biden makes her look like FDR without the leg braces.

          • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

            In the end, there is enough raw footage of the candidates talking on their own for the American people to make up their minds. The opinion of journalists does not make much of a difference.

            If a candidate sucks more or less than the other candidate, that will shine through.

          • jim_m

            The point I was making is the MSM’s willingness to lie to the American public (Telling scurrilous lies about conservatives that they know are false because they made them up) and to conceal the truth (hiding scandal because they know that it will scuttle the chances of their ideological choices).

            This is not about candidates speeches being available on line. And if you think that obama’s inexperience and incompetence were not covered up by the MSM you are a bigger fool than I previously thought.

          • Vagabond661

            I think Biden proves anyone can be VP.

          • UOG

            Couric’s statement came (as I recall) at the time she was leaving CBS Evening News. She listed “exposing Sarah Palin” as one of the highlights/accomplishments of her tenure. What she meant by the statement you’d have to take up with her.

            For me, if she was referring to that one-on-one interview, the out takes and statements from others makes me see that as a carefully and selectively edited hatchet-job.

          • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

            Right, the outtakes would have shown Palin to be the genius she is.

          • Sky__Captain

            And every time Biden speaks he shows just how prepared he is to be “one heartbeat away” from the Presidency.

            Is that not a teeny bit of a double standard, Chico?

      • jim_m

        If the media weren’t a bunch of far left ideologues that believed that it is appropriate to use any means possible to advance their agenda, I might be concerned. But the media has already shown that they will use any means necessary to advance a far left agenda including fabrication of the news (rathergate) or concealing a dem scandal (John Edwards, Fast & Furious). Anyone who believes a single word from the MSM without serious question is an ignorant fool (eg Chico)

        MSM opinion has little to do with ability, trustworthiness or competence. Gone are the days when the MSM would willingly reveal a scandal of a left wing politician when they were the ones that uncovered it (Gary Hart). If the MSM have “decided that Romney can’t be trusted…” it is not because they have taken a reasoned view of the issues, it is because they have made an ideologically driven decision and are using their soapbox to drive an agenda fueled by ideology and not concern for the best interest of the nation.

        • jim_m

          If anyone had a question as to whether or not the MSM is in the tank for obama consider the fact that the NYT chose to not run the attacks on US embassies and consulates in Cairo and Benghazi on the front page.

          Can anyone conceive of them not running these attacks on the front page as prima facie evidence of a failure in foreign policy leadership by a GOP administration?

          • Hank_M

            It is amazing. Any idea where they buried the stories?

          • jim_m

            Page A4! Ambassador murdered and his body dragged through the streets of Banghazi and the NYT has almost nothing to say.

      • Gee, for someone who supposedly isn’t a lefty you seem to always come down on that side …

  • GarandFan

    It’s GOOD to be the KING!

    As far as HHS goes, they still haven’t explained HOW you qualify for a 3 year ObamaCare exemption. Other than contributing to the Obama Campaign.

  • 914

    Obama loves lots of illegal things.. Including his illegal voting block lined up for November..

  • herddog505

    Remember the “Imperial Presidency”? The “rogue” Bush administration? Back when a president doing things like signing statements and executive orders was The Worst Thing Ever(TM)?

  • greatj


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