Pretty Creepy, Even For King Barack The Dunce

I find this simply stunning:


Google decides to leave video on YouTube
By: Michelle Quinn September 14, 2012 07:11 PM EDT 
Google will leave a controversial video clip about the Islamic prophet Muhammad on YouTube despite a White House request that the company review it under its own policies, the company said Friday.The White House confirmed Friday that it asked Google to review whether the clip violated its policies and should be taken down. Google decided that the video does not violate its policies.“We work hard to create a community everyone can enjoy and which also enables people to express different opinions,” a YouTube spokeswoman said in a statement.

“This can be a challenge because what’s OK in one country can be offensive elsewhere.  This video — which is widely available on the Web — is clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on YouTube.”

“However, we’ve restricted access to it in countries where it is illegal such as India and Indonesia, as well as in Libya and Egypt given the very sensitive situations in these two countries,” the spokeswoman said.

The video, deemed offensive by many Muslims, is believed to have spurred violence in Libya this week where four Americans were killed.

The White House confirmed Friday that it had asked Google’s YouTube to review the video.

“The White House asked YouTube to review the video to see if it was in compliance with their terms of use,” White House press secretary Jay Carney told POLITICO in an email. The White House said it reached out to YouTube on Tuesday.



This one is a doozy even for Barack Obama.

What a colossal display of abject impotence in leadership.

I originally thought he was just using this video as a scape-goat to cover for his lack of vision and understanding regarding the behavior of these animals.  (Sort of how they’ve spun it as an excuse for themselves.)  Now, I am starting to wonder if he really does actually believe this video to be the cause for all this.

Either way, the government has some pretty long arms.  And, as desperate as Obama is, flexing them against any company to do his bidding should send a shiver down anyone’s back.


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  • jim_m

    Pressuring YouTube to take the video down is suppression of free speech and a violation of his oath of office.

    I’d rather that we have people in our nation willing to stand up to the wannabe dictator. It surprises me that Google didn’t cave since their motto is “Bend to Evil” (OK that’s an anagram of their motto, but more accurate to their behavior in recent years).

    • In a connected world, there’s always going to be something, somewhere, that someone’s going to find offensive. Are we supposed to tune everything on line so that nobody, anywhere, worldwide will by chance (or intention) see something they don’t like?

      If you go looking to find something offensive, you’ll find it. What you do after that – the responsibility for your actions are entirely on YOUR head.

      • jim_m


    • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

      I agree, I watched the video (it’s funny as hell), and while it could be offensive to Muslims, I can’t imagine how it would violate TOS on YouTube compared to a lot of stuff already on.

      I don’t get the “Obama is not a strong enough fascist” blaming.

      • 914

        its hilarious like a Saturday night live skit or something..

        • jim_m

          SLN ceased to be funny a decade ago at least. This is funnier than that. Probably because it was directed by a soft core porn directer.

          • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

            I thought it had that Boogie Nights/Cheerleaders vibe.

    • The_Queen_of_France

      Aw, c’mon, it’s not like it’s the first time he’s violated his oath of office. At least he’s consistent.

  • GarandFan

    Shawn, just more window dressing.

  • GarandFan

    Shawn, just more window dressing by The Chosen One. And BTW, where was Barry’s concern when a certain MSNBC pretty boy was uttering some snark about the Mormon religion?

  • jim_m

    Just remember that despite reports from multiple sources that this attack was planned many weeks in advance that it is really due to the movie that was posted long after the plans were made. Narrative trumps truth every time.

    • 914

      No, it was a random act of randomness coincidentally choreographed to 911

      (sarc tag off!)

  • retired.military

    The White House asked YouTube to review the video to see if it was in compliance with their terms of use,””

    One has to wonder why the WH hasnt asked youtube to review the antichristian clips that are on it as well.

    • 914

      we don’t wonder? we postulate and puke!

  • GarandFan

    Guess the State Department has issued it’s own form of “Executive Privilege” this morning. Don’t see why the press is so upset. They should be used to Barry pissing on them by now. Maybe if they hump his leg a little harder…….

  • I especially enjoyed Mohammed’s conversation with the donkey in the film. That was funny. The soft-core porn gives it at least a PG-13.

    Ridicule, and nuclear weapons, are the free West’s best weapons against Islam. Time to project a bit more force, America. The message “leave us out of your Sharia schemes” hasn’t been received, or has fallen on deaf ears. The Mohammedans will not relent; they will be beaten back into the desert waste of history, or The Dark Ages of The Caliphate are upon us.

  • jim_m

    I liked this from the Instapundit:

    By sending — literally — brownshirted enforcers to engage in — literally — a midnight knock at the door of a man for the non-crime of embarrassing the President of the United States and his administration, President Obama violated that oath. You can try to pretty this up (It’s just about possible probation violations! Sure.), or make excuses or draw distinctions, but that’s what’s happened. It is a betrayal of his duties as President, and a disgrace.

    obama is a disgrace to the office and has betrayed his oath. The left doesn;t care because they do not believe that the laws apply to their side and they do not care whose rights are violated in their pursuit of power.

    • Sky__Captain

      Agreed, jim.
      For the incident of the film maker alone, this SCOAMF should resign. 0bama won’t, of course, because it would require actual sense of honor and respect for his office – of which the SCOAMF has proven many times that he has neither.

      And one of the stupider parts is that the leftist trolls will continue to defend him, not realizing that the SCOAMF would do the same to them if he had to…

      • jim_m

        Not only has he done this but he has done so for no good reason. All this will do is encourage more violence against Americans because the muslim world has just been taught that if they kill a couple of Americans obama will do their bidding. This will lead directly to an escallation of violence and further demands for the curtailing of the rights of Americans. obama will undoubtedly comply with these demands because he does not believe in freedom and he is a coward.

    • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

      If the guy was barred by his parole conditions from using the internet, there is reason to believe he’s violated those conditions.

      Remember, this guy put himself in that position by being convicted of crimes.

      There is also a counterintelligence angle to this case.

      • Sky__Captain

        And yet no reaction to 0nbama trashing the First Amendment.

        “By these actions he is, I repeat, unfit to hold office. I hope and expect that the voters will agree in November.”

        • jim_m

          Chico doesn’t care how the constitution is trashed or how many people have their civil rights violated as long as it helps obama get reelected.

      • jim_m

        As Eugene Volokh has pointed out, the parole issue is not a law enforcement issue, but a court issue. Parole officers are not from the police but from the courts.

        Additionally, while this guy is the producer, the fils was directed by someone else and there is every reason to believe that he would have been able to post the video and that he had significant motive to promote his own work.

        Nice try in defending your fascist leader there.

    • Ayup.

  • retired.military

    “This one is a doozy even for Barack Obama.
    What a colossal display of abject impotence in leadership.”

    What else do you expect when you have a sitting president trying to do fund raising via yard sales.

    Next thing you know he will want you to donate S&H green stamps to help fund his campaign.

  • jim_m
    • jim_m
    • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

      This guy is a small time hoodlum, fraudster, angel dust dealer and snitch.

      The film itself might have been a scam of money out of its donors.

      He’s not a hero.

      • jim_m

        Nobody is claiming that he;s a hero. Everyone is pointing out that obama is turning swiftly into a fascist dictator. But you are busy making excuses or your lord and savior so you don’t notice apparently. (Either that or you fully support he suppression of constitutional rights for political reasons. THAT I am quite ready to believe.)

      • And yet – what did he do except produce a crappy film?

        If that’s the only criteria, then half of Hollywood should be in jail. As Paul’s posting, the box office receipts this year are abysmal.

        More and more it’s looking like this is an excuse for the rioting, and the actual killing of the Ambassador was planned significantly in advance. Which brings up the good question – are we supposed to be hyper-sensitive in our own culture to every possible on-line product that someone of the Islamic faith might possibly object to, and preemptively strike it from Youtube then arrest whoever produces such?

        And if so – what the hell does that politically correct self-censorship get us?

      • jim_m

        The film itself might have been a scam of money out of its donors.

        So the police should be investigating where there have been no complaints of fraud? This brings us right back to the obvious truth: There would be no interest in this man if the obama admin was not desperate to find a scapegoat for their foreign policy disaster.

        Look back at Salman Rushdie and you will see that despite his being a critic of Thatcher, her reaction was to provide him with a protection detail. Unlike he coward obama, who never takes responsibility for his own actions, she defended freedom rather then throwing a critic under the bus.

        • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

          Everyone’s complaining? You’re complaining Obama’s a fascist dictator, Shawn’s complaining he’s not enough of a fascist dictator. Really, there’s no pleasing you people.

          Whatever the origins of the Libya attack, it appears that the video may have played a role in motivating some demonstrators there and certainly in other countries. I don’t think it’s really in dispute that the video has harmed U.S. interests in the region, even if it’s an “excuse.”

          This guy was on parole. If he was violating parole, it’s not a good idea to attract attention to yourself. Remember, parole is just an alternative to prison, where you have even less rights.

          And again, there is a foreign counterintelligence issue: this guy believes a foreign intelligence service was behind the video:

          Nakoula should be in jail for the rest of his life. Yet he was sentenced to 21 months for ripping off $800,000 — and he served only a year.

          Yeah. Just try to convince me that that isn’t suspicious.

          Then this same crook immediately went into the movie-making business (about which he knew nothing). His partners were quite a bizarre crew: Jimmy Israel (a shady real estate operator), Steve Klein (a “patriot” fanatic with spooky connections), Morris Sadek (part of the Pam Geller crowd and a likely Mossad asset) and Joseph Nasrallah Abdelmasih (ditto). Oh — and somehow, Nakoula managed to secure the services of a well-connected lawyer named James Henderson, who was accused of having organized crime connections by the same informant who accurately told the FBI in February, 2001 that Osama Bin Laden was going to crash jets into the World Trade Center.

          Everyone seems to have forgotten that Klein used the film’s one midnight screening as “bait” in a bizarre anti-terrorist sting. Klein showed up to that party in disguise.

          On top of all of that is the discomforting fact that when the spotlight first hit him, Nakoula nervously blurted out that his film was funded by Israeli money.

          If none of this seems spooky to you, your spookmeter is broken.

          Incidentally: There’s an interview with Jimmy Israel here. Israel minimizes his participation in the film — unconvincingly, in my opinion. One slip seems telling:
          Israel, who identifies as a “pacifist” liberal with no affiliation to organized religions, and who claims to have no strong opinions about Islam, despite having heard some “alarming” things about the Quran at “seminars,” says he supports freedom of religion and expression.
          “Seminars”? What kind of irreligious pacifist liberal goes to “seminars” (plural) which discuss the origins of the Quran in negative terms?

          Jimmy, who admits that his film had no commercial prospects, also let something else slip out…
          “Likewise, I can’t be sure that this isn’t part of some larger deception — anything from a prank to some kind of bizarre intelligence operation. It’s phenomenally strange.”

          “Some kind of bizarre intelligence operation.” If Jimmy Israel, who worked on the damned movie, is thinking along those lines, then so may we.


          • jim_m

            Wow, yet another anti-Semitic screed from Chico. And you use it to defend the notion that this guy was not punished enough for his fraud so we should use this film as a pretext to punish him for the previous crime again. Nice. If it were a GOP admin you would be screaming about double jeopardy.

            You are a textbook example of a lefty who believes that the laws do not apply to your side and that the law should be used as a weapon to punish political opponents. You are also a textbook example of the anti-Semitic left.

          • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

            It’s not double jeopardy if you’re on parole. He gets a parole violation hearing. Either he violated, or he didn’t. If he did, that;s on him.

          • jim_m

            I’m sorry. Up till now it seemed that his guilt was that he was convicted of bank fraud and made this movie. As your link demonstrates, there are any number of interested parties that could have posted the video online. SO you are left with stating that he should be arrested and punished for exercising his 1st amendment rights and that he got off too easy on the bank fraud charge so we should find a pretext to throw him back in jail. (it is the latter which I say that you would be calling double jeopardy if a conservative were in the white house. Of ourse, a conservative in the WH would not be trying to abridge his civil rights like obama has done)

          • I find chicka’s inability to demand the [P]resident uphold his oath of office entirely consistent with his stated views here and completely unsurprising.

          • SCSIwuzzy

            Is it SOP to arrest parole violators at midnight, with a gaggle of media in tow?

      • SCSIwuzzy

        This actually sounds like a lot of Hollywood, and half of the Sheen/Esteves family