More Kate Middleton Topless Photos Banned By French Judge

From France 24:

A French court has ordered a magazine publisher to return all digital files of topless photos of the duchess of Cambridge within 24 hours.

The weekly magazine Closer is also forbidden to continue to publish the images of the duke and duchess of Cambridge’s private moments, including on its website and in its tablet application. The magazine printed 14 photos of the duchess last week that show her sunbathing topless while on holiday in southern France, taken with a telephoto lens.

Under the ruling, Closer faces a daily fine of €10,000 if it fails to hand over the photos.

“These snapshots which showed the intimacy of a couple, partially naked on the terrace of a private home, surrounded by a park several hundred metres from a public road, and being able to legitimately assume that they are protected from passersby, are by nature particularly intrusive,” the French ruling decreed. “[They] were thus subjected to this brutal display the moment the cover appeared.”

It’s going to be pretty hard to get this cart back in the barn. The pictures are out there (for example they’re on Wizbang Pop! [NSFW]) and they’re not going to disappear off the internet any time soon. The Italian magazine Chi has published even more pictures [NSFW] from the set, thumbing its nose at potential legal threats.

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  • warnertoddhuston

    I’d do her. But, Allison Pill’s pills were cuter.

  • retired.military

    I have absolutely zero interest in this story. If she wasnt married to who she is she wouldnt rate appearance on a 2nd rate porn page. She should be able to undress in privacy but when you do it outside then you have to expect people can see you

    • Except that the Duchess was not in a place where her nudity could be see by the general public with the naked eye.

      • retired.military


        Shows you how much I pay attention to this tripe.

        If you have a privacy fence in your back yard than that doesnt mean that someone wont get a video of you and your wife doing the nasty on the back patio. Especially if you know that people make a ton of money getting pictures like that of you. Dont get me wrong. They have a reasonable expectation of privacy and I am glad they are getting the pictures. There is just so much more that is more newsworthy than the royal boobies.

  • There is something about this controversy that I do not understand. If a photographer could take photos of the Duke and Duchess from a long distance, then what would have prevented a sniper with a high-powered rifle from shooting at them if such a sniper had wanted to do so? Doesn’t the existence of the controversial photos show a flaw in the security being given to the royal couple? Why isn’t that part of the story being talked about? If it is, then I’d like to read about it.

    • jim_m

      Because the topic was the photos and not assassination attempts. Please try to stay on topic.

      • retired.military

        Jim. I side with David on this one.

        • jim_m

          I’m just busting his chops because he has become the self-appointed mother hen whose job it is to police every post and comment and determine what is on topic and what isn’t.

          • Carl

            Yeah. The creep acts like he thinks he’s a moderator of this site.

            Good thing you put him in his place, Jim. Showing him who’s the boss around here.

          • jim_m

            He’s the only one who makes an issue of it and frequently he makes issue of things that are closely related. It’s one thing if someone really goes off topic and hijacks a thread. It’s another if someone takes a different slant on something. Part of what makes for a lively discussion is being able to address side issues that are related to the topic.

          • Part of what makes for a lively discussion is being able to address side issues that are related to the topic.

            Like my comment about the flaw in the security being given to the royal couple?

          • Me pointing out a flaw in another blogger’s post isn’t what consider to be policing.

    • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

      Good point. I bet it’s been taken by royal security.

  • Vagabond661

    I wonder if Prince Harry has seen them.

  • Olsoljer

    This does highlight a security problem. Since all women have two tits, I don’t see the furor over that, and really couldn’t differentiate between royal boobs and commoner boobs. The outcry should be about invasion of privacy not exposure of a nice rack.