Mom Arrested For Letting Kids Play Outside

By this standard our parents would have been felons… Anyone who grew up in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s probably remembers having free rein to go where ever they wanted and do whatever they wanted, the only rule being you had to be home by dinner time. Cut to this story from Houston where a busybody neighbor got a mom arrested for watching her kids play in the cul-de-sac outside their house.

LA PORTE, Texas – A stay-at-home mom from La Porte has filed a lawsuit against the city’s police department, an unknown officer and one of her neighbors.

Tammy Cooper said she was wrongly accused of endangering her children and was even forced to spend the night in jail, all because she let her kids play outside.

She said her children, ages 9 and 6, were riding their motorized scooters in the cul-de-sac where they live while she watched from a lawn chair in her front yard just a few feet away.

“I was out there the entire time,” Cooper said. “I never left that lawn chair the entire time.”

Cooper said a little while later, a La Porte police car pulled up in front of her home.

“I went out there to see what he was here for and he said, ‘Ma’am, we’re here for you.’ I said, ‘Oh really? Why?’ He proceeded to tell me he had received a call from one of my neighbors that my kids were riding their scooters unsupervised.

The charges weere eventually dropped, but Cooper had to spend the night in jail. Something tells me we’re not getting 100% of the story, but even if that’s the case this appears to be a monumental over reaction on the part of the La Porte police.

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  • Digg34

    Bet they were doing doughnuts in the neighbors yard , smoking,drinking,and listening to loud music.

    • jim_m

      Yeah, my son was really into smoking and drinking when he was 9.

      • Digg34

        So I might have exaggerated a tiny bit.

  • herddog505

    And here I thought that childhood obestity brought on (in part) by our kids being inactive couch potatoes was a national security crisis…

    • retired.military

      Nope. It was the carbon emissions that was the problem. Cant have kids enjoying themselves when it endangers the planet.

      • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

        Obviously arresting the mom is insane.

        But if the scooters had those little 2-cycle gasoline engines, I could definitely see calling the cops about the noise, which might have been the real reason behind all of this. I know I’d be annoyed by those things buzzing around a cul-de-sac.
        I priced those things – the least expensive is more than $400. For a six-year old?
        What happened to kids using pedal power? Obesity indeed.

        • Kimmy84

          “Obviously arresting the mom is insane.”

          But that doesn’t stop you from making excuses.

          First, if you had watched the story, you would have seen the scooters were ELECTRIC, thus not very noisy.

          Second, if they had been making too much noise, the worst possible thing to do would be to call the police and falsely accuse the mother of a crime.

          Third, being “annoyed” by things “buzzing” is no excuse to call the police

          Fourth, if you had paid attention to the news story, and then done 2 minutes of research, you would have seen the Razor eSpark, which is the type of scooter the kids were using, goes for around $100-125, not $400.

          And Finally, they have pictures of the children, and they are far from obese, indeed.

          What happened to adults using their brains?

          • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

            Sorry Ms. Cooper.

          • Kimmy84

            Of course, the only person who could decipher your idiocy is someone involved in the story.

            You’re giving yourself way too much credit.

  • 914

    Gee? I was outside from sun up till sundown all the time. Don’t remember my parents ever being arrested.

    • retired.military

      I bet you ate JuJu toys that were shaped like guns and indians too. Now they are considered politically incorrect.
      Speedy Gonzales. – Politically incorrect.
      Frito bandito – politically incorrect
      Tarzan – politically incorrect
      Jack Benny
      – politically incorrect

      • herddog505

        The last is especially ridiculous. Quite aside from the fact that Benny’s show was good clean fun, Benny himself was pretty damned (dare I say it?) progressive for his day:

        According to Jack Benny’s posthumous autobiography, Sunday Nights at Seven, the tone of racial humor surrounding Rochester declined as a conscious decision between Benny and the writing staff during World War II, once the enormity of The Holocaust was revealed. In short, Benny did not find such humor funny anymore and he made an effort to erase it from the character of Rochester. During the immediate post-war period, The Jack Benny Program made numerous appeals to fraternity and peaceful relations between all races of the world.

        Benny was often protective of [Eddie “Rochester”] Anderson, and this led to conflict. For instance, in World War II, Benny toured with his show, but Rochester did not, because discrimination in the armed forces would have required separate living quarters… Stateside, an incident was defused by Benny when, according to reporter Fredric W. Slater, Rochester was denied a room at the hotel where Benny and his staff were planning to stay in Saint Joseph, Missouri. When it was announced that Anderson could not stay there, Benny replied: “If he doesn’t stay here, neither do I.” The hotel eventually allowed Anderson to remain as a guest.

      • 914

        I ate dirt too! Probably laden with lead chips and all ..

        The same types that want to police and indoctrinate all children are the same scum that deem it necessary to abort them in pursuit of careers.


  • Carl

    I don’t think Mom would have one to jail unless she pissed off the officer some how.

    • retired.military

      If a cop came up to me and said something in the circumstances as we know of it then I would have had a few choice words for the cops too,

  • Vagabond661

    According to recent reports, they were drinking 32 ounce drinks too.

    • retired.military

      And eating Hot Dogs. OH MY.

  • Phil Snyder

    There is probably something going on between the neighbors before this event and now it is only going to get worse.

  • Guest

    If the scooters had those little 2-cycle gasoline engines, I could definitely see calling the cops about the noise, which might have been the real reason behind all of this.

    • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

      I guess you can’t delete a comment.

      • …but you should be able to edit it to being something entirely different.
        (Updated: I have an edit button on all my own comments)

        • sabbahillel

          There is no edit button. Usually the original author of the post can delete comments, but often it just doesn’t get done because there are more important things to do.

          My apologies, I had not realized that this could be done. Usually I just put a new comment to change what I had said.

          • I have an edit button on all my own comments. (see above)
            (though I suspect the ‘guest’ posters wouldn’t be traceable back to a single user)

          • sabbahillel

            My apologies. I comment so rarely that I did not realize that. Most sites (even those that have a delete button do not).

          • It’s probably better to add a new comment, except for grammatical corrections otherwise you change the flow of commenting if your meaning changes.

          • sabbahillel

            !. That is why I used the strike html command so it would be seen what I had done.

            2. I did it just to check that it would work properly while acknowledging that I had been wrong in this case.

            3. It also shows that this is better than just editing or deleting and sending the original post down the memory hole.

          • No problem, I wasn’t reprimanding you for editing that post. I was just making a general comment about preserving the flow of a dialog as opposed to getting carried away with re-editing. (Which is not something I’ve seen here even thought the capability exists) The strikeout works well for that, as wells as adding an UPDATE: label

  • Hank_M

    This is actually a growing problem and Mrs Cooper is not alone.

    Which is why there’s now a group called Free Range Kids attempting to fight back against the media driven hysteria that our children are “in constant danger from creeps, kidnapping, germs, grades, flashers,
    frustration, baby snatchers, bugs, bullies, men, sleepovers, Ivy League
    rejection letters and/or the perils of a non-organic grape.”

    • I blame the rise of the 24-hour news channel. They’re in constant need of filler – so child-snatchers, West Nile virus scares, UV warnings (and the perils of sunscreen), loose carseats (I could have welded the damn thing to the frame, and it would barely have been satisfactory on the ‘immovability’ standpoint according to my lovely bride…) as well as constant warnings about (as you said) men, food scares and such… it’s all good stuff! Put it in rotation, hype the hell out of it, and people will tune in to see what they’ve got to do to be safe!

      The constant drumbeat of “You have to be wary of this” to gain ratings and fill otherwise newsless segments hasn’t done the population any favors.

      Lock your kids in a closet, and slide only organic bread and bean sprouts under the door! That’s the only way they’ll be safe from everything that’s out to get them!

      (Makes you wonder if it’s also conditioning them to believe that their lives should be totally risk-free…)

  • sabbahillel

    Cooper said the ordeal has been stressful, time consuming and costly.
    She said her family has already shelled out $7,000 in legal fees.

    Why did the family have to spend so much in legal fees already? Unless there is something wrong here, she should be repaid. Also who took care of the children when she was in jail? That sounds as if the police were responsible for forcing the children to be neglected.

    • You obviously have never hired a lawyer. A $7,000 retainer might get you through the first court appearance. Maggie’s Farm blog posted local fees for services yesterday for their area: Lawyer = $5-600 per hour. A really good one will cost 2 or 3 times that or more. Then there’s bail money.

      • sabbahillel

        Which makes it even more important that she be reimbursed and a proper apology be made.

  • My witch of a neighbor did this and worse to my family! Our condos form a square so we all face each other. In the middle of the square is a grassy field that is 160′ x 75′. This horrible, miserable excuse for a woman pulled her car out of her garage and sped around the square 3 times honking her horn, nearly hitting my baby who was in a wagon being pulled by another adult neighbor. She came so close to hitting my son that the friend pulling him had to yank my son from the wagon, fearing for his life!!! And then on another day her lunatic boyfriend actually pulled a gun on yet another neighbor for hosting pee wee football in the grassy area!!! And INDIANAPOLIS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT DID NOTHING! The cop even told me and the wife of the coach that the witch and her boyfriend are racists, the neighborhood kids are black and my own being Guatemalan American. When we asked the cops, “What are we supposed to do, get a gun for protection?” all the cop said was, “You do what you have to do.”!!!! I’ve got three mischievous young kids! I can’t have a gun in the house!!! And since I refuse to cage my children like little birds, that called child protective services on me. Yeah, they came out once to talk to me and once to talk to my older two kids and determined that I am a just fine mother.

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  • While this woman was being harassed by her neighbor and the police; how many gangbangers killed a child in a drive by shooting?

  • where i live you can try and run over a kid if they are wearing white, if they throw snow balls, you can throw rocks at your neighbor as long as one of them do not hit you its not against the law, its ok to run someone off the road because the only witness you had was the 5 family members in your car, you have the right to run your car up on the sidwalk and rev your motor scaring little kids because the sidewalk is in front of your home,7 cops show up guns out, because you put up a camera on your proberty so yea i believe the poor woman was arrested cause kids are not to enjoy there chilhood anymore or get a education, because thats the first thing they cut

  • shipdog7

    The cop had to be a friend of the ‘neighbor from hell.”