Now U.S. Taxpayers Are Paying For Obama’s Apologies

The U.S. Embassy in Pakistan has produced a video airing in Pakistan that makes sure those who would sack our embassy that we’re really sorry that some obscure YouTube video was made in our country, and that we think that it’s a really, really horrible thing. ABC News reports:

U.S. Embassy advertisements condemning an anti-Islam video appeared on Pakistani television on Thursday in an attempt to undercut anger against the United States, where the film was produced. Hundreds of youths, however, clashed with security officials as they tried in vain to reach the embassy in Islamabad amid outrage in many countries over the film’s vulgar depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

The ads reflected efforts by the U.S. government to distance itself from the video in a country where anti-American sentiment already runs high. Violence linked to the movie has left at least 30 people in seven countries dead, including the American ambassador to Libya. Two people have died in protests in Pakistan.

…State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the ad was produced by the embassy, which spent $70,000 to air the 30-second spot on seven Pakistani television stations. Pakistan is the only country where the ads are running. The embassy wanted to run the ads because it determined that the messages of Obama and Clinton were not reaching enough of the Pakistani public through regular news reporting, Nuland said.

“As you know, after the (anti-Islam) video came out, there was concern in lots of bodies politic, including Pakistan, as to whether this represented the views of the U.S. government. So, in order to be sure that we reached the largest number of Pakistanis, some 90 million as I understand it in this case with these spots, it was the judgment that this was the best way to do it,” Nuland said.

Here is the video:

They are also promoting this video, or “ordinary” Americans decrying a video they’ve never actually seen.

Via Hot Air and Facebook

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  • GarandFan

    Just some more of that “Smart Diplomacy” for people too stupid to pull themselves out of the 6th century.

  • Carl

    Ordinary Americans believe in freedom of religion. “We reject any attempts to denigrate the religion of others” is what Obama said. Do you really have a problem with that? I don’t.

    That’s an accurate assessment of what ordinary Americans believe.

    There are extremist who view things differently in America just as there are extremists in the middle east who see things differently.

    • LiberalNightmare

      Ordinary Americans believe that we don’t owe any apologies to the savages that attack our embassies after cashing our foreign aid checks.

      • Carl

        Obama didn’t apologize. That’s just more right wing bullshit.

        Obviously you didn’t watch the video you’re commenting on. Gee, that’s a surprise.

        • LiberalNightmare

          Im not commenting on the video, I’m commenting on our president.

          • Carl

            The headline of this story is “Now U.S. Taxpayers Are Paying For Obama’s Apologies”. Thanks for admitting that the video does not apology.

          • retired.military

            What about Obama’s apology tour when he was first elected?

            Also Hot Air basically wrote the title of the thread in its post.

    • 914

      Dhimitude is a terrible thing to watch!!

    • retired.military

      As long as that religion isnt Christian based. In which case the Obama administration shuts up and turns a blind eye.

      • herddog505

        Good point. I’m pretty sure that Chik-fil-A won’t be getting an apology any time soon, nor will the detestable Bill Maher be catching any criticism from the White House.

  • herddog505

    1. Trying to tamp things down is not a bad idea. I saw this video as far less an “apology” than an explanation*: “Look, there’s been some sort of misunderstanding: we didn’t make this video and we don’t disrespect your religion, so knock it off.”

    2. Had they cut the video after Barry’s little piece, it would have been fine. Bringing the Hildabeast on was a mistake for three reasons:

    (A) Um, this is aimed at the Muslim world and especially the fundamentalist Muslims, and they ain’t all that hot on women doing much else beyond cooking and having children;

    (B) Yeah, we’re about freedom of religion and respect for religion, but we’re also about freedom of speech. The crazed Muslim rioters don’t care, but the rest of us do;

    (C) Finally and in all seriousness: Jebus, she is one ugly broad. Seriously: she’s hard to look at. She looks like a tired, irritated shrew. I appreciate that she’s the SecState, but couldn’t we have found somebody else senior who DOESN’T look like a constipated mother-in-law?


    (*) I realize that one meaning of “apology” IS “explanation”, but that is not how it is commonly used.

    • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

      She’s going to look even worse when she’s finishing her second term in 2025, so get used to her.

  • I have no objection to the ad that the State Department is running on Pakistani television. The ad isn’t an apology. It is a clarification. Also, President Obama tells the Islamic protesters that their acts of violence were not justified.

    As much as I want President Obama out of the White House, I cannot in this case criticize President Obama for doing something that appears to me to be reasonable.

    I do agree with part of herddog505’s criticism about Secretary Clinton. She should have been left out of the ad.

  • retired.military

    Now U.S. Taxpayers Are Paying For Obama’s Apologies”

    4 people paid especially heavy for Obama’s apologies. THey were the ones that were killed.

  • Carl

    Well, Mitt sure can’t manage money. Poor guy is going broke, and with the recent drop in the polls big money donors are holding back their donations, not wanting to throw good money after bad.

    The first sign – the first canary? Paul Ryan spending two million dollars last week on tv ads for his congressional re-election campaign. He knows there is no hope for Romney/Ryan — not in 2012 anyway. He’s got the inside scoop.

    Bonus points? Watching Mitt re-invent himself every 96 hours. The tan is a fantastic touch, Mittens. Look ethnic! You’re such a smart guy.

    Cash is running low. It’s the beginning of the end.

  • TomInCali

    GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: How about the film that seems to have sparked all
    this, the Innocence of Muslims film? Secretary Clinton today said she
    thought it was disgusting. How would you describe it?

    MITT ROMNEY: Well, I haven’t seen the film. I don’t intend to see
    it. I you know, I think it’s dispiriting sometimes to see some of the
    awful things people say. And the idea of using something that some
    people consider sacred and then parading that out a negative way is
    simply inappropriate and wrong. And I wish people wouldn’t do it.
    course, we have a First Amendment. And under the First Amendment,
    people are allowed to do what they feel they want to do.
    They have the
    right to do that, but it’s not right to do things that are of the nature
    of what was done by, apparently this film.

    GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: We’ve seen General Martin Dempsey call Pastor
    Jones to say, “Please don’t promote this film.” You think that’s a good

    MITT ROMNEY: I think the whole film is a terrible idea. I think him
    making it, promoting it showing it is disrespectful to people of other
    faiths. I don’t think that should happen. I think people should have
    the common courtesy and judgment– the good judgment– not to be– not to
    offend other peoples’ faiths. It’s a very bad thing
    , I think, this
    guy’s doing.

    • Carl

      A post which does nothing more than quote Mitt Romney gets down voted?

      Hey guys, this is the clown you’re voting for, remember?

  • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

    God forbid the State Department would try any public diplomacy to calm things down to reduce the risk to their missions after a shady psyops operation stirred things up.

  • 914

    Barry is a freeloader..

    thats all..