Michelle Obama Claims Barack And Bill Clinton Have A “Bromance”

The Hill reports:

Michelle Obama this week acknowledged that the extended hug between President Obama and former President Clinton at the Democratic National Convention, in a surprise appearance by the president following Clinton’s speech, was “the public display of the bromance” that has been going on for some time.

I’ll excuse you if you throw up in your mouth a little bit. Clinton hasn’t suddenly taken a liking to Obama, the Obama’s are so desperate for another term they’ve taken to embracing the only popular Democrat around. Never mind that Clinton called Barack Obama “an amateur,” and is still doing everything in his power to set Hillary up for the Presidency. No, the Obama’s would just have us forget the history between these two men so that they might bask in Clinton’s healthy approval ratings.

Here’s the interview if you’re so inclined…

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  • jim_m

    Well I guess they got over that part where obama was calling Clinton a racist.

  • herddog505

    Whose idea was this, I wonder.

  • Brian_R_Allen

    I wonder if Peter-Principle-proving psychopathologically-narcissistic street-agitators and their loathsome and fearsome “spouses” get any glimpse of the pictures they paint when they Project that their last best hope resides in the person of such a creature as is the recidivist treasonous lying looting thieving mass-murdering perjurious perjury-suborning civil-rights-denying convicted fined financially-penalized disbarred impeached co-serial-rapist and only – at best – ever – incidental boy “president” – Billy-Bubbah Rodham-Blythe? (“Cli’ton”)

    I wonder about that quite a bit.

    For the sake of our beloved fraternal republic — and for that of the very Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization we have long vanguarded — and guarded.

    And that will not, by a millisecond, outlive our nation.

  • Carl

    It certainly looked like Obama was in for a tough re-election run. Tough enough that getting Bill Clinton 100% on your team would matter.

    Now it looks like it’ll be a landslide victory for Obama and the Bill and Barack show isn’t required.

    • GarandFan

      “Now it looks like it’ll be a landslide victory for Obama”

      Yep, the MSM said so. The same MSM that 60% of the public doesn’t trust.

    • 914

      Keep puffing that magic dragon Carl

    • Rasmussen is reporting that Obama and Romney are in a tie in regards to polling data.

  • GarandFan

    The only thing those two are doing is looking for the place to shove in the knife.
    Hillary! will bail if Barry is re-elected. She’ll stand no chance in 2016 if she’s tied to the wreck of his administration. Her campaign will be based on the fact that she was ‘a good trooper’ and followed the party line despite she and Bubba’s misgivings.

    • UOG

      I’m not buying the bromance thing either. Remember how the Clinton hung around DC after 43 was sworn in? Bill was entertaining his crowd going on about how people had said he’d finally be gone but, “look, I’m still here.”

      Now, I can believe that Barack and Michelle have fooled themselves into believing they’ve fooled Bill, that’s believable. And if I was going to be nice I suppose I should warn them that just because a snake hasn’t bite you, that doesn’t mean that the snake likes you. But maybe experience would be a useful teacher in this case.

  • Digg34

    Ever notice that they are constantly having to compare Obama with other people? He is such a nobody that they desperately have use others to prop him up.

  • 914

    The Wookie once claimed she was proud of America too! How she can be proud of 12% unemployment, 4.19 a gallon gas is beyond Me? I guess if you’ve never had to work your ass off just to stay in your home you are truly insulated and ignorant.

  • LiberalNightmare

    I wish my bro’s would carry my luggage.

  • Anyone else look at the title and go “Ewww…”?

  • 914

    The sad thing is: 41% of Americans think that a liplock between these 2 equates to jobs growth, amalgamated enduring energy and erectile dysfunction!! They are right on #3

    idiots! We are surrounded by idiocy!

    • 914

      like this idiot beneath me

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  • retired.military

    If this was in the caption contest my entry would be

    Obama thought bubble “keep holding me up there bro”

    Clinton thought bubble “Let me slip the knife right in here”

  • fustian24

    Is that a tax increase in your pocket, or are you glad to see me?

  • fustian24

    Sorry Barack, but I just don’t bat from that side.