President Peace Prize On “Noise” and “Bumps In The Road” (Videos)

Obama went on 60 Minutes … wow. Just WOW.

First, Israel and it’s concerns about nukes are “noise” he can block out:

Noise? Well, President Peace Prize… here’s some NOISE for you to block out:


Next, the attacks on our embassies are “bumps in the road“:

I do not think Ambassador Stevens would call himself or the other 3 dead Americans “bumps in the road”. The arrogance, insensitivity and stupidity of this President is overwhelming.

Bumps in the road, eh? Hey, hasn’t he called the American people that before as well? Why yes, yes he has:



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  • GarandFan

    Hey! Priorities. And the Number One Priority is Barry Obama!

  • Carl

    ABR, baby. It’s too late. You should have offered a better option.

    • Are you saying that President Obama can get away with making disgusting statements?

  • So… is it better to stick one’s arm further into the garbage disposal… or pull out your mangled remains of a hand and call 911 – knowing you’re looking at a lot of pain and expensive reconstruction…?

    Why do I think that a lot of the left would continue shoving their arms further in, somehow expecting a magical reconstruction?

  • jim_m

    Iran makes multiple threats to use nuclear weapons against Israel and has active nuke program closing in on producing its first nuclear bomb. Israel complains about this threat and obama dismisses it as noise. No wonder Chico loves the man. There is no threat against Israel that he would ever take seriously.

    • No wonder Chico loves the man.

      Thanks, Jim. Now I can’t the the Chico and the Man theme song out of my head.

  • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

    Y’all will be happy when Israel bombs next month and oil goes to $400 a barrel.

    And that could be only the start of it – with the Russians and Chinese involved, could go to World War III.

    • jim_m

      But your lord and savior, obama, just told us that the concerns of Israel are just noise. Are you therefore implying that Israel will start a war for no good reason because they are simply evil? Or are you saying that they will do so for the purpose of influencing US foreign policy?

      Please, let us know what wild-ass, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory you have that explains how obama is right and yet Israel will start a war for no reason.

      • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

        Yes, the warmongers are making noise.

        If the bombing starts next month, it is obviously an attempt by Netanyahu to influence US foreign policy and the election.

        I predict October 10-12.

        • The warmongers ARE making noise. Dinnerjacket and his itolya’s along with the muslim brotherhood (obamas brotherhood) have made statements that Jerusalem will be their next capitol and threaten to kill ALL JEWS including women and children. No doubt in my mind obama would stand by and let it happen, what happens then with no ally in the ME? My prediction would be a lot of genocide and “purges” followed by a caliphate with an intent on spreading the “peaceful” religion.

    • “Y’all will be happy when Israel bombs next month and oil goes to $400 a barrel.”


      You ever think before you post, or do you just have some sort of keyboard reflex that kicks in and you hit ‘Post’ without even thinking about it…

      Where the fuck do you get the idea that people would be happy to see an Israel-Iran war in the ME, anyway?

      • jim_m

        It’s his antisemitism.

      • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

        Some people like to jack off thinking of Hajis getting bombed.

        • I didn’t ask you about details of your sex life. I did not want to KNOW any details of your sex life.

          TMI, man! Some things you ought to keep to yourself!

          • SCSIwuzzy

            He jerks off to 11 year olds. He talks about them all the time.

          • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

            You wish you knew the details of the Playa.

          • retired.military

            Give me a break. Geez. My dog’s sex life is probably better than yours and he is just a puppy.

        • Sky__Captain

          That’s a pretty vile post, even for you.
          Care to retract and apologize to the civilized folk here?

          • Carl

            Care to point out the civilized folk here?

    • SCSIwuzzy

      And your boy is doing what to prevent this war?

      • Posing with his nose in the air, and looking good on The View and Letterman, of course! If that won’t bring world peace, I don’t know what will.

        • Conservachef

          Hey, it got Teh Won a Nobel Peace Prize- maybe he’s going for a second?

  • Brucehenry

    Hilarious. A Wizbang writer once again lies about something Obama said. (I had to scroll back up to check, thought sure it was Warner, but no, it’s LL this time.)

    Obama didn’t call Bibi’s concerns noise. But LL’s right about one thing — the sleazy faux outrage on the links she posts certainly ARE noise — and that’s all they are. No reasonable viewer could see that interview and interpret it as Obama calling Bibi “noise” — it takes the likes of Gateway Pundit, Weasel Zippers, and Power Line to try to pull off a whopper like this one.

    You guys didn’t even get away with this crap way back with the Kerry’s Botched Joke thingie. You’ve tried it a million times since. It never works. Why do you keep trying it?

    Both of the bumps in the road things are similarly dishonest. Congratulations, LL. You’ve been trained well. Your standards are up to Warner’s now.

    • Sky__Captain

      Bruce shows up to complain about a Wizbang post and attacks the author. Like we haven’t seen that one before.

      Fortunately, Bruce is a prime example of leftist “noise” that can easily be dealt with.

      0bama, on the other hand, just shows exactly why he’s a SCOAMF.

    • jim_m

      So Bruce, When Ahmadinejad lets off a nuke in Tel Aviv will it just be more “noise”? It is not irrational to take the rantings of a lunatic like him seriously when he is striving to build a nuclear bomb. obama’s answer is to let him have nukes and not worry because it is only the Jews who will die.

      • Brucehenry

        No, it’s not irrational; that’s why Obama says he understands — and shares — PM Netanyahu’s concerns.

        He didn’t call Bibi’s concerns “noise” — even you can’t honestly say he did. Emphasis on “honestly” — I won’t be surprised if you insist that that’s exactly what he meant.

        The last sentence in your above comment is just crazy talk. You really need to get a grip, dude. I can’t imagine what you’ll do, say, and claim if and when Obama wins this election. No, wait, yes I can.

        • He’s so concerned he decided to hit Letterman instead of meet with him… the billion he sent to the PLO, all the ‘intell leaks’ and then there’s that 1967 borders bit. Yeah. So concerned.

        • He’s so concerned he decided to hit Letterman instead of meet with him… the billion he sent to the PLO, all the ‘intell leaks’ and then there’s that 1967 borders bit. Yeah. So concerned.

    • In direct response to a question about Israel wanting Obama to change his policy on Iran, Obama said: “I’m going to block out any noise out there.”
      That is a DIRECT reference to Israel, sir, like it or not.

      • Brucehenry

        Taken as a whole, the snippet of 60 Minutes that you post here cannot reasonably and honestly be construed as an arrogant, clueless dismissal of Israel’s legitimate concern. That’s why I characterize your headline, and your comments, as dishonesty.

        Similarly, the other snippet cannot reasonably and honestly be construed as Obama calling the embassy attacks or the slain personnel “bumps in the road.” Both of these assertions are Kerry’s-Botched-Joke-type dishonesty. You know damn well what everyone else knows who watched the videos– the President meant what he said, not your twisted interpretation of what he said.

        The thing is, millions of Americans watched this interview, and only nutbar readers of sites like Power Line, Gateway Pundit, Weasel Zippers, and yes, Wizbang, interpreted his remarks the way you have. “Noise” indeed.

        What is indeed hilarious is anticipating how surprised and frustrated you guys will be when, once again, the American public ignores this kind of whackdoodle alarmism and reelects Obama.

        Y’all have been crying wolf about the America-hater in chief for 4 years. The people haven’t bought it yet. What makes you think they’ll buy it now?

        • retired.military


          I am not so concerned with Obama’s statements. He lies like a rug. I am concerned about his actions. Those actions, IMO, do not bode well for treating Israel as an ally. Which may be good for Israel considering how Obama has done a bang up job of treating our other allies.

        • Bruce, I listened to President Obama’s statement about noise after reading your replies to the above post. The way that I heard it, the “noise” statement was indeed in reference to a question about pressure coming from the Israeli government. The interviewer was talking specifically about the Israeli government’s insistence that President Obama make a policy change.

          Although I don’t support Obama’s presidency, I will defend President Obama went a complaint about him is the result of foul play. I see or hear no foul play in this case.

        • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

          Hell, yeah there’s a lot of noise.

          Netanyahu, the prime minister of this small foreign country, and his agents and lobbyists in America are trying to bum-rush the USA into another war in the Middle East by making a lot of noise.

          I include this post and jim_m’s comments among the noise – “sound and fury” only of lesser volume than tools like Jennifer Rubin and Fox News.

          By allowing Netanyahu to draw the “red lines” that will commit the USA to war, the flacks, chickenhawks, merchants of death and war propagandists seek to generate noise that will drown out any dissent, much like what happened with Iraq in 2002-03.

          Rand Paul was the only senator with the balls to stand up against the rush to war in his vote against Lindsay Graham’s warmongering resolution.

          There has to be a debate, and America’s interest must come first.

        • “What is indeed hilarious is anticipating how surprised and frustrated
          you guys will be when, once again, the American public ignores this kind
          of whackdoodle alarmism and reelects Obama.”

          You’re going to be sorely disappointed.
          You clearly hear what you wish to, that’s fine. 🙂

    • In direct response to a question about Israel wanting Obama to change his policy on Iran, Obama said: “I’m going to block out any noise out there.”
      That is a DIRECT reference to Israel, sir, like it or not.

  • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

    This article has a good run-down of the possible course and costs of a war with Iran:

    Do any of you have daughters of draft age? You know next time they’ll be drafting girls.

    • jim_m

      Right. The only ones that want a draft are the leftist who want to destroy our nation. At least Charlie Rangel was honest enough to admit that when he was pushing for the draft he was doing so because he thought it would cripple our military. I can only assume that since you think there will be a draft that you are in the same camp as those who would destroy this nation.

      Go ahead with your antisemitic rants on how Israel is going to draw us into a war. Name me all the wars where US soldiers have fought side by side with the IDF. If The US allows Israel to deal with Iran it won’t be getting drawn into an armed conflict with the entire ME, Russia and China against the US and Israel. You can go on with your Lindberghian isolationist rants about how Israel will draw us into a war by attacking Iran. They are all ahistorical and based in your prejudice.

    • retired.military

      we wouldnt put in ground troops. Just drop bombs. Period. That is all it would take to get Iran to run with their tails between their legs straight to the UN crying about being picked on (sorta like Obama supporters).

      • Commander_Chico_Cognoscente

        You might be surprised by what happens. Once you’re in a war, things take turns you don’t like. Like Russia and China supporting Iran.

        If “regime change” is deemed necessary, a lot more troops than Iraq will be needed. Look at the map and the population of Iran.

        Not enough will volunteer – young people saw what happened to their older brothers and sisters in Iraq and Afghanistan. There will be a draft.

  • During the 09/24/2012 edition of Special Report w/Bret Baier, the discussion panel discussed President Obama’s comment about bumps in the road. Juan Williams kept claiming that President Obama was not referring to recent events in the Middle East, including the murder of the U.S. Ambassador in Libya. In other words, Williams claimed that President Obama’s comment about bumps in the road was being taken out of context.

    To my surprise, Bret Baier challenged Williams by repeatedly reporting the context of the statement, and the President’s statement had not been taken out of context.

    Baier normally asks questions and leaves it to the panelists to challenge each other’s answers. This time, Baier made a challenge, and Williams became visibly uncomfortable in response.

    Ironically, Bill Kristol (in my opinion) did a better job at defending President Obama than Williams did.